Essential Part – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Essential Part - Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Essential Part – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Here, in this article, we will discuss the topic ‘Essential Part’ in which each question has an underlined word followed by four answer choices. You have to choose the word that is a necessary part of the underlined word.

Directions (Q: 1-10) Choose the word that is essential for the word given in the question:
1. Book
a) Fiction
b) Pages
c) Learning
d) Pictures

2. Shoe
a) Sole
b) Laces
c) Leather
d) Walking

3. Disease
a) Patient
b) Cure
c) Cause
d) Doctor

4. School
a) Blackboard
b) Building
c) School bus
d) Students

5. Guitar
a) Strings
b) Song
c) Band
d) Violin

6. Autograph
a) Pen
b) Athlete
c) Signature
d) Paper

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7. Respiration
a) Mouth
b) Lungs
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Heart

8. Mirage
a) Desert
b) Water
c) Sea
d) Light

9. Festival
a) Dance
b) Music
c) Food
d) Celebration

10. Election
a) Voter
b) Ballot Paper
c) EVMs
d) Commissioner

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1. b (The most essential part of a book is its pages; as no book can be made without pages.)
2. a (Shoes cannot be made without sole.)
3. c (There is always a cause behind any disease.)
4. d (School cannot exist without students being the part of it.)
5. a (Strings are an essential part of a guitar.)
6. c (There is no autograph without a signature.)
7. b (Respiration process takes place with the help of lungs.)
8. d (Mirage effect is possible with the help of light rays.)
9. d (People always celebrate during festival season.)
10. a (Election is possible only because voters take part in it & cast their vote.)

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