How to Choose Best Career Options After 12th? Important Checklist

Choosing-a-career-path, How to Choose Best Career Options After 12th? Checklist

How to Choose Best Career Options After 12th? Important Checklist

Career options Selection: Important Checklist

Choosing a career path in itself is an interesting yet challenging process which may take a few minutes or few years to decide. Being adaptable to the circumstances, many aspirants even adopt a career/profession which they have never though and perform well in the profession. This article intends to provide some insight through self or guided counseling to aspirants or the students who are pursuing 10+2. Once you are done with your Class 12 board exams, the next battle you have to fight is choosing between your passion and your parents’ advice. It is true that your elders are more experienced, and hence, would give advice keeping in view your betterment. They would encourage you to choose a career path which would provide you with a good salary, job security, growth prospect and other benefits.

But if your heart lies in something which you are passionate about, then do not settle for a profession you were never interested in just because of the benefits. 12th standard is a turning point in a student’s life. So, to build a good career and live a prosperous life, one must be well planned and prepared at this juncture. This is the time when most students are wondering what to do. Should you go ahead with graduation in science, commerce, arts or should you try something different?

Before you decide, keep in mind that what you take has to be based on whether you have the aptitude for that career. It is important to not make a career choice based on what others are doing. You need to be aware of all the possible choices you have and make informed decisions about your future. Selecting a career or a particular profession depends on a variety of aspects, some of which are being mentioned hereunder in the form of a CHECKLIST for further pondering and answering honestly by the aspirants/students in order to decide the RIGHT Path leading to the bright career;

  1. What is your area of interest?
  2. What do you want most?
  3. What do you think about most?
  4. How do you intend to earn money?
  5. How do you use your pocket money?
  6. What do you do with your free/leisure time?
  7. Which Company (a type of people) you enjoy?
  8. Who and what you admire?
  9. What disappoint you/ give you sorrow?
  10. What you laugh at?
  11. Which subject interest you the most?
  12. Which subject if most difficult for you to grasp/understand?
  13. Do you wish to further your family business/profession?
  14. Do you wish to pursue a career as suggested/dreamt by your parents?
  15. How much time (in years) you can spare in the professional/vocational study?
  16. How much money can you spend on the professional/vocational study?
  17. Do you / your parents have some amount of money reserved for your study?
  18. How do you intend to manage your study expenditures?
  19. What all family / social responsibility/liability you do have now?
  20. Do you wish to pursue the same course what your friend wants to pursue?
  21. Do you wish to get a Job after professional study or you will start up your own business?


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