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CBSE Class 6 Social Science

Best Online school classes from Takshila Learning offering online school tutorials for class 6 social science with NCERT guide, worksheets, study material and sample question papers for CBSE/ICSE/ State Board. "Be Aware." The studying of social sciences brings awareness among the children about the issues related to their own person, surroundings/locality, country and the world. A deep understanding of civics issues is mandatory to raise a socially alert, liberal and progressive generation of coming years. Takshila has crafted study material for class 6 social science which is structured on the rigorous norms of NCERT and is, therefore, the perfect choice for a streamlined national level CBSE/ ICSE syllabus. "Learn Your Civics Duties." Enriched with the tri components of History, Civics and Geography, NCERT guide for Class 6th content pack, comes with amazing audio-visual support, animations, slides and a huge question bank that effectively tests the students and asses their progress instantly. The children are apprised about their civic duties, updated about rural and urban administration, Panchayati Raj and the way government in India works. In History, NCERT guide and solutions for Class 6th includes information on the earliest civilizations of the world. Children learn via interactive presentations about the kings and their kingdoms in our country. Not only this, but the syllabus of geography is also very informative as students learn about the motions, major domains and land-forms of Earth along with studying the climate, vegetation and wildlife of our country. Get ready to explore our lovely world with Takshila’s Online Study material, sample papers and solved question papers for Class 6th CBSE, according to NCERT and complete CBSE/ ICSE social science guide for class 6 today.

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CBSE Class 6 Computer

Takshila Learning offers the best online classes for school students. Study class 6 computer with NCERT guide, mock test papers and practise worksheets for ICSE/CBSE exam to score good marks. Takshila smart tutor for CBSE Class 6 has been structured to every child to the concepts through highly engaging, less straining and more recreational lessons. NCERT guide for 6 class which is based on NCERT Syllabus covers all topics and lessons of computers. It's been designed with interactive instructional media such as Images & Animations to stimulate students towards understanding and learning. The study material for class 6 can be easily used with all types of learning resources like a laptop, pen drive, mobiles and tablets. Thus, providing a great learning platform for effective learning & instantaneous individual evaluation. The class 6 computers syllabus widens to include a computer system, working in MS windows, Ms-word, MS-Excel, algorithms and flowcharts and much more. Not just this, the smart content and worksheets for class 6 brings you highly educative lessons making young children aware of where they live with respect to global advancement in technology  

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CBSE Class 6 Science

Online school classes from Takshila Learning offer's study material for class 6 science with NCERT guide, worksheets, study material and sample question papers on CBSE/ICSE. "Learn to evaluate scientifically for CBSE exam." Devised in accordance with the norms of NCERT, online tutor and school online classes for CBSE class 6 science offers the perfect opportunity for students to learn effectively. The content of the syllabus enables the student to value the scientific concepts, perspective and approach; it facilitates the learner to understand the social impact of science, to appreciate how science is helping in making our lives comfortable day by day. " Science for class 6 is a Joyride." Our course containing NCERT guide for class 6 is simplified and centred to foster knowledge about the human body, the food we eat, different food groups, materials, fibres, various living organisms. To develop an understanding of electricity, circuits, magnetism, air, water cycle etc. is also the objective of the study material for class 6 CBSE science.  



CBSE Class 6 Hindi

Online school classes offering NCERT guide for class 6 Hindi, grammar worksheets, study material & question papers on CBSE/ICSE. "Learn Hindi Grammar Rules." Designed as per NCERT syllabus guidelines, online school classes study material for class 6 Hindi pack is the best language teaching product for young kids. The Hindi grammar worksheets for class 6, CBSE sample paper for class 6 has been designed to inculcate in children the rules of grammar necessary to write and speak structurally correct Hindi. "Nurture Literature Knowledge." Introduction of tenses, rules of sentences- their order, beginning and ending along with punctuation regulations are taught in an interactive manner. At CBSE class 6 level, the curriculum is designed in such a manner that it appears light while imparting much-needed knowledge to students. "Enhance written and Oral Communication Skills." The school online classes for class VI Hindi garners the twin aspects of language teaching and learning process, i.e. the correct grammatical structure coupled with elegant expression. Because education needs widen, at class VI level the CBSE syllabus is expanded to include conjunctions, parts of speech, punctuation's, synonyms and antonyms, gender, verbs and its kinds, tenses, adverbs, homophones, one-word substitution etc on one hand and idiomatic expressions and phrases to beautify the spoken and written language on the other. Not only this, development of vocabulary takes place simultaneously with numerous exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill-ups, punctuation and spellings along with interactive classroom activity to enhance communication skills. And for practice CBSE sample paper for class 6, ncert worksheets for class 6, ncert question paper for class 6, NCERT guide for class 6, ICSE question paper for class 6, ICSE model question paper for class 6 are available  



CBSE Class 6 English

Enable the world of fast learning with Takshila Learning’s online school classes of English for class 6 with NCERT guide/solution, grammar worksheets and study material based on CBSE/ICSE Board. Takshila learning is one of the leading e-education portals in online education in India, providing CBSE / ICSE/ State Board study material. In addition to this English course covered in a digital format, students can also get complete content for class 6 all subjects, which create a strong foundation and clear all their doubts. These English sample papers, CBSE English worksheets, ICSE model question papers, Syllabus, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are easy to learn and explains the concepts of all chapters of Class 6 English very well. Provided content also includes Revision worksheets and study notes for CBSE Class 6 English, based on CCE guidelines. The study material, English Grammar guidelines, NCERT question papers / NCERT guide for class 6 has been carefully compiled by the best CBSE/ ICSE teachers in India based on the pattern released by CBSE/ ICSE every year. "Sharpen your Grammar skills” Structured on CBSE syllabus, online school classes study material for class 6 English is a must-have language learning product for enhancing and sharpening your child's English language skills. "Learn to speak fluent English." Developed on the NCERT pattern, our English content for Class 6 CBSE / ICSE is the best language teaching product, for your growing child. Takshila’s online tutor for class 6 English has been aptly designed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of reading, writing and comprehension skills. This content for class 6 English spans all the parts of speech, tenses, quantifiers, kinds of sentences and suffixes/ prefixes. At class 6 level, the emphasis has been given to foster correct grammatical structure in both spoken and written English. "Enrich your Word Power." Development of vocabulary takes place side by side with a multitude of exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill-ups, punctuation and spellings  



CBSE Class 6 Maths

Takshila Learning’s Online school classes offer class 6 maths with NCERT guide/solution, worksheets, study material, Videos, sample question paper on CBSE/ICSE/ State Board exam pattern. "Explore a plethora of topics." In keeping with standards of NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training), Takshila’s online tutor has brought forward for your child the amazing interactive study material for Math as school online classes. Completely based on the guidelines of NCERT and CBSE/ ICSE syllabus of class 6 Maths our course imparts knowledge of numbers, integers, fractions, ratio and proportion, symmetry, shapes, Mensuration, data handling, decimals, geometry and algebra too. "Cultivate your Curiosities." In study material for class 6, we put in efforts to arouse the natural curiosity of the child so that he can sit back stress-free and explore the amazing world of mathematics voluntarily. “Practice and More Practice” NCERT Guide for class 6, maths worksheets for class 6 ICSE/CBSE, Worksheets, test papers, CBSE model test papers for class 6 are provided for practice. So order Takshila’s online tutor for class 6 to receive the benefits of numerous exercises and solutions to solve all the conceptual problems  



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Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (animated videos) for students studying CBSE, ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.  

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    • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to an encyclopedia. Students can search for anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



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