How to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website? Digital Marketing


How to Increase Organic Traffic on Website? Website Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website? Website Traffic

Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website : Organic traffic is that traffic which comes from your goodwill or the brand name in the eyes of Google Search Engine. This traffic isn’t paid and comes through the search engine keyword ranking.

The traffic that is generated from a search engine, which means when anyone searched for a keyword related to your website or business and reached to your website through search is known as Organic Traffic. There are many ways to increase organic traffic some of them are- high-quality content, heavy back-links, less loading time of the website, user-friendly, easy navigation on the website. But all this is not easy to build as easy as it seems it takes time nothing happens overnight.

There are many ways by which the organic traffic is generated such as:

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  1. Search Engine Optimization – SEO is one of the most important parameters in the world of organic traffic as this is not only optimizing your website but also works out through the external reputation of the SEO includes the two parts in itself which are mentioned below-
  • On-Page SEO – This works with the Website optimization which interlinking between the pages of the website, website’s site-map, website layout and many other things.

Now On-Page SEO includes a lot of things which are as mentioned below (On-Page Techniques)-

  1. Article Optimization
  2. Keyword Positioning
  3. Keyword Prominence
  4. Keyword Proximity
  5. Keyword Density
  6. Page Titles
  7. Meta Description
  8. Meta Tags
  9. URL Structures
  10. Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)
  11. Image SEO
  12. Interlinking
  • Off- Page SEO – This keep in check with the external sources of the website to increase it’s ranking with different types of submissions, commenting, bookmarking,

Similarly, in Off-Page SEO, there are many techniques such as mentioned below (Backlink Techniques)-

  1. Creating Shareable Content
  2. Influencer Outreach
  3. Contribute as Guest Author
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Article Submission on different Platforms.
  6. Forum Submission
  7. Blog Submission
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Video Submission
  10. Image Submission
  11. Infographics Submission
  12. Document Sharing
  13. Question Answering
  14. Search Engine Submission
  15. Local Listing
  16. Business Listing
  17. PPT Submission
  18. Classified Submission

Thus Search Engine Optimization is a very important factor of organic traffic.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing can also help in generating organic traffic as although they are social media platforms but they also hold a major amount of organic traffic as shown above. Now there are many social media platforms that help in generating organic traffic, some of which are-

These few platforms have a world of their own in them and their world has a whole new level of population.

  1. Back-Linking- These are known as links that will redirect the user’s on other websites to your website through a specific link. When any webpage links to navigate another page it is known as back-link. Earlier these used to be the best criteria for ranking any webpage but now there are diversifications in this.

Also, there are two types of back-links in this which are as mentioned below-

  • Good or High Page Rank Backlinks – Websites which have backlinks on websites whose page rank (i.e who it self-rank high on their specific keywords) are known as high PR or Good Backlinks. These are most beneficial as if a website is having links on a pre-reputed website then for but obvious reasons that website will also get good reviews or reputation. This one can get by making backlinks on the similar topic/niche website with a good reputation.


  • Bad or Low Page Rank Backlinks – A website which is not having a good reputation on the search engine and is also posting irrelevant topics, these kind of websites are Bad or Low PR websites. Thus, creating backlinks on these kinds of websites are known as Low PR or Bad Backlinks. These kind of backlinks are not useful and only lower your PR on search engine too.


Now if you are seriously looking forward to building organic traffic then below points need to understand–

  • Who is Going To Use? – A User so website should be User-Friendly

The first thing for gaining an organic traffic to look & feel, the functioning of the website, means the website should be user-friendly. If you re gaining traffic then it may be a reason for failure. A user who doesn’t like the layout, interface or interactive level of your website will definitely not visit again, thus while designing a website it should be kept in mind that it is being built for a user, not for the organization.

  • What you write on Website is what’s Reflects Your Reputation

Content is the medium through which a customer knows about you and your website. The content in the form of product description, articles, blogs, etc which is displaying on the website reflect your reputation. The Quality of content matters, as if the content is copied, not exact to the product, etc, will definitely lower down your reputation.

Publishing content doesn’t mean that you have posted it regularly even if it’s not good. Posted content should be good enough that audience viewing should notice everything and should be interested. If one can fulfill these kinds of requirements even twice a week then also it’s good.

  • Being a newbie, one must not straight away Aim for Ripped Fruits

This means that till the time you are new with your website in the market don’t aim for some  particular keywords because along with having too high searches they also tend to have too high competition too thus aim for some general keywords with low ranking once you start ranking in them and are have been in the searches for some time then run for the gold medal, firstly try for the bronze and the silver.

  • Rules are not meant to be Broken

This means that if Google has set some limitation or rules on publisher then they should be followed if you break them then they will also not let them happen again. Thus mentioning below the don’ts which you have to do-

  1. Don’t build cheap links
  2. Don’t ever buy inbound links
  3. Don’t use duplicate content just for posting.

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Now the above-mentioned ways are some of the following important ways that can increase your website’s traffic organically if they are implemented in the corrected manner. If they do help you let us know in the comment section below.

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