How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant) | CA Course Guide 2022

How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant)
How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant)

How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant)

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a global bookkeeping assignment allowed to bookkeeping experts in numerous nations around the globe, besides the United States. In the United States, the identical to the CA assignment is a guaranteed open bookkeeper (CPA). Chartered Accountant’s regularly center around one of the accompanying zones: review and confirmation, money related bookkeeping and revealing, the board bookkeeping, and applied fund or tax assessment. Some sanctioned bookkeeper foundations have correspondence concurrences with the U.S., whereby on the off chance that they breeze through specific tests, they can function as CPAs. A Chartered Accountant accreditation normally demonstrates that its holder has the capabilities to record a business’ expense form, review budget summaries and strategic approaches, and offer warning administrations to customers. Chartered Accountants guarantee to be the principal bookkeeping gathering to shape an expert body, in 1854 in Scotland. Today, there are numerous associations that such bookkeepers have a place with over the world, remembering the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Various nations force various guidelines and guidelines on the way toward turning into a CA. For instance, in New Zealand, forthcoming bookkeepers must finish a perceived scholarly program, for example, three-year four-year college education or a certified graduate degree covering bookkeeping and business subjects. At that point, up-and-comers must finish a viable encounter program and, at last, a CA program. These projects train up-and-comers in present-day bookkeeping strategies. In Canada, individuals who wish to become contracted proficient bookkeepers must finish a college degree with coursework in business and bookkeeping regions. At that point, they can try out an expert training program for contracted proficient bookkeepers. By and large, CAs center around one of four territories: review and confirmation, budgetary bookkeeping and detailing, the board bookkeeping and applied account, or tax assessment. Contingent upon their territory of the center, CAs may deal with one part of an organization’s business, they may direct the entirety of an organization’s bookkeeping needs, or they may fill in as independent CAs who handles bookkeeping matters for different customers. Chartered accountants work both in the private and open parts.

Now the question is – How to become a CA? Below is the detailed procedure and steps to become a CA, let’s dive in to know;


The vast syllabus of Chartered Accountancy is divided into 4 steps –

1. CA Foundation

2. CA Intermediate

3. Articleship Training (3 years)

4. CA Final



If you want to become Chartered Accountant in India through CA Foundation then we are making a suspicion that you have intended to show up in CA Foundation directly after twelfth. How about we start with June where your twelfth outcome has been announced and you have loose for a decent period and now you have 5 months left to show up in CA Foundation. CA Foundation is a passage level test to seek after Chartered Accountancy. The course is a lot of like your eleventh and twelfth norm (Commerce stream). CA Foundation schedule is isolated into four subjects.

The paper design in CA Foundation is halfway target and somewhat emotional. The two papers are of the abstract kind and the following two papers are target type. You have just experienced the Accounts in your senior auxiliary classes henceforth it is scoring and this subject can truly assist you with covering your total rate. Along these lines, give your 100% regarding this matter.

The two subjects are target type. Thus, you need a great deal of training. Begin rehearsing the modules given by ICAI and set time since speed is one of the key components in clearing CA Exams.



CA Intermediate will be your next level in the Chartered Accountancy venture in the wake of clearing the CA Foundation. A few understudies who are graduates or postgraduates can likewise apply for the CA course through the Direct Entry Scheme at the Intermediate level. The prospectus in CA Intermediate is huge and this thing makes this level the difficult one. By and large, understudies can’t clear the test in the primary endeavor at this level however on the off chance that you accurately plan your investigations and amendment, you won’t just clear this level in your first endeavor yet also ready to accomplish a position, on the off chance that you dream so. After the statement of CA Foundation result, 9 months will be left in your CA Intermediate Exams. Clearing this level with instructing is extremely intense; however, coachings are vital as well. Consequently, you should join a CA Intermediate instructing someplace which promises you to finish the classes inside 5-6 months so you will get enough an ideal opportunity for self-study and modification. What’s more, don’t disregard the modules given by ICAI. It gives you a thought of inquiries posed, the introduction requested, and how to reply in the test.From that point, amend the Syllabus appropriately. Keep in mind, multiple times update is a must to clear CA Intermediate. Complete your course, in any event, two months before tests. The thing which a large portion of the understudies needed in CA Intermediate is Practice. Set aside out effort for comprehending Mock Test Papers and illuminate in any event past endeavors papers before the Exam.

Tip – Complete the subject 100% in which you are certain that you can score exclusion as it will help you in covering your total score.



Candidates can begin their CA Articleship Training when they passed any of the gatherings of CA Intermediate. In any case, before that, you more likely than not experienced ITT and OT Program. Applicants who have shown up in both the gatherings of CA Intermediate together should attempt to finish 100 hours of IT preparation during this holding up period. This will spare your time after the assertion of the CA Intermediate outcome. In the wake of finishing IT, if conceivable, complete your OT program too. The up-and-comers who have shown up in a solitary gathering should begin planning for the following gathering. If you plan articles and next gathering with the office, at that point this will truly be an extreme assignment and it may take your few endeavors of the subsequent gathering. Consequently, you should finish your CA Intermediate first and afterward go with CA Articleship Training. A few understudies go for sham articles however trust me this is the greatest misstep. CA Articleship preparing gives you a tremendous presentation to down to earth understanding. Subsequently, it is alluded to as an immediate pass to the corporate world. Along these lines, never at any point consider taking sham articles. Presently the following inquiry striking a chord is the place to join articleship either in average size firms or firms like Big 4, Kalani, PC Modi, and so on. Of course, experience from the Big 4 or Kalani adds your incentive in contrast with any medium-size firms. Here you will get the chance to figure out how to manage customers, introduction to different recorded and non-recorded organizations and you will mastery in the office where you will work. In any case, you should be prepared to manage a great deal of weight. Commonly you need to miss your classes, go for an outstation review, and need to work late around evening time. In any case, this will end up being an encounter after you clear CA Exam. Then again, medium-size firms are generally ideal as because of less number of representatives or article, here article as opposed to working in solitary office gain information in every single field. They get a chance to work over Income Tax, Audit, GST, and so forth. Just as, understudies generally get opportune leaves for the arrangement of their tests. Neither they need to miss classes often nor need they to work under tension. They need to battle for a landing Position after finishing articles from a medium-size firm.



This is the last step in the Chartered Accountants Journey and the biggest challenge. After completing both the groups of CA Intermediate one can register for CA Final, although the candidate appears in CA Final only after when he has undergone through GMCS and Advanced ITT.

This level requires you to expertise in every subject. If you plan to complete the Company law which consists of 70 marks and leaves the Allied law which consists of 30 marks and clears the exam. Then drop this idea, because ICAI wants you to know about every topic it has included in the course.

The most difficult task came before the CA Student is managing studies with the office. Hence, often students complete their classes amid the training period and go for self-study after such a period and this is the reason behind the low pass percentage in CA Final. Studies have proved that we can remember things up to two weeks only if we don’t revise much. Therefore, complete your revision once with the class so that you can ask your problems as soon as they discover.



There are three levels, CPT, Articleship, and IPCC. For those who take up CA after graduation, it takes minimum 3 years to complete and for those who pursue after Class 12, it takes minimum of 4.5 years.

 Above Guide on How to become a CA will surely help you, follow these steps to become a successful Chartered Accountant. And if you discover anything missing from the article then click the box below and give us your precious feedback. Your feedback will help us make it better for you!


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