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Error Detection Questions for IBPS/SBI – PO 2017

Error Detection Questions for Banking IBPS/SBI - PO 2017

Error Detection Questions for Banking IBPS/SBI – PO 2017

Banking Classes Online : Error Detection play an important part in IBPS/ SBI/ SSC exams as 5-10 questions are asked from this topic alone thus making it an important topic. One should have strong command over grammar to get good marks in this topic.

Error Detection is asked from Sentences where aspirants have to choose the option accordingly.

Lets understand this with some eg.

  1. Today most employees complain (1)/ of suffering from the stress (2)/ of attending to (3)/rude customers all day. (4)/ No error (5)


  1. Scientist are eager to monitor (1)/ anychanges to her body, (2)/ to added to theknowledge gained from retired (3)/astronaut Scott Kelly’s recent one yearflight.(4)/ No Error (5)


  1. The jugde has directed (1)/ the accuse and the complainant (2)/ not to interfere with (3)/ the witness in any manner. (4)/ No error (5)


  1. We were happy that (1)/the audience responded well (2)/and gave all the speakers (3)/a patiently listening. (4)/No error (5)


  1. The men had made a video (1)/ of the actand threatened the woman tourist (2)/ thatthey would make it public if (3)/ she daredto lodge a complaint, the charge –sheetalleged. (4)/ No Error (5)


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  1. Being that he (1)/ is interested in gettinghimself examined (2)/ by a heart specialist(3)/ we must try our best to take him to areputed doctor. (4)/ No Error (5)


  1. His industrious nature (1)/ and calm temperament (2)/ has endeared him (3)/ to his colleagues and his superiors. (4)/ No error (5)


  1. Stories have always been used (1)/ as apowerful tool for (2)/ communicating vitalinformation from (3)/ one generation toother. (4)/ No error (5)


  1. After carefully examining (1)/all the medicine bottles (2)/he submitted a detailed report (3)/to the higher authorities. (4)/No error (5)


  1. The director of our company (1)/ does notbelieve that (2)/ we are working sincerely(3)/ and with interest for all these year. (4)/No Error (5)



  1.   (4)
  2.   (3)
  3.   (2)
  4.   (4)
  5.   (5)
  6.   (1)
  7.   (3)
  8.   (5)
  9.   (5)
  10.   (3)


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