How to Decide Which Course to Join CA, CS or CMA?

Posted on May 7th, 2021
How to decide which course to Join CA, CS or CMA
The best option – course to Join CA, CS or CMA

How to decide which course to Join CA, CS, or CMA? Best Career Option

Best Career Option – CA, CS or CMA


Through the weeks and months, we’ve had several blog posts that mention different professional courses like CS, CMA, or CA. While there variety of similarities among the three, they’re still far aside from each other. So, as to select the proper one for yourself, you would like to first understand your aptitude, your academic background, your interests and ask yourself a really important question – ‘Do I see myself doing this for a living for an extended time to come?’ Each of those courses features a long and difficult academic and training period that you simply need to mentally prepare yourself for. Allow us to check out the courses intimately so you’ll answer the question for yourself:

There are tons of similarities when it involves the syllabus altogether three courses – CA, CS, and CMA. However, the most focus of CA is Finance, Auditing, and Tax. The most focus of CMA is that the in-depth study of Cost and Management Accounting whereas CS gives you an in-depth study structure for Company Law and Company Secretaryship. At the top of the day, you’ll get to have a transparent idea of what your primary focus is in terms of what you would like to review and what you would like to accomplish by studying that course. Tons have got to do together with your aptitude also as interest. In order to pursue any of those courses, you want to first understand what each job position entails then you’ll continue to make a decision which one fits you and your personality.


Describe the option of Chartered Accountant.

Chartered Accountant course
Chartered Accountant course

A CA or an accountant may be a professional accountant who is hired by individuals and corporations alike to handle financial operations like auditing financial statements, filing of corporate tax returns, and financial advising. Beat all they assist with all financial requirements for a corporation. CAs also can choose one line of labor during which they’d wish to specialize. An accountant is hired to try to more with the external appearance of a corporation. In other words, a CA’s job is to help and advice shareholders and investors on their financial needs.

CA course from ICAI has many advantages. The accountant position is held in high regard and therefore the demand for CAs is ever-growing. So, if you’ve settled in on becoming one, this is often the simplest time.

    • i. Joining the company world: you’ll enter into the finance and accounting departments of companies. You’ll take up auditing.


    • ii. Working within the banking sector: you’ll join a bank to figure within the domain of finance. Forecasting, funding, strategies, etc. you’ll also use this experience to enter into the company world


    • iii. Working within the industry or Government service: you’ll join an industry or government organization. You’ll work as a business advisor by developing, analyzing, and reporting on the information needed for business decisions


    • iv. Working as a worldwide accountant: you’ll prefer to render your services within the area of monetary reporting globally. Avert or detect fraud by scanning financial statements of massive MNCs. you’ll also work as a value valuating assets and liabilities


    • v. Working within the educational sector: you’ll work as a teacher for colleges and universities. You’ll even found out your own educational centre!


    • vi. Higher studies: you’ll also prefer to pursue higher studies if you would like to become a CA lecturer or professor in reputed academic institutions.


Describe the course of Cost and Management Accounting.

course of Cost and Management Accounting
a course of Cost and Management Accounting.

Cost and Management Accountant

A CMA or a price and Management Accountant is liable for the allocation, management, and regulation of funds during a business; any business. A price and Management Accountant is someone who performs these duties. Employment as a CMA may be rewarding and highly paid also as respectable one. A CMA deals more with the responsibility of the interior goings-on of a corporation and what steps to require within the organization. So, as to become a successful CMA in India, you want to complete the CMA Foundation, Intermediate and Final courses from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) and there are many advantages of pursuing this CMA course from such a respected and wanted institution.

