How to Prepare 12th Commerce Subjects ? 10 Tips To Score Better in Commerce

How to Prepare 12th Commerce Subjects
How to Prepare 12th Commerce Subjects

How to Prepare 12th Commerce Subjects ? 10 Tips To Score Better in Commerce

The CBSE Class XII Board Examinations are expected to start from March in the academic year 2020-21. Students are confused about their exam preparation due to the delay in exam dates and the report of another deficiency in the syllabus. However, the board denied all such reports and directed the students to continue their regular studies despite the fake news about the CBSE Board Exam 2021.

All students who write will be writing the board exams are under intense pressure to perform well in their exams which can eventually lead to anxiety and stress. Students will be busy planning an effective review before the entire course study and exams.

When we talk to commerce students, things get interesting on their own. Arts students need to be very creative while studying a lot of theoretical subjects and performing in their practical activities, on the other hand, science students need to memorize infinite formulas and concepts and practice an innumerable number of questions it occurs. However, the Commerce stream is very different from Arts and Sciences. There are many challenges associated with not having students here learning calculations, comprehensive curriculum, and business-related terms.

Before sharing your twelfth board exam with high marks in commerce, assure yourself that you are fully dedicated and passionate and will work hard at any cost.

Students appearing for the CBSE Class 12 Commerce Stream Board Exam can remove last-minute anxiety and follow the tips given below to get the best score in their CBSE Commerce Stream Board Exam. Here you know the top 10 most important preparation tips for CBSE Board Exam 2020.

These tips are very useful to use your study time and try your best so that you can get a high score in the exam.

1. Choose the right time to start preparing for the board exam

However, the learning ability of each student varies, so we cannot decide when each student should start preparing for the exam. However, a general procedure should be followed for exam preparation. Those who have not reviewed the entire syllabus or have not yet started can now begin to ignore the disappointment of the exam result.

2. Making a good timetable will make it easier

Without proper planning, reaching your goal is almost impossible. Therefore, in order to prepare effectively for the upcoming CBSE Board Examinations, each student must first prepare a proper study schedule and then stick to it in the same manner.

3. Adequate time should be set aside for self-study

After school or coaching classes, each student should take some time, which he or she can devote entirely to self-study so that they can analyze and practice the subjects they have learned in school or coaching class. You need to spend enough time to achieve some advanced learning goals.

4. Adopt excellent learning habits to excel in board exams

In order to perform well on the board exam, each student must have some important learning habits that will help them to stand in the ranks of the best scorers. Creating and sticking to a learning plan, punctuality and discipline, and balancing academic and personal life are some of the positive qualities a student should adopt.

5. Create a long answer learning strategy for the board exam

It is very clear that students get nervous when reading long lessons as it is not easy to complete a large scale lesson. Therefore, in order to overcome the horror of learning long answers, students need to devise a strategy for long answers such as splitting into paragraphs, writing on paper, and relating them to real life situations should be maintained.

6. Practicing the previous year’s question papers will make you better for the upcoming challenge

Students are always advised to solve the question papers of previous years, especially after revising the entire syllabus. Practicing question papers helps you to know the level of your preparation and to know where you are less or stronger.

7. Attempt CBSE Sample Papers:

The Board provides CBSE Sample Papers for all subjects for Classes 10 and 12 just a few months before the commencement of Board Examinations. Teachers suggest that it is best to practice with CBSE sample papers to start your exam preparation. They ask students to understand how their answers on the board exam will be evaluated through the marking schemes issued by the board.

8. Take regular breaks to enjoy yourself

Avoid studying for too long. Instead, take regular breaks every 50 to 60 minutes. These breaks are important for your brain to relax and prepare for the next study session and to recover your recovery blood. They help your brain to focus and stay alert.

9. Overcome the fear of exams and relax

Fear, anxiety, and stress can interfere with your preparation and affect your performance on the board exam. So instead of taking the tension, start preparing for the exam with a calm mind.

