How to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO

How to Optimize youtube Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO

How to Optimize Youtube Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO  : These days YouTube has become a big source of income and YouTube users are increasing every day. But to earn from this, you need to get visitors on your channel. Getting visitor is possible with good content and the visibility of your content. You might have good content but if your visibility is not clear, you will lacking traffic. I am going to talk about easiest and the best possible ways to increase traffic on your YouTube channel.


Write a Keyword-Rich and Attractive Title:  This is one of the most important parts of YouTube SEO. It is vital to attracting the viewer to watch the video. An interesting title increases the chance of views by multiple times. Targeted keywords in title increase the chance of search. So, the best way is to write title is a mixed method that increases curiosity and gives better search result.


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Write Long Description: A detail description of your video using keywords makes it easily searchable. Adding Timestamps in video attract more viewers as they are able to jump to the required portion of the video. For long video, the timestamp is a very important requirement.  Adding related Links or your website/blog and social media links in description help you to achieve traffic on your site or Social Media also increase awareness about your brand/Channel.


Add Tags: Tags are like keywords on the website. There is a relation between video title, description, and tags. If the three talk about the same there is a better chance of getting top position on those keywords (tags) in a search result on YouTube


Custom Thumbnail: Once you have verified the channel you will have access to the custom thumbnail on YouTube. The custom thumbnail is proven the method of increasing views(Traffic) on the channel. You have to create appealing thumbnail within YouTube thumbnail policy.



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Video Length: People get bored watching longer videos. you need to keep your videos as short as possible. If your video is long, try to use timestamp.     


Add a Location (Local SEO): For better local visibility, you need to define a location in your YouTube video. It is the best way to local YouTube SEO.


Promote your YouTube Video: You can promote your YouTube videos on other social media to get more traffic and views.


Customizing Channel: Customizing your channel, using relevant graphics, human-readable channel, URL, etc help to attract more views on the channel.


Encourage Subscribing: You need to add a call to action on all your videos to tell people to subscribe your channel. it will help you to drive traffic to all newly uploaded videos (YouTube send mail/Notification). You will get direct visibility on YouTube dashboard of all your channel subscribers; hence it will help you in traffic.


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How to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO How to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO How to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO How to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEOHow to Optimize Videos to Rank Higher on YouTube? Youtube SEO

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