There is no shortage of jobs or career options for the CMA professional, and neither is there a scarcity of industries. Nearly every industry needs a CMA. Cost Accountants are always in high demand within the Public and personal sectors, Banking and Finance, Developmental Agencies, Education and Research, you name it! Some common job titles for CMA professionals include:


    • i. Finance Manager


    • ii. Financial Analyst


    • iii. Financial Controller


    • iv. Certified Management Accountant


    • v. Finance Director


    • vi. Senior securities analyst


    • vii. Chairman


    • viii. Managing Director


             ix. Chief military officer

These are only a couple of among the various job avenues you’ll seek employment in, as far because the private sector goes. Within the government sector, you’ll be working within the all-India cadre – ICoAS which is that the Indian Cost Accounts service and is as prestigious because the government officials post of IAS, IPS, and IFS. And if that’s not your cup of tea, you’ll always teach CMA by gaining the required academic qualifications.


    • i. Higher pay: CMA professionals even have great remuneration packages. CMA certification holders from an institute like ICMAI, earn 67% quite their non-certified counterparts.


         ii. Fast-growing career option: knowledgeable CMA certification is taken into account one among the very best sorts of professional certifications within the field of accounting and management, and it’s popular the maximum amount because it may be a fast-growing career option.


Describe course of Company Secretary.

course of Company Secretary
a course of Company Secretary

A Company Secretary, Corporate Secretary, or just Secretary may be an author for the efficient administration within a corporation by ensuring all employees also because the board is in compliance with statutory, regulatory, and legal requirements. A CS is additionally liable for ensuring all board decisions are being successfully implemented within the corporate. it’s a corporation Secretary’s job to oversee every employee – lower, middle and upper management operates within the law; keep and maintain company records, communicate with shareholders and directors, among other things. So as to become a CS in India, you want to complete the CS Foundation, Executive and Professional courses from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). There are many advantages of the CS course offered by the institute.

There is no dearth of career options if you’ve completed all three of your CS courses. Almost every field and each company, big or small, requires a CS and you’ll understand more about what a CS is predicted to try to below:

A Company Secretary’s jobs or scope of labor includes:

    • i. Being a legal expert; a compliance officer and works just for that company.


    • ii. Being an expert in corporate laws, securities laws & capital market, and company governance


    • iii. Being Chief Adviser to the board of directors on best practices in corporate governance


    • iv. Being liable for all regulatory compliance of the company


            v. Being the company planner and strategic manager for a corporation

If you would like to pursue higher studies within the field of CS, then teaching is additionally a viable and conducive option. The CS course from ICSI is recognized by the varied renowned universities across India and overseas if you’re trying to find admission into a Ph.D. course. It also provides utilization of services of members by various professional/educational bodies for tutorial pursuits. The ICSI conducts a Post-Membership Qualification (PMQ) Course in Corporate Governance also.


    • i. Well-paying job: A CS may be a well-paying job. While the beginnings could be humble, there’s tons of scope of stepping into bigger companies and earning a considerable amount of cash.


    • ii. Something out of the ordinary: during a world of doctors and engineers, employment as a CS isn’t only highly wanted but also causes you to stand call at the gang.


    • iii. Collaborations: The ICSI has Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with renowned academic institutions like IGNOU and ICAI, London – another plus which you’ll increase your existing skill-set.


Can I pursue all three courses – CA, CS, and CMA at a time?

As far because the question of pursuing all three courses, there’s no right or wrong answer. Yes, you’ll pursue all three courses simultaneously, especially if you’re doing all of your studies online. By doing so, you’ll weigh your strengths and weaknesses altogether facets of accounting and finance and choose a career path. The cons for this, however, are that you simply will have to combat the additional cost of doing the courses directly (which may come up to a lot) also as handling the additional stress of handling examinations of all three courses. You would possibly even have to require prior permission from the respective institutes and abide by their policies. It’s better to urge of these concerns out of the way before beginning on such a challenging endeavor. Also, each Institute conducts their exams independently of every other, and then there could be clashes with exam dates. If that’s the case, you’ll have prioritized which course you would like to finish first.


Decision Time

We hope we were ready to help to a point on how the CA, CS, and CMA courses differ from each other. As an end note, we’d suggest you visit the websites of the respective courses and gain further insight into what you’ll expect going into the sector you select. aside from this, you’ll also speak to people that have pursued these courses also as these career options to urge a clearer picture of what’s to return.

Choose wisely and provides it your best shot!


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