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    Anamika Gaur

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    CBSE Class 5 English

    Online school classes for students offering class 5 English with NCERT study material, grammar worksheets, question and sample papers for CBSE/ICSE.

    “Packaged Learning Solution.”
    Takshila smart tutor has been consistently working hard to expand and redefine the educational system by integrating technology in the everyday teaching learning session. Takshila smart tutor aims to make the whole process of education an enjoyable learning experience for students of all classes by providing a packaged learning solution at your command.

    “Fortify your Vocabulary.”
    To cultivate all round healthy development of the children, video lectures for CBSE class 5 has been specifically developed to suit your child’s English language learning requirements. With an NCERT syllabus, school online classes for CBSE class 5 English is a must have language learning product for sharpening your child’s language skills.

    “Age appropriate comprehensive curriculum.”
    The online school classes for CBSE class 5 English has been tailored after careful consideration of all the factors which cultivate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in primary school children. It has a rich CBSE syllabus which nurtures knowledge about articles, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, comparative degrees, formation of new words and much more.For practicing, CBSE class 5 English sample papers, class 5 English question papers,CBSE class 5 English grammar worksheets are available in large number in online as well as in printable form.Worksheets, sample papers, question papers are designed on CBSE class 5 exam pattern.

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    3D/2D AnimationReading comprehension: AnimationsReading comprehension: Passage PracticeEnglish WritingPhonetics
    The sentencesReading comprehension: IntroductionReading comprehension: Comparing and ContrastingLetter writing: introductionHow to teach phonetics
    The sentencecomparing_and_contrasting_1
    Sentence phrasecomparing_and_contrasting_2
    Sentence exercisecomparing_and_contrasting_3

    3D/2D AnimationReading comprehension: AnimationsReading comprehension: Passage PracticeEnglish WritingPhonetics
    Types of sentencesReading comprehension: Comparing and Contrastinginferring_1Postcard writingPhonetics level 4
    Types of sentenceinferring_2ar

    3D/2D AnimationReading comprehension: AnimationsReading comprehension: Passage PracticeEnglish WritingPhonetics
    Subject and predicateReading comprehension: Summarizingidentifying_main_ideas_1Telegram writing: introductionPhonetics level 5
    Subject and predicateidentifying_main_ideas_2ay
    Subject and predicate part Ice
    Subject and predicate part IIch
    Subject predicate exerciseck

    3D/2D AnimationReading comprehension: AnimationsReading comprehension: Passage Practice
    Prefix and suffixReading comprehension: Inferringmaking_predictions_1
    Prefix suffix
    Prefix suffix exercise

    3D/2D AnimationReading comprehension: Passage Practice
    Kinds of nounsusing_content_clues_1
    Common nounsusing_content_clues_2
    Common proper nouns exerciseusing_content_clues_3
    Proper nounusing_content_clues_4
    Abstract nounsusing_content_clues_5
    Abstract nouns exercise
    Collective nouns
    Collective nouns exercise
    Countable and uncountable nouns
    Noun number
    Number of nouns
    Number of nouns
    How to form plural of nouns part-I
    How to form plural of nouns part-II
    How to form plural of nouns part-III
    Singular plural nouns
    Singular and plural exercise
    Nouns: gender
    Gender of Nouns part - I
    Gender of Nouns part - II
    How to form feminine of noun
    Nouns: possession
    Use of ‘s
    Noun possession
    Noun possession

    3D/2D Animation
    Demonstrative pronouns
    Interrogative pronouns
    Personal pronoun
    Pronoun or adjectives ?
    Pronoun or adjective ?
    Pronoun or adjective ? exercise

    3D/2D Animation
    More about articles part I
    More about articles part II
    Articles excercise part I
    Articles excercise part II
    Tenses: Simple present, past and future
    Tenses introduction
    Simple present tense part I
    Simple present tense part II
    Simple present tense part III
    Simple past tense part I
    Simple past tense part II
    Simple past tense part III
    Simple future tense part I
    Simple future tense part II
    Present and past participles
    Present participle part I
    Present participle part II
    Past participle
    Past participle exercise
    Continuous tenses: present and past
    Present continous part I
    Present continous part II
    Past continous tense
    Future continuous tense
    Future continous tense
    Perfect tenses: present and past perfect
    Present perfect simple tense
    Past perfect simple tense part I
    Past perfect simple tense part II

    3D/2D Animation
    Kinds of adverbs
    Adverbs expressing manner
    Adverb of time
    Adverb of place
    Adverbs expressing degree
    Adverb of frequency
    Comparisons of adverbs
    Comparison of adverbs part I
    Comparison of adverbs part II

    3D/2D Animation
    Prepositions of place
    Prepositions of time
    Prepositions of movement
    Conjunctions part I
    Conjunctions part II

    3D/2D Animation
    Capital letters and punctuation marks
    Capital letters part I
    Capital letters part II
    Punctuation part I
    Punctuation part II
    Direct and indirect speech
    Reported speech part I
    Reported speech part II
    Reported speech part III

    What We Do?

    Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (3D/2D animated videos) for students studying CBSE,ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.

    What you will get?

    • Digital Content:-

      • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes 3D/2D animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It include complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

      • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose.It is available in online and offline format.
    • Takshila Learning Studio:-

      • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to encyclopedia.Students can search anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



    CBSE Class 5 English Online Classes CBSE Class 5 English Class 5 English Online

    CBSE Class 5 English Online NCERT Class 5 English Classes class 5th english

    What more we offer

    english classes for 5th

    Get your doubts cleared by experts (Extra Cost). You can interact with faculty /Expert to solve your doubt/problem via Chat, Voice Call or Video calling at a prefixed time.



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