English Quiz for Railways NTPC & SSC/IB/DSSSB/UPSC – Part-27

English Quiz for Railways NTPC

English Quiz for Railways NTPC & SSC/IB/DSSSB/UPSC

English Quiz for Railways NTPC Contains 10 questions on Error Detection, and 10 questions on Fill in the Blanks and both the topics are very important for competitive exams like SSC,  UPSC, DSSSB,IB, Banking and insurance exams. Try to attempt this quiz in a time bound manner not taking more than 5-7 minutes in solving it.

Directions (1-10): In the following questions, all the sentences have an error, Find out the error and mark as your correct response.

Q1. As sooner as you reach the port report to the desk officer.

(a) As sooner as

(b) You reach the port

(c) Report to

(d) The desk officer

Q2. If I was you I would have first introduced him to the guests.

(a) If I was you

(b) I would have

(c) First introduced him

(d) To the guests

Q3. Some people behavior teaches us not to behave that way.

(a) Some people

(b) Behavior teaches

(c) Us not to

(d) Behave that way

Q4. Despite of our good contacts we could not get tickets for our friends.

(a) Despite of our

(b) Good contacts we

(c) Could not get

(d) Tickets for our friends

Q5. But your co-operation for the organization of this workshop would not have been so smooth.

(a) But your co-operation for

(b) The organization of this

(c) Workshop would not

(d) Have been so smooth

Q6. Neither the salary nor the work atmosphere were good in that office.

(a) Neither the salary

(b) nor the work

(c) Atmosphere were

(d) Good in that office

 Q7. I have being working on my autobiography for the last seven years.

(a) I have being

(b) Working on my

(c) Autobiography for the

(d) Last seven years

Q8. If you would have informed me, I would have immediately taken some action against him.

(a) If you would have

(b) Informed me, I would have

(c) Immediately taken some

(d) Action against him

Q9. He always want to get the best of facilities whether he deserves it or not.

(a) He always want

(b) To get the best

(c) Of facilities whether

(d) He deserves it or not

Q10. His only fame to claim is that he is the son of a rich man.

(a) His only

(b) Fame to claim is

(c) That he is

(d) The son of a rich man

Directions (11-20): In the following questions, a sentence has been given with a blank in it. Choose the correct option.

Q11. Because of his indecisive nature, Mr. Bhushan has a reputation for __________.

(a) Impartiality

(b) Tenacity

(c) Prevarication

(d) Vacillation

Q12. Vinay is much too __________ in his writings: he writes a paragraph when a sentence should suffice.

(a) Benevolent

(b) Skilled

(c) Verbose

(d) Lucid

Q13. With one __________ motion, Rakesh disarmed his assailant.

(a) Swift

(b) Ponderous

(c) Superficial

(d) Boisterous

Q14. The patient put up with the pain __________, neither wincing, nor whimpering when the surgeon made an incision to drain the pus of his abscess.

(a) Surprisingly

(b) Miserably

(c) Logically

(d) Stoically

Q15. In relation to the interrelationships among a number of the Indo-Pakistani stalwarts treated in this compilation there is surely a certain amount of __________ in some of the essays presented here.

(a) Overlap

(b) Indulgences

(c) Exaggerating

(d) Objectivity

Q16. Pretending not to notice the toys in the shop, Aryan the small boy, acted in a __________ manner.

(a) Doleful

(b) Nonchalant

(c) Convincing

(d) Ordinary

Q17. The goodwill of its clients is a genuine __________ asset for any business.

(a) Redolent

(b) Dismissive

(c) Intangible

(d) Vigilant

Q18. __________ by her children, Radha Devi ultimately agreed to sell the house.

(a) Decimated

(b) Importuned

(c) Interpolated

(d) Designated

Q19. Guilliano Benetton __________ a small neighborhood business into a worldwide chain of stores.

(a) Renovated

(b) Infused

(c) Parlayed

(d) Blessed

Q20. The football team was once __________ by injuries; of 11 members, only 5 were fit to play.

(a) Decimated

(b) Isolated

(c) Boycotted

(d) Heckled


Sol 1. (a) ‘As soon as’ is a correct expression.

Sol 2. (a) Use ‘were’ in place of ‘was’.

Sol 3. (a) Some people’s behavior is correct expression.

Sol 4. (a) Preposition ‘of’ is not used with ‘despite’.

Sol 5. (a) ‘But for your co-operation’ is correct expression.

Sol 6. (c) Singular verb ‘was’ will be used. If subjects are singular, singular verb is used.

Sol 7. (a) ‘I have been working’ will be used.

Sol 8. (a) Use ‘if you had’ in place of. ‘If you would have’.

Sol 9. (a) Use singular verb ‘wants’ for singular pronoun ‘he’.

Sol 10. (b) ‘Claim for fame’ is correct expression.

Sol 11. (d) Vacillation- inability to take a stand:

Sol 12. (c) Verbose- using more words than are needed

Sol 13. (a) Swift- moving or able to move very fast

Sol 14. (d) Stoic- a person who accepts what happens without complaining or showing emotion

Sol 15. (a) Overlap- to happen at the same time as something else

Sol 16. (b) Nonchalant- relaxed and calm in a way that shows that you do not care or are not worried about anything

Sol 17. (c) Intangible-not made of physical substance: not able to be touched: not tangible

Sol 18. (b) Importune-to ask (someone) for something or to do something in a repeated or annoying way

Sol 19. (c) Parlayed-to use or develop (something) to get something else that has greater value

Sol 20. (a) Decimated-to severely damage or destroy a large part of (something)

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