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English Online Classes Enhance Your Reading Skills

english online classes Enhance your reading skills

English Online Classes Enhance Your Reading Skills


English Online Classes : Hi Friends, Reading is a pleasurable activity for most adults and yet for some students, reading isn’t quite as easy or effortless as it may be to others. While some may suffer from reading disabilities, some students find it difficult owing to focus problems and anxiety. Getting the help of experts such as English Online Classes could be of great help in such cases. Here is an article on “Enhance your reading skills” from an expert, proficient in problems associated with reading that can help you battle your reading woes.

Enhance your reading skills

Let’s start to imagine different situations. On one side you have to prepare three chapters for the unit test which demand a lot of reading. On the other side, you are reading a book of your choice which has a lot of interesting content to read. Another situation could be that you have applied for a job interview, you have been given some content to read within a limited time. How can you make the above three situations successful? The only access to this is to be a skilled reader.

What are the tools applied to be a successful reader?

For this, you have to replace old stereotype habits with the new ones. These new habits will enable you to accomplish your goals and will save your time and energy. This is also a skill if anyone needs personal development for himself or herself.

Our old pattern of reading is reading each and every word. This is the way we were taught in schools reading one word and then move on to the next. Does this habit work, if there is little time and work commitment is too much?

So, let us understand that the two important tools to read with speed are our minds and our eyes.  Our eyes see the words and our mind processes the sentences.

Now let’s replace this old pattern of reading with a new habit.  Block three to four letters, read and then move ahead.  So for this, you have to push the limit of your eyes and mind.  For example, if there are 10 words in a sentence, you need to rest your eye on the 5th or the 6th word which can help you to see the sentence in a single glance. Hence, the text would be viewed as a block of words rather than the single units. So you much practice it on a regular basis, which can train you to cluster the words together which really helps in fast reading.  This is also supported in reading comprehension.

So, please practice and let me know how did it work for you?

I shall move on to the second habit in my next article. Till then, please keep on practicing to improve the first habit.

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