How to Prepare General science for SSC CGL Exam
How to Prepare GS for SSC CGL Exam

How to Prepare General Science for SSC CGL Exams

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organization under the Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and Subordinate Offices. SSC CGL Exam Syllabus is diverse for all the levels of the test. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are online assessments comprising of various subjects, Tier III is an illustrative paper that can be replied in Hindi and English language. The SSC CGL Tier 1 consists of General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension. The significant segments of Tier 2 are Quantitative Ability, English Language and Comprehension, Statistics, and General Science.


The SSC CGL Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Combined Graduate Level assessment are set by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). With the assistance of SSC CGL Exam Pattern and Syllabus, competitors can make a procedure for the test readiness in a deliberate way. Inquiries in this segment will be planned for testing the competitors’ general mindfulness (GK+GS) of nature around him and its application to society.


General Science for SSC incorporates inquiries identifying with India and its neighboring nations. General Science is a really vast comprising of other various subjects, such as History, Polity, Culture, Geography, Economics, General Policies, and Scientific Research. The other topics will likewise be posed from Science, Current Affairs, Books and Authors, Awards & honors, Sports, Important Schemes, Important Days, Portfolios, People in News, and so on.


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But it is also true that having such a vast syllabus, General Science is still a very scoring subject and also it will be less time taking section among all other sections of the SSC CGL Exam. So, if you need to score really well in the General Science section for SSC CGL Exam, then you must have a to follow a clear and well-proven strategy as How to prepare GS for SSC CGL Exam. So, to assist you in this, in today’s article we will be discussing 8  important and proven tips on how you can formulate a strategy & improve your score in General Science – GS for SSC Exams. Let’s dive to know the tips;


 8 Important Tips on How to Prepare GS for SSC CGL or Related Exams:



Above all else, you ought to break down the subject-wise syllabus of the GS for SSC CGL Exam and distinguish your solid and frail subjects. You can likewise set up a rundown containing the name of powerless and solid subjects. This prospectus investigation will likewise give you a concise thought regarding your current information on different subjects and it is additionally useful in building up the examination plan also. Toward the finish of this movement, you will get a review of where you are at present and where you ought to be.


General Science for SSC consists of the following Major topics:

i. History – Harappa Civilization, Vedic culture, Medieval India, and their important systems; India’s freedom movement and their leaders

ii. Geography – about countries and their geographical details, Famous Seaport and Airport, and their location.

iii. Polity – Administrative, Legislative and judiciary of our Country, Election, Important constitution bodies like CAG, Symbols of political parties, duties & responsibilities of the major persons in the Parliament

iv. Economy – Budget related information and terminologies, Important persons involved in Economy of the Country and monetary institutions

v. Physics – Laws, major Inventions, and Discoveries.

vi. Chemistry – Characteristics of gases, atoms, molecules, and Chemistry in everyday life.

vii. Biology – Important discoveries, Interesting facts about human body parts, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Diseases, and their causes.



It is prompted that you ought to experience the earlier year papers of the most recent 5 years in any event. You ought to investigate the GA area of these papers for getting the inquiry separations. Right now, you can set up a rundown of the subjects and the quantity of posed inquiries separately. Presently, with this rundown, you will have a reasonable comprehension about on which subject the greatest and least inquiries are commonly posed. Consequently, you can set your needs for contemplating these subjects likewise. Other than this, you ought to likewise rehearse the earlier year’s inquiry papers time-to-time during the readiness stage. Rehearsing these papers will be extremely useful in boosting your certainty and fortifying your insight for the test. It is likewise seen that occasionally SSC used to outline the comparative sort of inquiries. Along these lines, don’t jump to rehearse the earlier year’s inquiry papers. To show up for a govt work, being acclimated with the definite example and schedule as well as keeping updates of the earlier year Exam Analysis is a meditative and extravagant exertion in itself by any which enhances your commitment satisfying the needs, achievement requests. To pro in GS in the SSC CGL test, one must be very much aware of the subject GS. GS covers a huge scope of points that can be asked in the test. GS inquiries in SSC CGL earlier year test examination were of simple to direct level. It generally thinks of amazement in the SSC CGL exam. Current issues have been a most loved theme since earlier years as it is anything but difficult to test in this area. Most inquiries were posed from Ancient History. Straight forward inquiries were not posed. The General Awareness segment was harder than desires. Precision and time the board can be the integral components of the test. Dissecting earlier year test question papers, goes far in helping you comprehend the sort of inquiries posed in the test. Plenty of inquiries in SSC CGL tests are rehashed from year to year, henceforth, breaking down earlier year test papers gives more lucidity than anything about what you have to get ready for the test.



On the off chance that you begin setting up this area altogether two months before the test, it won’t take you over 10 minutes to complete this segment. You can use the time spared here for doing Quantitative Aptitude. This area generally comprises of a larger number of inquiries from Static GK than current undertakings. In this way, center more on static GK and simultaneously keep in contact with the current issues.