10. Write your board exam correctly

After working hard for the board exams, it is time to reflect on your hard work in your answer book. You need to follow the right techniques and strategies to write the answer well and complete your exam on time. The best use is the 15 minutes reading time allowed before the start of the exam.

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So, let’s start with How to Prepare 12th Commerce Subjects. We provide subject-wise suggestions here –


Everyone knows that accountancy is the main topic in the commerce stream. Therefore, your numbering ideas should be clear and in your instructions. The paper should be accepted in its entirety, for the first time – you should always make a statement at the bottom of the journal entry, draw the balance sheet in the correct format and provide different working notes and answers as required. Let’s go

Some Tips for Learning Accountancy –

1. Journal entry should be in your instructions. If you can make a journal entry of any transaction, you can solve all the questions.

2. Be prepared for chapters such as Company Accounts, Cash Flow Statements, and Partnerships as they carry 60% of the weight on your paper.

3. Do not learn formulas, understand them by heart, you will never forget them. For example – the formula for ratio analysis.

4. Not only the concept, but the balance sheet, trial balance, and ledger formats include the best score. So be sure to present your answer in the correct format for balance sheets, ledger accounts, or journals.

5. Accountancy requires more training, so ask as many questions as you can. Also, do not limit yourself to reference books; solve previous year’s board papers.

6. In addition, students often omit the principle part of accounts that are of practical importance.

7. Where necessary, the answers should be supported with appropriate work notes.

Business Studies

Most students consider vocational learning as a scoring paper. Ideas are easy to understand and write. Here students need to pay more attention to the presentation of a paper.

Tips for Studying Business Studies –

1. Business studies are a complete theoretical dissertation, so it requires a time-bound review. Otherwise, things will flow through your mind.

2. Well, you should try to include as many chapters as possible at the same time during the review. After completing Chapter 1 for example, revise it. After completing Ch – 2, modify Ch – 1 and 2 and continue your review in the same way. Maybe you’re forgetting some of Ch – 1’s points, but you’re able to get the right image of your preparation this way. So incorporate such modifications into your habit.

3. Prepare short notes to revise the syllabus before the exam. Each time, the books are difficult to complete, so start making short notes that will help you revise the entire syllabus in a very short amount of time.

4. Use letters to find titles or points.

5. Always present your answers on more than one point, as long paragraphs will stress the examinee and will not give full marks.


The thought of completing such a big course will scare you. By the way, the syllabus will be better only when the student tries to cover the syllabus with many books, but if you are strict on your syllabus books only, then you will have enough time to complete your syllabus.

This subject asks you to enhance your analytical and logical skills. Your suggestion should consider whether it is the relationship between total product and nominal product or total fixed price and average fixed cost.

Tips for the study of Economics –

1. Since the syllabus on this subject is very detailed, you should prepare handwritten notes for each chapter so that they are easy to understand and understand.

2. There are lots of diagrams in macro and microeconomics, so you practice drawing beautifully drawn diagrams. Although you get points for your drawing skills, the Unbogger diagrams certainly won’t help you earn points.

3. There are many differences between ideas and words in an economics paper. Therefore, you should prepare the differences well and try to present them only as a table.

4. Also, practice previous year question papers, as this will help you to identify the pattern of the questions and understand what the examiner really wants to ask.

5. On the eve of the exam, do not practice the questions but revise the whole idea and principles from the brief notes you have prepared.

Board exams are considered to be the most important stage in a student’s academic life as it affects his / her career prospects in the future. Excellent score on board exams will help you to take the course you like in the next step and progress in your dream life. All the preparation tips mentioned in this article are sure to help you write your CBSE Board Exam 2018 in the most appropriate way and get maximum marks.

Make sure that you keep these suggestions in mind while preparing and writing for your exam. Remember that hard work always pays, so be consistent in your preparation and you will get a high score.

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