How to Prepare 12th Science Subjects ? 10 Tips To Score Better in CBSE 12th Science

12th Science Subjects - 10 Tips To Score Better in 12th Science
12th Science Subjects – 10 Tips To Score Better in Science

How to Prepare 12th Science Subjects ? 10 Tips To Score Better in CBSE Science Exam

12th Science Subjects Preparation  – The Class 12 board exam ends your school life and opens the door to your higher studies. This exam is important in life because it evaluates and guides you to get an education that matches your career aspirations. While consistent and consistent study throughout the year is important for getting a high score on any exam, a good approach can achieve good results (if you have less time).

The corona epidemic worries students with anxiety as they prepare for board exams. Lack of classroom learning, teachers, and a regular study schedule increased students’ stress. The efforts of the CBSE Board to reduce the syllabus of the 2021 Board Examination are futile as many learners have a vague understanding of the low syllabus.

Follow these tips and we guarantee that no one can stop you from getting a high score on the board exam.

Preparation tips for 12th science subjects

1. Keep yourself away for 3 months

Class XII Exam starts within 3 months. The time has come for you to focus too much. You must have celebrated and enjoyed the festive season, you should now focus only on your studies. Do not plan to attend parties and ceremonies during these three months. You can celebrate later. Now, you do not have time to relax your board exam preparation.

2. Fix a timetable

The next thing to look for while preparing for the board exam is to work on time management. You should set a time limit for each subject and try to complete your study within the time limit. This allows you to manage time in a way that is suitable for all subjects.

3. Repeat what you have learned

If you want to maximize your studies (be it history, English, etc.), you need to learn and understand a little more or you need more understanding and mugging for maths, physics, and chemistry. You need to study and schedule your study session for a short time but regularly.

4. Find Your Own Learning Style

Each student is different, so each student’s learning should be the same. Some students study with their friends, while others prefer to study quietly alone.

Some students learn well from videos and some like books. The fact is that the way a person learns and understands is different.

So, you need to find your own learning style. Are there any examples that remind you of a definition or diagram that is easily printed in your brain?

You need to find your style and start working. If you find that you need silence to concentrate, the night is the best time to study.

I met students who needed gentle music to focus on music and learn very quickly. So, what is your style? Find it out!


5. Sleep and study – a great combination

According to one study, students who study at night and have a good sleep remember that their learning material is 35% better than those who study in the morning.

You should not think what scientists think but rather increase your brainpower. Parents sometimes do not even allow children to get proper sleep during board preparation. It is destructive.

But don’t sleep too much because time is very precious. A good 8 hours of sleep a day is enough to lose all those negative thoughts and miss unimportant people.

6. Let go of the Distractions

This is the most difficult task for the younger generation. Gadgets and friends can ruin what you have planned for during the day. Disconnect with them.

Getting more than 90% marks in a board exam is not so easy. You have to make up your mind and work for it.

If you delay, it means that you are missing out on studying mathematics, physics, etc., like watching TV or browsing the web etc.

What kind of carelessness should you avoid?

i. Mobile Phone: Keep your mobile away. Use it only when very necessary.

ii. Social media: Keep your social activities under control and in thought, such as Instagram and tick-tac. Your social activities can distract others.

iii. Party times: Fun to enjoy but not now. You can do some work on time during studies, but keep yourself away from time-consuming activities.

iv. Friends: Girls or boys, keep your friends list intact. Discuss issues related to boards, not life. After the boards you will have enough time for friends. If you feel inferior, discuss it with your parents or close friends. But unnecessarily chatting for hours will remove the signs that you worked all year.

v. Parents: Explain to them how important these two months are to you and how you want to make them feel proud. In this way, they will keep you away from unnecessary daily chores at home.

7. Pomodoro Technique

This technique was introduced in the 1800s to maximize the output of any work. Originally used by business people, this technique is popular in almost all regions around the world.

At first it seems that this technique is very basic and common but the results of this technique have proved its importance in work and studies.

To use the Pomodoro technique in studies:

i. Set a 25-minute timer when you are fully focused on your studies

ii. When the timer rings take a 5-minutes break.

iii. After 5 minutes, reset the timer.

This is a very effective technique if students follow it strictly. Small gaps between these are motivating to relax and continue their studies.

Use these breaks to drink water, get fresh air from outside, or do simple relaxation exercises.

8. Start with Difficult Topics

Select a topic and list its topics. Mark topics that are difficult for you to understand. Start with difficult topics. This is because difficult subjects often carry maximum marks.

Although time is limited, you cannot rely on easy subjects to try and get 90+ marks in any subject. If you really want those extra digits in your mark sheet, then you should make every effort to do so.

Most people have the strongest will in the morning. Wake up early, refresh, and pick a topic that you have already decided to study.

Once you work hard, you will feel better throughout the day and more motivated to do other things.

9. Meditate and exercise regularly

There are only a few activities that have been proven to develop your brain, however, it seems that physical exercise, regular meditation, and good communication create new neurons within your brain and therefore increase the likelihood of it growing.

By the way, it is very organic, but it works. Take some time to meditate, a short exercise to help you stay calm and think. You can practice pranayama or simple yoga asanas.

You may find it inappropriate or irrelevant at this time, but I believe that most people practice meditation at such critical times. I have seen many competitive exam candidates do this to keep the stress in the bag.

You should do the same.

10. Take jokes seriously

No matter how hard it is, find a fun way to practice it. Modern learning science believes that positive emotions are very important to enhance your learning ability. There is no more positive feeling than a joke. So, do yourself a favor and have some great time learning.

Try to participate in fun learning activities. Do any scientific experiment yourself. Feed the birds. Read some guitar. Cook with mom iron your clothes but within a limited time.

Some special tips related to a specific topic – 12th Science Subjects


Calculations are required in mathematics, so you may have less time. Therefore, practice more suitable papers more and more in the allotted time.

Certain examples of NCRT books can ask questions in the exam. Well, modify all the fixed examples available in the NCRT box. Write and solve each question on the paper. Mathematics is a practical subject; it should not be taught and should not be solved.


Physics is a mixture of theoretical and numerical questions. Generally, 15-20 marks are the numerical part of the paper and the rest is theoretical. Some of the most important chapters in physics are optics, semiconductors, devices, current power, and modern physics.


Chemistry paper is a mixture of organic, organic, and physical chemistry. Organic chemistry is considered the highest scoring part and has the maximum weight on paper.

Practice all the questions given in the practice of the NCERT book. You will get about 60% of the questions from practice sections. In inorganic chemistry, the general trend in the periodic table and p-block components are most important.

Numerical and logical questions come from physical chemistry.


Update from last year’s papers in Biology. You can mark frequently asked questions. Do not miss the drawing, tables, charts, and illustrations of the NCRT books as questions are used to frame these elements.

The most important chapters for 1 digit, 2 digits, 3 digits, and 5 digits are reproduction in flowers and reproduction in humans and genetics.

Keep a positive attitude; always remember that you can do it!


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