Difference Between Business Correspondence and Official Correspondence – CA Foundation

Difference Between Business Correspondence and Official Correspondence - CA foundation
Difference Between Business Correspondence and Official Correspondence

Difference Between Business Correspondence and Official Correspondence

What is the difference between business correspondence and official correspondence? 

Business correspondence implies the trading of data in a composed arrangement for the smooth running of business operations. Business correspondence can occur between associations, inside associations, or between the clients and the association. The correspondence alludes to the composed correspondence between people. Consequently, oral correspondence or face to face correspondence isn’t business correspondence. Written forms of communications are said to be correspondence. Individuals identified with a business communicate through business correspondence. One can question in cases of any uncertainty or vulnerability through business correspondence. A money manager maintains a record of personal and business financial operations, generates expenditure reports, overviews the daily, weekly, and monthly financial data for a business organization. A correspondence between two associations or inside an association goes under this classification. A letter to a provider, complaint letters, letters of request, employment form letters are a portion of its models.


Significance of Business Correspondence

Significance of Business Correspondence Infographic
Significance of Business Correspondence

Business correspondence has quantities of significance. Its most significant component is the simplicity of approaching and speaking at various gatherings. It isn’t generally conceivable to meet people face to face. A business correspondence aims to meet some hierarchical objectives. One can accomplish the desired goals through it. Let us concentrate on some of them for an in-depth understanding.

Maintaining a Proper Relationship: It isn’t generally workable for any business or association to reach any individual specifically and at this point the business correspondence will be a failure for any business. It helps in keeping up the correct connections between the gatherings. Business correspondence reinforces the business and also helps in inner correspondence. It makes correspondence within the association more apparent and simple.

Serves as Evidence: Any composed type of correspondence fills in as proof. A business correspondence helps the individual in a business to track the real factors. These can serve as proofs for usage later in the long run.

Create and Maintain Goodwill: It helps in making and keeping up altruism between a business and a client. Any letter to enquire, protest, proposal or criticisms causes an organization to develop and look after generosity.

Inexpensive and Convenient: It involves low cost and is advantageous for all types of businesses. It is the most convenient way to maintain formal relationships within and outside the organization.

Formal Communication: A business correspondence serves as a proper correspondence between two people, whether a dealer or a purchaser. It can also be between a worker and the business. The language used is formal and consistent. It helps in eliminating the vagueness and the questions of the individual engaged with the business. An adequately informed correspondence should be followed in all the business correspondences.

Helps in the Expansion of Business: A business correspondence encourages a business to accomplish the set objectives. It additionally guarantees the extension of a business. A business can progress when the operations are productive and there are no wastages of resources both human and technical. Business correspondence helps to promote data with respect to certain assets any item in the market. The information on the extension of business can also be spread by business correspondence.


Types of Business Correspondence

Types of Business Correspondence Infographic
Types of Business Correspondence Infographic

Business correspondence is of many kinds. Let us get ourselves acquainted with some of them.

Internal Correspondence: It refers to the correspondence between the people, divisions, or parts of the same organization.

External Correspondence: It refers to the correspondence between two people. They are not necessarily from the same organization but also client and providers, banks, instructive organizations, government divisions go under this classification.

Routine Correspondence: It is the correspondence on routine activities. A correspondence made for requests, orders, answers, affirmations, greeting, and arrangement letters are normal correspondence.

Sales Correspondence: It refers to the correspondence identified with the deals. Direct mail advertisements, deals reports, receipt, and affirmation of requests are deal correspondence. Conveyance letters, articulation of records, and so forth are also some of its divisions.

Personalized Correspondence: It implies correspondence like; letters of solicitation, suggestion, and appreciation. Letter of presentation, provision, and the refusal of terms are a part of this type of correspondence.

Circulars: It refers to the correspondence of normal issues to countless people or firms. Fliers, notification of tenders, differences in address, the opening of a new branch come under this classification. A presentation of new items also forms the part of this category.

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Official correspondence

Official Correspondence means the official form of communication and includes any routine part of work in an office. The letters are written between various departments and government departments, autonomous bodies, or government and semi-government departments. It includes letters written between two governments, from one state government to another state government or central government or vice versa, between intergovernmental governments. The official correspondence is not friendly, just like business correspondence. The personal touch is not to be given to any of the official correspondences. It is also defined as the correspondence continued formally between officials and different divisions of the administration, for example, orders, reports, letters, endorsements, and so forth.


All the official correspondence between the heads of the various branches of the organizations of any order and its administrator must go through a proper channel. When officials communicate they have to go through the hierarchy and have to come through the same for making proposals, requests, or asking for any kind of privileges.

A similar guideline is to be followed in verbal correspondence: for instance, a lieutenant looking for an extravagance must apply through his chief, the skipper through the assistant, etc. All correspondence identifying with or including the faculty of the military when sent to the Secretary of War for his requests must be sent through the assistant general for the consideration of the general of the military.

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Points of Difference Official Correspondence Business correspondence
Purpose The reason for the official letter is to serve the official interest. The reason for Business letters is to make or keep up business or business relations.
Nature Its nature is official. Its nature is business.
Subject An official request, guidance, roundabout, is communicated through an official letter. Different elements of business, for example, exchanging, fabricating, showcasing, HR exercises, obtainment of materials, securing and removal of resources, credit the executives, promotion of the product offering, contact with different private and govt. bodies are managed through business letters.
Structure The particular and pre-decided structure is needed to be followed to compose such a letter Any sort of formal structure can be followed here
Salutation There could conceivably be any formal greetings in such a letter Welcome is necessary here
Complimentary Close There is no obliging free close in such a letter The obliging free close is an absolute necessity in such a letter.
Method It can use both direct and indirect method It uses only the direct method



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