How to Study Plan for CS Executive Exam June 2021? Preparation Tips and Syllabus

CS Executive June 2021 Exam Preparation Tips and Syllabus
CS Executive June 2021 Exam Preparation Tips and Syllabus

CS Executive Exam June 2021 Preparation Tips and Syllabus

What is a CS Executive Program and what are the elements that are included in the course?

The ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) offers a CS Executive course. It is divided into three levels: the CS Foundation, the Executive, and the CS Professional. Candidates with an undergraduate degree in any area other than Fine Arts will apply for the CS-Executive without first taking the CS Foundation test.

On the official website, you can find both the old and new CS Executive Syllabus. Candidates should study the topics covered in the June 2021 Company Secretary Executive Syllabus for each subject and plan according to the old or current syllabus.


What are the different opportunities after completing the CS Executive Program?

A CS Executive program will lead to a variety of opportunities in the world of business and finance. A qualified and certified Company Secretary Executive can act as an independent advisor to a company for a loan, tax, partnership, government licenses, registration, and other procedures, or join a company secretary firm to provide services to its clients.

Maintaining the company’s records and tax returns, as well as advising the Board of Directors on their legal responsibilities for regulatory enforcement. A Company Secretary serves as a vital connection between the company and its shareholders, regulatory authorities, government, and other stakeholders.

Among the duties of the position are ensuring that Board policies are followed and checked on a regular basis, as well as providing advice to the Chairman and the Board of Directors on their responsibilities under different laws. The CS Executive also advises on good governance and obedience to the rules set out in various corporate, securities, and other business laws, regulations, and guidelines.

The CS Executive is in charge of secretarial enforcement audits and certifications, as well as representing the company in front of the law board, customer forums, tax tribunals, securities appellate tribunals, and registrars, among other areas.

The CS Executive also advises on business disputes and drafting agreements, including arbitration, consultation, and conciliation. In collaboration with lead managers, amends prospectuses offer for sale, letters of the bid, and other documents related to securities issuance, as well as receives various approvals.

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What is the role of a Company Secretary (CS) in an organisation?

An organisation’s Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most important positions. He or she acts as the company’s conscience seeker. The legal aspects of a company are handled by a certified Company Secretary. A CS is in charge of completing tax returns, maintaining records, advising the board of directors, and ensuring that the company meets all legal and regulatory regulations.

But it’s time to get serious about studying for the CS Executive exam. Before beginning exam planning, it is essential to understand the CS Executive program study plan and follow it religiously.


Takshila learning recommends the following study plan for the CS Executive aspirants:

i. A CS Executive aspirant must create a CS Executive study plan before beginning their CS exam preparation.

ii. A CS Executive aspirant may use the study plan for June 2021 to help them stay focused on their training.

iii. A CS Executive aspirant should execute a study schedule which should involve a few hours of self-study, such as studying from ICSI’s syllabus books, watching online video tutorials, or attending classroom coaching.

iv. A CS Executive aspirant should complete the syllabus of one entire paper before moving on to the next; experts suggest that they have more than one subject every day.

v. A CS Executive aspirant should devote their most productive hours to reading books because this is the most effective way to put their quick-grasping abilities to use.

vi. A CS Executive aspirant who is unable to devote half a day to study for the exam should take advantage of online video lectures.

vii. On alternate days, the aspirants must study related subject books and watch video lecture series or other online materials on the same topic.

viii. The term “revision is the secret to success” is well-known. In their CS Executive research schedule, aspirants should plan to finish their syllabus well ahead of time and leave ample time for revision.

ix. The aspirants should ensure that they are up to date on current events by reading the ICSI student e-bulletin, which assists them in providing important information in their responses.


Module 1 comprises four subjects as given below:                                                                                            

Paper-1 Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws
Paper-2 Company Law
Paper-3 The Setting up of Business Entities and Closure
Paper-4 Tax Laws

Module 2 also comprises four subjects

Paper-5 Corporate & Management Accounting
Paper-6 Securities Laws & Capital Markets
Paper-7 Economic, Business and Commercial Laws
Paper-8 Financial and Strategic Management


What are the tips to study for the CS Executive program?

i. It is important to devise a strategy for preparing for the CS Executive exam in order to achieve successful results on the exam.

ii. Candidates should prepare at least two subjects a day and be familiar with the exam pattern, question paper, and other information.

iii. One of the most important aspects of the CS Executive exam training is revision. Candidates should always revise what they have learned.

iv. They can set a revision schedule, such as once a week or so.

v. Candidates should always practice writing whatever they are studying because this will help them write correctly in the exam and will also improve their morale.

vi. This also helps them write CS Executive exams faster.

vii. As the exam date approaches, there is a great deal of fear, nervousness, and stress.

viii. Last-minute tension can be reduced if the candidates are well organised and optimistic.

ix. Candidates must learn how to properly treat and topic and must have separate planning for theories subjects such as corporate law, general and economic law, and industrial law.

x. There should be separate planning for calculative subjects such as cost accounting, company accounting, and taxes.


Takshila Learning has the CS Executive video lectures, which are based on the syllabus prescribed by ICSI for the CS Executive course. You can access and review the CS Executive Online Classes and CS Executive Pendrive classes numerous times till you are thorough with that topic. The CS Executive course has been prepared by experts and is well-planned. We have also made use of the latest teaching methodologies to add to the learning experience.

Takshila learning helps you with CS Executive syllabus, preparation, and exam-ready techniques


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