Easy and healthy meal for the college student | Advantages of homemade meals


Easy and healthy meal for college student
An easy and healthy meal for college student

 Easy and healthy meal for the college student

Being a college student is not an easy task although we all have to go through this phase if we want to complete our higher education. The schedule of a college student is quite busy and they have to face a lot of problems regarding their studies, assignments, projects and even for part-time jobs and in this fussy schedule it becomes difficult to maintain a proper diet. The struggle of being a college student expands especially if they are far from their home, students even begin to skip their meals as they find it time-consuming to prepare healthy meals for themselves and they ended up having unhealthy food at the cafeteria. So let us discuss meals which are healthy, less-time consuming and budget-friendly.


Do people talk about the importance of eating healthy food without even thinking what does it really mean? Healthy eating means consuming a variety of food which maintains your health, energy and protects you from diseases. We are familiar with the fact that college students likely to eat more unhealthy or junk food and usually avoid nutritious meals. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet on a daily basis but not impossible, there are so many varieties of food available in the market which will enhance the quality of your health. Students can take a bowl full of fruits or vegetables it’s the easiest, less time consuming and healthiest diet a person can take. They can consume dairy products like cheese, milk or yogurt and even dark chocolates are the most powerful source of antioxidants. A vast number of foods is both tasty and healthy, by just filling your plate with fruits, vegetables and other whole products you can make the healthiest meal.


Easy and healthy meal for the college student



You should consume that food which contains vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables. A healthy meal can improve all aspects of life, from physical performance to brain functioning. Unhealthy dietary habits can have adverse effects on the whole body system so it’s better to take proper healthy food. Simply students have a busy schedule so they just stick to unhealthy meals which leads to various health complications so it’s better to take healthy meals for the sake of your ultra-efficiency.




The tastiest meal is the meal which is cooked by your mother. We all know that homemade food is much healthier and tastier than any of the restaurants out there.

A homemade meal is usually much cheaper than eating at a restaurant or canteens. Students who are far from home, find it difficult to cook food at home, a reason can be anything but the most popular reason is that it’s time-consuming. It’s not compulsory to make complex meals at home, they can simply go with easy and less-time consuming meals like brown rice which is healthy as well as easy to be cooked, or there are various packed food products available at the market which can be eaten up just after boiling like oatmeals and whole-grain noodles which are healthy and tasty as well, you can also add varieties of pulses and grains to your list.

Easy and healthy meal for the college student



There are innumerable benefits of homemade meals, some advantages are given below:


◆ Homemade foods save money as you have to spend a lot of money on restaurants to load your stomach.


◆ By preparing meals at home, we can easily control the number of meals so there will be no wastage of food.


◆ We can easily avoid sensitive and allergic food as there are so many allergic reactions to people if they consume meals from outside.


◆ Homemade meals help you to cultivate healthy eating habits.


◆ Most importantly, it maintains our balance diet which makes us healthy and the greatest wealth is health.


Imagine, you wake up at 3 am starving and there are no snacks at home, obviously, there will be no restaurants open for you at 3 o’clock, only your homemade meals can save you from such situations.


 NUTRITIONS creates health


You have heard the word ‘nutrition‘ frequently, most of the people are confused about the meaning of this word, Nutrition simply means the process of providing and obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Nutrients provided by our meal affect our health solemnly; it is the most important phenomena for our health. Basically, good health is much more than the absence of diseases, it a kind of positivity highlighting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being. The meals we take and the nutrients they should provide are the most important factor as it affects the growth, development, functional abilities and health. It is better to analyze the nutritional value if the meals to maintain a properly balanced diet. Nutritional value refers to the contents of the food and their impacts on the body.

Easy and healthy meal for the college student



Most of the college students are at risk of making poor dietary choices that can cause significant health problems. They don’t take adequate nutritious diet daily which automatically decreases their academic and physical performance. Nutritional value like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, energy and most minerals can be obtained from a wide variety of meals. Students select meals on the basis of taste, convenience or price rather than nutritional value, but if you want better health than its better to choose meals which is full of nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, etc. Nowadays, students are becoming more health-conscious which is beneficial for them as it helps in the increment of their academic and physical performance.


It’s all about GOOD TASTE


Nowadays, we all want to satisfy our taste buds with delicious meals, trying different varieties of food just for the sake of taste became a habit of many students without concerning about the nutritional value of the meals. There are so many tasty as well as healthy meals which can be prepared at home easily. Many of us have been living in a myth that healthy food is not tasty, but there are thousands of dishes which have nutritional value as well as superior taste. Students can prepare grilled cheese or vegetable sandwich, different soups or can go for chicken or fish fry but frying them in olive oil is much healthier. There are so many choices available which make a perfect combination of taste and health. College students should keep in mind that they have to work hard if they want to make their careers but it can’t be possible without good health so it’s better to take nutritional meals instead of consuming junk food. However, a tasty and healthy meal is not a complex combination these days as much packed foods are healthy and delicious.




We all have complaints that we don’t have time or we have a busy schedule. Most of the students are busy in rigorous course load, extracurricular activities, internship, part-time jobs or in volunteer work and in this busy schedule it is difficult to make healthydelicious and nutritional meals at home. Not all of us have time to whip up mouth-watering dishes every single day. The real struggle of being a college student is that they are not able to manage time, there are lots of works to do but we can’t stay hungry for a long time so it’s better to prepare less time-consuming meals instead of going to restaurants and wasting time there.

Easy and healthy meal for the college student



There are various meals which can be prepared instantly as I mention earlier that fruits and vegetable salad is the healthiest and less time-consuming meals there are more meals in lines like sandwiches, oatmeals, packed dietary food, baked chicken or fishes and many more. There are so many recipes available on the internet so it’s not difficult to prepare less time-consuming meals.



So, we can conclude that there are so many healthy, less-time consuming, delicious meals available for college students to fulfill their nutritional demands. Nowadays, it is not difficult for students to attain a healthy personality which can give a satisfactory performance in every activity. 

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