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General Awareness for Competitive Exams – Generations of computer

General Awareness for Competitive Exams - Generations of computer,online classes for bank po preparation

General Awareness for Competitive Exams – Generations of computer

Today, we will be discussing the five generations of computers that have led to the development of the many computing devices that we use today.  It started with the vacuum tube circuitry and goes to the present day artificial intelligence (AI) systems and devices.

1st Generation Computer:

Period 1940-1956

Circuitry Vacuum tube

Memory Capacity 20 KB

Processing Speed 300 IPS inst. per sec.

Programming Language Assembly Language

Example of computers UNIVAC, EDVAC


2nd Generation Computer:

Period 1956-1963

Circuitry  Transistor

Memory Capacity  128KB

Processing Speed 300 IPS

Programming Language High-level language

Example of computers IBM 1401, CDC 3600, D UNIVAC 1108


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3rd Generation Computer:

Period  1964-1971

Circuitry Integrated chips (IC)

Memory Capacity  1MB

Processing Speed 1MIPS (1 million inst. per sec.)

Programming Language  C, C++

Example of computers IBM 360 series, 1900 series


4th Generation Computer:

Period 1971-present

Circuitry Microprocessor (VLSI)

Memory Capacity Semiconductor type and very high

Processing Speed Faster than 3rd generation

Programming Language C, C++, Java

Example of computers Pentium series Multimedia, Stimulation


5th Generation Computer:

Period Present & beyond

Circuitry ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration technology)

Memory Capacity VLSI and ULSI

Processing Speed Very fast

Programming Language All the Higher level languages

Example of computers Artificial Intelligence, Robotics


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