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Class 6 – Chapter 16  – Garbage In Garbage Out

CBSE Solutions for class 6th Science -Chapter 16 Garbage in Garbage out

Class 6 Science – Chapter 16 Garbage In Garbage Out

In this article, we will discuss Chapter 16 Garbage in, garbage out for Class 6 Science. For online CBSE Class 6 Science classes kindly visit our website


We all are aware that what that waste means. Waste means anything which we throw away. In our day to day life, we throw away many as they obsolete. We don’t need them anymore. All human activities create waste.

Learn more about wastage management with our animated videos for CBSE class 6 science.

Activities for Class 6 students- If you find waste material inform it to your teacher or parents.

Let’s define the types of waste that we see around:-

Solid wasteThese are non-liquid waste generated from household and commercial places. It is also known as Municipal solid waste(MSW).it includes left out food, vegetable peels, batteries , plastic bottles , plant waste etc.

CBSE Solutions for class 6th Science -Chapter 16 Garbage in Garbage out

Domestic waste:- These are the wastes produced by household through daily activities. Few examples are as below:-

Kitchen waste- Vegetables, fruits etc.

Human excreta

Garbage-Newspaper, rags etc

Plastic bags

Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable

Biodegradable Waste-The waste which can be broken down into harmless or nonpoisonous substances by the action of microorganism are called biodegradable wastage:-Domestic sewage, newspaper etc

Non-Biodegradable Waste-The waste which cannot be broken down to harmless or nonpoisonous substances by the action of microorganism is called biodegradable waste. E.g.:-polythene, iron nails, aluminium cans

Methods of Managing Solid Waste

  • Landfill:-This is a process in the garbage is buried inside the ground .it is done in such a way that it does not affect the environment. Garbage buried decomposes itself over the period of time.
  • Composting:-Biodegradable wastes like vegetable peels, waste food etc are burying in the composite pit.
  • Reuse and Reduce the wastage-We should avoid the reducing the wastage and focus on the reuse of the materials
  • Recycling of plastic
  • Recycling of paper

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