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Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions

Reasoning : Verbal Ability : Decoding the Fact, Inference and Judgement Questions

Reasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions

Few examples are shared that helps you to understand the concept, difference, and relation between fact, interference, and judgment. Let’s start-

Q1 – 7: From the alternatives, choose the option which correctly classifies the four sentences as a

F: Fact: If it relates to a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true.

J: Judgement: If it is an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention.

I: Inference: If it is a logical conclusion or deduction about something based on the knowledge of facts.


  1. The Minister definitely took the wrong step.
  2. Under the circumstances, he had many other alternatives.
  3. The Prime Minister is embarrassed due to the Minister’s decision.
  4. If he has put the government in jeopardy, the Minister must resign.

(a) JFFI

(b) IFJI

(c) FFJI

(d) IFIJ


  1. The ideal solution will be to advertise aggressively.
  2. One brand is already popular amongst the youth.
  3. Reducing prices will mean trouble as our revenues are already dwindling.
  4. The correct solution will be to consolidate by aggressive marketing.

(a) JFIJ

(b) FJJI

(c) IJFF

(d) JJIF


  1. If democracy is to survive the people must develop a sense of consumerism.
  2. Consumerism has helped improve the quality of goods in certain countries.
  3. The protected environment in our country is helping the local manufacturers.
  4. The quality of goods suffers if the manufacturers take undue advantage of this.

(a) IJFJ

(b) JFJI

(c) IJJF

(d) IFJJ


  1. Unless the banks agree to a deferment of the interest, we cannot show profits this year.
  2. This would not have happened had we adopted a stricter credit scheme.
  3. The revenues so far cover only the cost and salaries.
  4. Let us learn a lesson: we cannot make profits without complete control over credit.

(a) IIJF

(b) IJFI

(c) FJIF

(d) FJFI


  1. Qualities cannot be injected into one’s personality.
  2. They are completely dependent on the genetic configuration that one inherits.
  3. Hence changing our inherent traits is impossible as the genes are unalterable.
  4. The least one can do is to try and subdue the “bad qualities”.

(a) FIJI

(b) JFFI

(c) JFIJ

(d) JIFI


  1. Everything is purposeless.
  2. Nothing before and after the existence of the universe is known with certainty.
  3. Man is a part of the purposeless universe; hence man is also purposeless.
  4. There is only one way of adding purpose to this universe: Union with Him.

(a) JFIJ

(b) FJJI

(c) JFFI

(d) IJFJ


  1. The prices of electronic goods are falling.
  2. Since we have substantial reductions in import duties, this is obvious.
  3. The trend is bound to continue in the near future.
  4. But the turnover of the electronics industry is still rising because the consumers are increasing at a rapid rate.

(a) IFJF

(b) FJII

(c) FIJF

(d) JIFF

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Solutions for Ques: 1- 7

  1. A. presents a judgment on part of the author, B. and C. present facts and D. presents a logical conclusion based on the facts.
  2. B. presents a fact and no other choice gives that as an option C. Presents an inference based on a logical conclusion of the fact that the revenues are already dwindling.
  3. We can see that B. presents a fact and D. presents an inference.
  4. A. and C. clearly present facts. B. is an opinion of the author based on common sense .D. presents an inference.
  5. A. is based on common sense. B. is a well-known fact. C. is a logical conclusion based on B.
  6. B. is a well-known fact which logically leads to the inference drawn in C. Other two are opinions of the author and hence judgments.
  7. A. and D. present facts, B. presents a logical conclusion based on these facts and C. presents a judgment on part of the author.

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Reasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions Reasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions Reasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions Reasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement QuestionsReasoning Verbal Ability Decoding the Fact , Inference and Judgement Questions

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