You should prepare a study plan covering almost every subject and their relevant topics for studying the GA section. The study plan must be designed in such a way that it should not conflict with the preparation schedule of the other subjects. To achieve this, you should allot a time slot or fix a particular day in a week to cover the relevant topics.



GS is significant in SSC CGL assessment. It needs a great deal of time to improve. You can’t become familiar with all the GS points in only one night. In this way, read a paper, GA magazines on customary premise. For GS readiness, you ought to consistently allude the pertinent books explicitly intended for the SSC CGL test because the extent of general mindfulness covering significant occasions and realities isn’t restricted and you can’t get ready everything by any means. Subsequently, it is exhorted that you should just buy those books where the prospectus given by SSC is completely secured. There are numerous books accessible for the arrangement of the SSC CGL GS segment.

Some Don’ts

i. Try not to purchase and crowd a ton of books. Purchase the most suggested ones and keep your examination material least.

ii. There are books accessible in the market that gives ‘All subjects in one’ study materials. Try not to purchase those books, as they don’t cover the subjects appropriately.

iii. Purchasing subject-wise books have focal points. They prove to be useful, in case you’re getting ready for other serious assessments. They can likewise be given to companions/associates if they’re getting ready for any tests. You can likewise utilize these books for reference later.



Newspapers: Papers assume a significant job in the readiness of Current Affairs. You ought to likewise build up a propensity for perusing papers day by day for at any rate 15 minutes. Perusing papers likewise gives you the possibility of the ongoing occasions and the related chronicled occasions too. You should peruse ‘The Hindu’ paper, which is favored by the vast majority of the wannabes to plan current issues for the different serious tests. Make a habit of reading one Hindi and one English newspaper regularly. This will not only help in current affairs preparation but also in increasing the speed of comprehension related questions from English subject.


i. National News: This subject is significant within any event 2-3 inquiries being posed in the test each year. One approach to get ready for SSC CHSL current undertakings to peruse the Hindu and one current issue magazine e.g Pratiyogita Darpan normally. Watching out for the recent developments in the nation is required.

ii. International News: While this subject is similarly significant like the national news, it isn’t generally that inquiries are posed on them. Up-and-comers are educated to keep side by side regarding exercises occurring the world over to get ready for current undertakings from this area.

iii. Awards and Prizes: This area involves understudies getting acquainted with well-known honors and prizes granted over the world. The accentuation in how to get ready current undertakings for SSC CHSL test for grants and prizes ought to be more on the national ones.

iv. Books and Author: Famous Books and their individual writers which are in the news because of any eminent commitment, prize or analysis ought to be viewed as significant for tests.

v. Program and Policies: Government projects and strategies are refreshed, reconsidered consistently remembering the government assistance of the nation. So up-and-comers should know about these progressions.

vi. Sports occasions: The how to get ready current issues for SSC CHSL plan must incorporate in any event 1 inquiry from sports occasions/exercises. Inquiries posed from this point will be identified with India and world games.

vii. People in news: Current issues groundwork for SSC CHSL test for this segment isn’t exceptionally critical however should be intended to abstain from missing an inquiry and great imprints. Monitoring individuals in the news should be possible by perusing papers normally.



Daily reading & revision: GA segment requires a decent memory so you can review the data in a split second during the test. To have a decent memory, you should make a propensity for perusing new subjects and updating the examined ones on a regular routine. This activity is likewise exceptionally productive to defeat the propensity for overlooking on the grounds that it happens when you have concentrated a lot of things; inevitably the majority of the read points get evaporated. Thusly, change, and read as most extreme as could be expected under the circumstances.

Rather than repetition learning, make notes and brain guides to recall realities and all the while overhaul it oftentimes. Keep a note pad along with you to note down significant focuses for all the four areas. For instance, alternate route techniques and equations for Quantitative Aptitude Section; new words and their significance for English Language and Comprehension Section; significant realities and dates for GA and GK Section. Amendment assumes a significant job in this area. Perusing once won’t give you benefits. You need to retain these focuses by reexamining them regularly.



Just going through the entire syllabus is not enough as attempting Online Test series and previous year question papers help you in formulating a better strategy for the exam and know your weaknesses. It will help you in understanding the pattern of the question paper and make it easier to finish the paper in the given time. After giving mock tests in a time-bound manner, it is necessary to analyze your performance on your own. You should be aware of your strong and weak zones after attempting them.



The expression of careful discipline brings about promising results are valid. Investigate the practices of performers, entertainers, and expert competitors, they will in general be the best at what they are doing a result of rehashed practice conduct. The standard expressed that simply following ten thousand hours of training does an individual turns into a specialist on what the person was rehearsing. In any event, when you are going to sit for your test you should work on responding to certain inquiries to get flawless in that field.  Make a propensity rehearsing earlier year paper and counterfeit tests each day to improve your speed and Accuracy. Practice as many questions as you can.


At last, we would just like to say that once you stick to your Goal and make up your mind accordingly, you can get whatever you want to. No Doubt, the General Science section is really vast and difficult, but nothing is impossible. No matter what, Never Give Up. Always Stay focused, Motivated, and Optimistic.






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