English Quiz Part – 5 for Competitive Exams : Sentence Improvement

English quiz for competitive exams Sentence Improvement

English Quiz Part – 5 for Competitive Exams : Sentence Improvement

Sentence Improvement English Quiz Online – Directions (Q:1-10) SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT

  1. In early time he got familiar with the new environment.

(a) In rapid time

(b) In quick time

(c) On time

(d) In no time

(e) No correction


  1. The meeting was postponed due to lack of discipline.

(a) Because

(b) As

(c) For

(d) Since

(e) No correction


  1. It was quite clear that the cricketer could be able to improve upon his own record.

(a) Will be able to

(b) Should be able

(c) Would be able

(d) Be able

(e) No correction


  1. She has not written any book since her father has died.

(a) Died

(b) Have died

(c) Has died

(d) Have had died

(e) No correction


  1. It was too cold to go out last night, so we all stayed at home.

(a) Too cold for going

(b) Very cold to go

(c) Extremely cold for go

(d) So cold that to go

(e) No correction


  1. Finding herself in financial difficulty, she come to me for help and advice.

(a) Came across

(b) Is come upto

(c) Came to

(d) Comes with

(e) No correction


  1. Amit having been over eighteen years of age is now entitled to vote.

(a) Has been of

(b) Being over

(c) Who is having over

(d) Who is been

(e) No correction


  1. He dislikes travelling abroad, isn’t he?

(a) Does he

(b) Doesn’t he

(c) Didn’t he

(d) Hasn’t he

(e) No correction


  1. The climate of Delhi is hotter than of Pune.

(a) That of Pune

(b) That on Pune

(c) Pune is of

(d) That off Pune

(e) No correction


  1. It is five years since I have begun living here.

(a) Had begun

(b) Have started

(c) Began

(d) Have been starting

(e) No correction

1. d
2. e
3. c
4. a
5. e
6. c
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. c


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