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    CBSE Class 5 EVS

    Online school classes for students offering class 5 EVS with NCERT study material, worksheets, Sample and question paper on CBSE/ICSE exam pattern.

    “Explore problems faced by our Planet.”
    Specially crafted to make young students aware about their environment, the syllabus of CBSE class 5 EVS is based on CBSE exam pattern and NCERT guidelines. The purpose of the Environmental CBSE Study pack is to encourage knowledge about yourself and your surroundings. EVS requires collaborative studies because the nature of the problems is such that not an individual but the whole collective group is responsible for the damaging action.

    “Enjoy a vast range of EVS topics.”
    The curriculum of CBSE class 5 is definitely vast and is all inclusive of lessons on The Five Senses, Experiments with water, Taste, Food spoilage, Seeds, Water Sources, Forests, Mosquito bite, Mountain Climbing, Monuments, Space, Source of energy, Shelter, Natural Disasters, Human Digestive System, Types of Work, Sports and Farming.

    “Experience an enhanced learning ambiance.”
    Takshila Smart tutor EVS content for CBSE class 5 is very interactive. The student can learn,assess and evaluate the performance via smart exam guru software. It contains cbse class 5 question paper, worksheet for class 5 cbse, sample paper for class 5 cbse and question bank. This makes understand serious topics quite easy and allows a student to repeat if not understand. Our products also help students to improve their interpersonal skills and become proactive with respect to saving the environment.

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    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Linking plants and animalsLiving and non livingSuper sense part I
    Who eats whom, food chainSuper sense part II
    From tasting to digesting
    Man - the living machine
    Structure of nervous system

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Food nutrientsA snake charmer's story part IOrgans of our body
    Food we eat part IA snake charmer's story part II
    Food we eat part II
    Balanced diet
    Good food guide
    Components of food and deficiency diseases
    Deficiency diseases
    Important places
    Clothes part I
    Clothes part II
    Clothes part III
    Religious festivals part I
    Religious festivals part II
    National festivals

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Globe part IMangoes round the year part IOur basic needs
    Globe part IIMangoes round the year part II
    Important parallels of latitudes part I
    Important parallels of latitudes part II
    Longitudes part I
    Longitudes part II
    Longitudes and time
    Physical map
    Safety habits: introduction
    Safety habits: bleeding
    Safety habits: burns
    Safety habits: electric shock

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    India part IEvery drop counts part IWeather and climate
    India part IIEvery drop counts part II
    India’s neighboursEvery drop counts part III
    India: climate, vegetation and wildlife part I
    India: climate, vegetation and wildlife part II
    India: climate, vegetation and wildlife part III
    Natural vegetation part I
    Natural vegetation part II
    Natural vegetation part III
    The indian desert
    The coastal plains
    The islands part I
    The islands part II
    The northern plain part I
    The northern plain part II
    The peninsular plateau part I
    The peninsular plateau part II
    The himalayan mountains part I
    The himalayan mountains part II
    Dunes and shores part I
    Dunes and shores part II
    Our nation part I
    Our nation part II
    Our nation part III

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Wildlife part IA treat for mosquitoes part IOur community buildings
    Wildlife part IIA treat for mosquitoes part II
    A treat for mosquitoes part III
    Minerals in india: introduction
    Ferrous minerals
    Iron ore
    Iron ore belts in india
    Non-ferrous minerals: copper
    Non-metallic minerals
    Conservation of minerals
    Energy resources
    Conventional sources of energy
    Natural gas

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Great historical personalitiesSunita in spaceThe clothes we wear
    Walls tells stories part ICelebrating together
    Walls tells stories part II
    Mangoes round the year part I
    Natural resources part I
    Natural resources part II
    Natural resources part III
    Natural resources part IV
    Conserving resources
    What if it finishes ?

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Caring for public property part IA shelter so highLocating places on maps and globes
    Caring for public property part IIFirst aid and safety measures
    Caring for public property part III
    Playing with bubbles
    Games we play - introduction
    Games we play - kho kho
    Games we play - kite flying
    Games we play - cricket
    Games we play - marble
    Games we play - lagori
    Games we play - stapoo
    Games we play - kabaddi
    Games we play - foot ball
    Games we play - chess
    Games we play - ludo
    Games we play - snakes and ladders

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Causes of diseases part IINo place for us? part II
    Internal causes
    Means of spread of communicable diseases
    Organ-specific & tissue specific manifestations
    Signs and symptoms of disease
    Road safety
    They need our care
    We need each other part I
    We need each other part II
    We need each other part III
    An old age home

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    India: clothesWho will do this work?India: our motherland
    India: danceIndia: our national symbols
    India: new delhiIndia: our wildlife
    India: mumbai
    India: music

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Components of earthOn the move againNatural calamities
    Continents part-IPride of nation
    Continents part-IIOur monuments
    Hydrosphere part-I
    Hydrosphere part-II
    Atmosphere part-I
    Atmosphere part-II
    Biosphere: the domain of life
    Globe part-I
    Globe part-II
    Important parallels of latitudes part-I
    Important parallels of latitudes part-II
    Longitudes part-I
    Longitudes part-II
    Longitudes and time
    Why do we have standard time?
    Motions of the earth
    Revolution part-I
    Revolution part-II
    Major landforms of the earth
    Mountains: introduction
    Three types of mountain

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Weather and climateA seed tells a farmer's story part IHealth care and food hygiene
    Important parallels of latitude part IIA seed tells a farmer's story part IIConservation of natural resources
    Factors influencing climate part-1Seeds and seedsCare of public property
    Factors influencing climate part-2
    Natural resources part I
    Natural resources part II
    Natural resources part III
    Natural resources part IV
    The equatorial forest region part-1
    The equatorial forest region part-2
    The equatorial forest region part-3
    The hot deserts
    Plant life
    Animal life
    Human life
    The temperate zone part I
    The temperate zone part II
    The frigid zone part-1
    The frigid zone part-2
    The frigid zone part-3

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Pollution and its effectsExperiments with water part IPollution control
    Air pollutionExperiments with water part IICommon diseases
    How air gets polluted ?Experiments with water part III
    Effects of air pollutants
    Green house effect
    Water pollution
    Soil erosion and conservation
    Noise pollution
    Human activity and environment
    Disposal of waste
    Natural calamities: introduction
    Earthquakes and safety measures
    Earthquake: how earthquakes occur?
    Earthquake: seismic waves and seismograph
    Earthquake: safety tips
    When the earth shook part I
    When the earth shook part II
    Non governmental organisation

    3D/2D AnimationMore On EVSEvs Games
    Means of transportBlow hot blow coldRoad safety
    Reaching grandmother's houseWalls tell stories part I
    Means of communicationWalls tell stories part II
    Here comes a letter
    Coming of the british
    United nations: introduction
    Principles objectives
    Major organs part I
    Major organs part II
    Major agencies part I
    Major agencies part II

    What We Do?

    Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (3D/2D animated videos) for students studying CBSE,ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.

    What you will get?

    • Digital Content:-

      • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes 3D/2D animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It include complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

      • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose.It is available in online and offline format.
    • Takshila Learning Studio:-

      • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to encyclopedia.Students can search anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



    Class 5 EVS Online Classes cbse Class 5 EVS Online Class 5 EVS Classes

    cbse Class 5 EVS ncert Class 5 EVS Online Class 5 EVS

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