How to Achieve Your Life Goals? Learn 5 Steps to Success

How to Achieve Your Life Goals? Learn 5 Steps to Success

How to Achieve Your Life Goals? Learn 5 Steps to Success

Success  –  The entire human race strives to achieve it. Everyone is continuously running to fulfill their goals, to reach their final destination.  It’s a rat race out there in the world.  Achieving their goals has become a prior commitment in everyone’s life.

But, sometimes I wonder, how many of them achieve their true goals? How many of them finish what they started? How many of them follow the right path to reach their destination?

Well, the problem is that everyone wants to get successful. But not everyone is willing to take the right path to get successful, not everyone is willing to put in what it takes to reach there. People look for loopholes in the system. They start finding shortcuts to accelerate their success. But to be successful, there are no shortcuts. There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs. These shortcuts might look attractive and you’d want to jump right into them but they won’t benefit you in the long run. So, please no more shortcuts for success. You’ve got to earn it with hard work and dedication.

So, then what is the correct way to ensure success? How should we go about to attain our goals?

Let me help you with that.

1. Figure out your goals :

To get successful, first, you need to have a clear mindset of what success means to you. Do you want to become the CEO of your company? Do you want to have a successful marriage? Do you want to secure your kid’s future? Do you want to buy your dream car? Do you want to become a public speaker? Everyone has a different bar at being successful. So, first of all, figure out your goals. Take out some free time from your busy schedule. Try and introspect yourself. Figure out your strengths, your weaknesses, your likes, and your dislikes. Then after putting sufficient time introspecting, figure out what you want. But ensure when you are doing this introspection you are at a quiet place with complete peace of mind. You should have sufficient time to do this exercise with yourself when you are not rushing for anything. Ensure you have put these goals on a paper which you are going to securely keep with yourself for your lifetime.

2. Let everyone know about your goals:

Once, you have analyzed your goals. Write it down on your board in front of you. Let your friends and family know about them.  These people will continuously remind you to work towards your goal. You will have a continuous push to work hard. Your goals will always be at the top of your mind. The best part of putting these goals in front of you and to share these with your dear ones is that this brings in a commitment within yourself and also you will get the required support you need to keep you on track.

3. Figure out the small details

Once you have your goals decided, figure out the details of how to reach till the end. Figure out the ultimate path of success. Figure out the small details. What are your requirements? Who, in your network of connections can help you with your troubles? The larger goal which you have created for yourself once broken up into the smaller details which should be achieved on a yearly or even quarterly basis and should be monitored regularly. This exercise will help you in deciding that you are on the right path and will provide you a feedback mechanism to take corrective action as soon as you are deviating from your path.

4. Set a timeline for yourself

Break your ultimate goal into milestones. Figure out a timeline for the achievement of your goals.  These Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). A timeline to achieve these goals should not at all be burdening on you.  It should be realistic and easily achievable. Please note that the achievements you do based on your goal sheet should be measurable within a given time period. Also, make sure to appreciate yourself if your milestones are achieved within the given timeline.  Take your team out for a party to appreciate their efforts and keep them motivated.

5. Prepare a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly dashboard for yourself

While you are working on your milestones, it is necessary to plan what you do every day. Prepare an hourly based dashboard and properly right down what needs to be done the entire day. A dashboard turns out to be very useful as it keeps track of your daily work. It keeps track of the number of hours you put in your work. It helps you become organized with your work and surely increases your ability. You don’t waste your entire day trying to figure out what needs to be done next. A dashboard surely helps you increase your productivity and acts as a catalyst to reach to your destination.

Just follow these traits and we are sure that you’ll reach your goals soon. We are not saying it is going to be an easy sail, but your hard work will definitely be worth it. You’ll emerge as a better person, a more polished form of yourself, a more organized and disciplined person. You’ll finally understand that the journey was what you needed to grow. The downfalls, the failures were just a part of your journey to become successful. Please Note that the checks and balances like the dashboard and breaking your goals in smaller steps will ensure that you are always going in the right direction.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.  Follow this journey with determination and you will achieve wonders. But please ensure that you enjoy your journey, as hard targets can only be achieved if you are happily traveling the tough terrain.

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