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Business Management & Ethics Direction and Its Characteristics

Business Management and Ethics, Direction and Its Characteristics

Business Management & Ethics Direction and Its Characteristics

Introduction and brief explanation to the Concept of Direction with its Characteristics and essential elements

Introduction to the concept

In addition to planning, organizing, and staffing, every manager must also direct his subordinates. Directing is an important managerial function. Directing is an important managerial function which initiates organizer’s action.

Concept of Direction

Direction is an important function of management which is related to inspiring, instructing and guiding human factors in the organization to achieve organizational activities and objectives. A superior direct and control the subordinates and instruct the manpower which yields better performance. Direction is the guideline inspiration which is provided from a higher position to lower position. It is also an important function of management. It is useful to coordinate the activities. Therefore, it is defined as the skill of influencing employees.

Directing: An important function

Directing is an important function of management which involves communicating with and providing leadership to the subordinates and motivating them to contribute their best to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Characteristics of direction:

  • Issuing of orders and instructions to the subordinates is the main concern of direction.
  • It is guiding and counseling the subordinates in their work with a view to improving their performance.
  • Supervision of the work of subordinates is important to ensure that it conforms to plans.
  • Directing is pervasive because it is performed at all levels of management.
  • It is a continuous process because it deals with the continuous guidance to be provided by the superiors to their subordinates.
  • It always follows a top-down

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Essential elements of Direction:

Essential elements of the directing function of management are:

(i) Issuing orders and instructions:

Giving directions is the responsibility of management. Every instruction given by the manager in the process of directing his subordinates should be reasonable, complete and clear. It must be in writing so that the possibility of misunderstanding can be avoided.

(ii) Guiding, counseling and teaching the subordinates the proper way of doing the job:

The manager should guide, counsel and teach the subordinates with regard to the proper way of doing the job in order to enable them to carry out their job-effectively and efficiently.

(iii) Supervising the work of subordinates to ensure that their performance conforms to the plan:

Supervision of the work of subordinates is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that their performance conforms to the plan.

(iv) Motivating the subordinates to direct their behavior in the desired pattern:

Motivating the subordinates to meet the expectations of the superiors is another element of directing.

(v) Maintaining discipline and rewarding effective performance:

Maintaining discipline and rewarding the efficient performance is another essential element of direction.

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