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Learn Digital Marketing course in hindi | E-commerce-SEO Techniques

E-commerce SEO Techniques Advanced Guide Step By Step tips

E-commerce SEO Techniques Advanced

Digital Marketing course: Hello Friends, as the world is moving very fast towards adopting digital marketing as a source of advertising for their businesses. Either you are a student, professional or businessman, first of all, you need to understand the basic concept of digital marketing. Takshila Learning offers you best digital marketing and internet marketing courses crafted by experts. In this article, we will discuss ‘E-commerce SEO techniques’ from Digital Marketing segment.

E-commerce SEO Techniques Advanced Guide Step By Step tips

Most of the e-commerce business is looking for the best SEO practices that will help to grow their visibility on the search engine quickly and accurately. This can be done by using On-page and Off-page SEO techniques with some trusted methods and tips and trick. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these trusted methods and trick.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP: – HTTPS is safe. It also creates trust among the customer as it is secure. The search engine gives more preference to a site in terms of the ranking if it uses HTTPS.

URL structure: URL structure of e-commerce website needs to be SEO friendly. It must be same or similar to navigation structure. URL must contain targeting keywords.

Optimizing Category page: Writing Title, good length description on the category page is good for SEO. These title and description need to have targeting keywords. Most of the e-commerce website lack of it. They focus more on showcasing product/Category image and less on text content.

Optimizing Product: Adding Good Title, good length description of each and every product is important. They need to be unique so that they cannot get penalized by the search engine. Good use of heading tags, bold text, bulleted features, and Image/ product video give it an edge. It does not only help in conversion but also helps to get better ranking.

Optimizing product image: A good quality compressed image with a good alt description is good for SEO. In e-commerce, it becomes more important. So, you need to write a good alt description which needs to have targeting keywords.

Site speed: For SEO site speed or page load speed has become a big factor. So, every e-commerce website needs to be fast. You can achieve this by using Fast Hosting Service, Caching, Content delivery network (CDN) and Compressed/optimized image and video content.

Blog page on the main Site: Having blog page on the main site gives a huge amount of traffic on the site and help you to get better search engine ranking. Updating blog with unique content and publishing it on social media help in achieving the traffic to the site/blog.

Duplicate Content: A product can be of multiple sizes, in multiple colors and can come in multiple combinations. These slight changes in product feature generate a new URL for each change. This creates the problem of duplicate content. To resolve this, you need to no-indexed all of these URLs or use a canonical tag on these pages.

The problem of duplicate content is due to using the same description that is coming from a manufacturer. Since the product of a single manufacturer is getting sold on the various website. So, you need to re-write it differently or use a canonical tag.

Product Review & Rating: Adding product review & rating by a buyer on site help in better SEO. Even negative review & rating help in SEO. So, every e-commerce site needs to add reviews & rating system.

Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs helps in creating internal linking. It helps the user to understand site navigation. Breadcrumbs help search engine to navigate around your site.

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