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English Quiz

English Quiz Error Detection for Competitive Exams- Takshilalearning

English Quiz Online Practice for Competitive Exams :-

1)    Here is the animal (a)/which is known as the king(b)/ of forest, as soon as people (c)/will approve it, I shall favor it’s supremacy.(d)/

(a)          abc               (b)   abd              (c)    bcd                (d)  No error


2)   We and you are expected (a)/ to do your duty in the interest of the(b)/ society and one should never refuse(c)/ odd jobs, it’s all grist to the mill.(d)/

(a)          ab                (b)    bc                 (c)    cd                 (d)   No error


3)   Both of they being(a)/first year students(b)/are not going(c)/to the college fresher party.(d)/

(a)          abc               (b)   acd                (c)  abd               (d)  No error


4)   Until two or more(a)/members object to him(b)/joining the club, we shall (c)/ have to  accept application for membership(d)/

(a)          abc                (b) bcd                (c)  abd              (d)   No error


5)   I must admit I have nothing (a)/which you can take from me (b)/but your idea which you want to share(c)/with your friends is really great (d)/

(a)          abc              (b)    acd               (c)   bcd                (d)  No error


6)   Isn’t it great in my friend family(a)/no one disapproves of him getting(b)/ up late whereas my mother does not like me sleeping (c)/ most of the time in 24 hours(d)/

(a)          acd                (b) abc                 (c) bcd              (d)    No error


7)   We both would like (a)/to stay here tonight (b)/ because my house and his are(c)/very far from here (d)/

(a)          acd                (b) abc                 (c) bcd                (d)  No error


8)   Raman and his brother are (a)/joined at the hip and (b)/it says that(c)/ they help one another when one needs(d)/

(a)          ab                (b)    cd                   (c)  bc                   (d) da


9)   It is not very difficult thing to do(a)/as a matter of fact anyone(b)/of us can do that(c)/without taking much time

(a)          abc                (b) bcd                 (c) acd                (d) No error


10)   Team India accompanied by Shri Lanka players(a)/are celebrating their victory (b)/ themselves to show the world (c)/ that hard work always bore fruit.(d)/

(a)          abc                (b) bcd                (c)  cda            (d)  No error




   1)          (A)        abd

                Part A: ‘An’ instead of ‘the’

                Part B: ‘That’ instead of


                Part D: ‘Its’ instead of ‘it’s’


   2)         (B)     bc

                Part B : ‘Our’ instead of  ‘your’

                Part C : ‘We’ instead of ‘one’


        3)    (A)    abc

                Part A : ‘them’ instead of ‘they’

                Part B : ‘Student’ instead of ‘students’

                Part C : ‘is’ instead of ‘are’


   4)         (c)  abd

                Part A : ‘Unless’ instead of ‘until’

                Part B : ‘ His’ instead of ‘him’

                Part D : ‘ his’ before ‘application’.


    5)         (a)   abc

                Part A : ‘That’ after ‘admit’

                Part B : ‘that’ instead of ‘which’

                Part C : ‘the’ instead of ‘your,


6)            (b)    abc

                Part A : ‘Friend’s’ instead of ‘friend’

                Part B : ‘his’ instead of ‘him’

                Part C : ‘My’ instead of ‘me’. 


7)             (d)    No error


8)             (b)    cd

               Part C : ‘It is said that’

               Part D : ‘ Whenever’ instead of ‘when


9)             (a)   abc

                Part A : ‘A’ before ‘very’

                Part B : ‘Any one’ instead of ‘ anyone’

                Part C : ‘ It’ instead of ‘that’


10)           (b)    bcd

               Part B : ‘is’ instead of ‘are’ and ‘its’ instead of ‘their’

               Part C : remove ‘themselves’

               Part D : ‘bear’ instead of ‘bore’

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