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    LKG English Online Classes

    Online classes of English for LKG school students from Takshila Learning. We are offering English classes in 2D/3D mode with LKG’s practice worksheets as per CBSE Syllabus. This is going to boost your kid’s vocabulary. Know More
    Takshila’s online tutor covers all lessons and topics of English for LKG. The syllabus of LKG and the English worksheets of LKG have been crafted and written in an innovative way to capture, sustain curiosity and interest of the kids. The content presentation includes attractive display of lesson compositions with colourful images of things of common uses like people, animals, food, water etc. Animated videos help to understand better and leave a long lasting impact on mind.
    Designed by the experts
    The Takshila Online tutor for English ofLKG has been aptly designed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the little child. After lots of research and discussions with the best child specialists and educators around the country, Takshila online tutor content for English is the best language teaching product for your kids. No matter in which school your ward studying, we provide you a complete content that covers all the topics of LKG.

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    My Book of AlphabetsFun learningStory TimeLet us writeWorksheetFlash Cards
    Alphabets A, B, CAlphabetsTortoise and hareSmall a - zCursive writing : letter a to Cursive writing : letter zA - Z
    Print capital Amatch_lowercase_a_to_e.swfWorksheet 1
    Print capital Buppercase_lowercase_a_to_e.swfWorksheet 2
    Print capital Cmatch_lowercase_f_to_j.swf
    Print small auppercase_lowercase_f_to_j.swf
    Print small bmatch_lowercase_k_to_o.swf
    Print small cuppercase_lowercase_k_to_o.swf
    Alphabet Amatch_lowercase_p_to_t.swf
    Alphabet Buppercase_lowercase_p_to_t.swf
    Alphabet Cmatch_lowercase_u_to_z.swf
    Match the columns A, B, Cuppercase_lowercase_u_to_z.swf
    Alphabets A, B, Cnew_a_to_e.swf

    My Book of AlphabetsFun learningStory TimeLet us writeWorksheetFlash Cards
    Alphabets D, E, FLowercase AlphabetsAladdinCapital a - zWriting practice: letter a to Writing practice: letter zABCD
    Print capital Dabc.swf
    Print capital Ede.swf
    Print capital Ffgh.swf
    Print small dij.swf
    Print small eklm.swf
    Print small fno.swf
    Alphabet Dpqr.swf
    Alphabet Est.swf
    Alphabet Fuvw.swf
    Match the columns D, E, Fxyz.swf
    Alphabets D, E, F

    My Book of AlphabetsFun learningStory TimeLet us writeWorksheetFlash Cards
    Alphabets G, H, IUppercase AlphabetsBeauty and the beastEnglish print writing (pattern)Big A - Big ZEFG
    Print capital GABC.swfPrint pattern 1
    Print capital HDE.swfPrint pattern 2
    Print capital IFGH.swfPrint pattern 3
    Print small gIJ.swfPrint pattern 4
    Print small hKLM.swf
    Print small iNO.swf
    Alphabet GPQR.swf
    Alphabet HST.swf
    Alphabet IUVW.swf
    Match the columns G, H, IXYZ.swf
    Alphabets G, H, I

    My Book of AlphabetsStory TimeLet us writeFlash Cards
    Alphabets J, K, LFox and grapesEnglish print writing (small)HIJK
    Print capital JSmall a - z
    Print capital K
    Print capital L
    Print small j
    Print small k
    Print small l
    Alphabet J
    Alphabet K
    Alphabet L
    Match the columns J, K, L
    Alphabets J, K, L

    My Book of AlphabetsStory TimeLet us writeFlash Cards
    Alphabets M, N, OHansel and gretelEnglish print writing (capital)LMN
    Print capital MCapital a - z
    Print capital N
    Print capital O
    Print small m
    Print small n
    Print small o
    Alphabet M
    Alphabet N
    Alphabet O
    Match the columns M, N, O
    Alphabets M, N, O

    My Book of AlphabetsStory TimeLet us writeFlash Cards
    Alphabets P, Q, RThe thirsty crowFun with alphabetsOPQR
    Print capital PA to E
    Print capital QF to J
    Print capital RK to O
    Print small pP to T
    Print small qU to Z
    Print small rArrange the alphabets part I
    Alphabet PArrange the alphabets part II
    Alphabet QMatch the columns alphabet
    Alphabet RFill
    Match the columns P, Q, R
    Alphabets P, Q, R

    My Book of AlphabetsFlash Cards
    Alphabets S, T, USTUV
    Print capital S
    Print capital T
    Print capital U
    Print small s
    Print small t
    Print small u
    Alphabet S
    Alphabet T
    Alphabet U
    Match the columns S, T, U
    Alphabets S, T, U

    My Book of AlphabetsFlash Cards
    Alphabets V, W, XWXYZ
    Print capital V
    Print capital W
    Print capital X
    Print small v
    Print small w
    Print small x
    Alphabet V
    Alphabet W
    Alphabet X
    Match the columns V, W, X
    Alphabets V, W, X

    My Book of Alphabets
    Alphabets Y, Z
    Print capital Y
    Print capital Z
    Print small y
    Print small z
    Alphabet Y
    Alphabet Z
    Match the columns Y, Z
    Alphabets Y, Z

    My Book of Alphabets
    Activity time
    Picture dictionary
    A to Z
    Fill in the blanks
    I can write
    Activity time

    What We Do?

    Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (3D/2D animated videos) for students studying CBSE,ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.

    What you will get?

    • Digital Content:-

      • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes 3D/2D animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It include complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

      • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose. It is available in online and offline format.
    • Takshila Learning Studio:-

      • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to encyclopaedia. Students can search anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



    LKG English Online Classes LKG English Classes LKG online Classes

    LKG English online english classes takshila learning LKG english

    What more we offer

    LKG classes online

    Get your doubts cleared by experts (Extra Cost). You can interact with faculty /Expert to solve your doubt/problem via Chat, Voice Call or Video calling at a prefixed time.



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