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CBSE Class 3 Computer

Takshila learning offers best online classes for class 3 Computer with worksheets and tutorials for ICSE/CBSE exam to score good marks,
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CBSE Class 3 Science

Join the best online classes for school students in India. Offering class 3 Science based on the latest exam pattern offering NCERT solutions for CBSE / ICSE to score good marks in exams. Science is introduced in Class 3 to students. Interesting to note that science is not a subject that is separately campaigned by CBSE for the primary classes, but most of the schools are seen to incorporate it as a subject. With new topics being introduced, children find themselves wanting to learn more. Of course, this will not be possible to achieve in the classroom as time becomes a limiting factor, but at home, this can definitely be achieved. Our CBSE Class 3 Science introduces the topics to children and also gives them every tit-bits to help them enhance their knowledge. Children, of course, use these tit-bits to boast about their knowledge of the topic in question. It can also be seen that the various topics encourage them to proceed happily into the world of learning, without having someone at their back persuade them to do so.  


Class 3 GK Online Classes | CBSE | ICSE | NCERT Solutions

Takshila learning offers best online classes for Class 3 GK (General Knowledge) with worksheets and tutorials for ICSE/CBSE exam to score good marks.



CBSE Class 3 EVS

Best Online school classes from Takshila Learning offering online school tutorials for class 3 EVS (Environmental science) with NCERT guide, worksheets, study material and sample question papers for CBSE/ICSE/ State Board. This is nothing new. Your children have been studying this subject but with a different name in their earlier classes. What you knew as social studies are now environmental science and it deals with only certain parts of science. Here, one can know about feelings, the best way to share them and so on. While it is not easy to explain these things to a child, every little concept in this topic requires examples. Getting the child to understand them is another challenge. Our CBSE Class 3 Environmental Studies classes aim at helping the child understand such topics with ease and be able to use them accordingly. Parents would find themselves in a corral unaware of how to help their children understand special topics and this is the best way to help them. Our content puts special focus on clarifying the concepts so that the child remembers these forever.



CBSE Class 3 Hindi

Enable the world of fast learning with Takshila Learning’s online school classes of Hindi for class 3 with NCERT guide/solution, grammar worksheets and study material based on CBSE/ICSE Board. " Vocabulary Development" By the time your child enters class 3, his alphabet knowledge is solidified. Hence, it becomes imperative that a child is imparted an education that widens his vocabulary. Keeping this in mind, Takshila online tutor Hindi class 3 based on CBSE/ ICSE syllabus specifically pays attention to the development of vocabulary via synonyms, antonyms, number, one-word substitution and gender exercises. Along with this, students are taught to read and write in Hindi- vowels and consonants, names of trees, birds, animals, shapes, sports, sports goods, flowers and household articles. "Interactive Activities and exercises" We provide students with sentence completion exercises, fill in the blanks, worksheets on singularity and plurality, word formation exercises along with interactive classroom activity which all serve to enhance a child's Hindi language skills. "Interesting a range of Stories and Poems." The main objective of our class 3 CBSE Hindi content is to make sure the students are able to comprehend new Hindi words and build vocabulary, understand the significance correct grammatical structure of sentences to bring clarity in verbal and written expression, learn the use of tenses, read and appreciate a range of short story and poetry collection and speak clearly and confidently.  


CBSE Class 3 English

Best online classes for school students. Offering class 3 English with latest CBSE class 3 exam pattern and worksheet for class 3 CBSE/ICSE to score good marks in exams. Taking into account the importance of healthy development, the Takshila smart tutor curriculum has been created to promote easy and stress-free learning environment. Object-oriented approach for faster learning, interactive ambience, audiovisual aids to support better learning and CBSE based syllabus, TAkshila smart tutor content for class 3 English is a must-have language learning product for enhancing and honing your child’s language skills. "Designed by the best content creators" The Takshila smart tutor for class 3 English has been aptly designed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the little children. After lots of research and discussions with the best child specialists and educators around the country, Takshila Smart tutor content for English is the best language teaching product for your little students. “English syllabus based on CBSE" The English syllabus for CBSE class 3 boasts has exceptional exercises where children are taught to connect and relate words/spellings with colourful and attractive images for permanent information retention. The CBSE syllabus is thoroughly revised and is in keeping with the NCERT guidelines. "Develop Language Power " The smart class CBSE class 3 curriculum has been designed to instil and promote knowledge of vowels, consonants and syllables as speech sounds are the most vital part of language teaching and learning. Spellings, abbreviations, synonyms and antonyms encourage superior vocabulary development in children. Sentence completion exercises fill in the blanks, worksheets on singularity and plurality, word formation exercises along with interactive classroom activity all serve to enhance a child's English language skills. NCERT Solutions: Smart tutor help students by giving NCERT solutions for class 3 English, activities, exercises and worksheets for CBSE class 3 for practice and make children master in language.



CBSE Class 3 Maths

Best online classes for school students. Offering class 3 maths with the latest exam pattern and NCERT solutions for CBSE/ICSE to score good marks in the exam. "Analyse and Learn." The Takshila smart tutor content for CBSE class 3 takes a leap from the simplistic and basic syllabus for Mathematics in the previous classes. By the time children upgraded in class 3, they already become well versed with the basics of Math in terms of numbers and counting along with little bit development of their computational skills. What follows in class 3 is the application of those very basics "Workout For Your Brain." Students will find that the syllabus of class 3 CBSE study package expands to include exercises promoting the application of numbers in different computational aspects like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division along with the NCERT solutions for class 3 Maths. " Mental Math for class 3" Mathematics is a subject that is best learnt by constant practice. There are many activities, exercises, and maths worksheets for class 3 CBSE, maths worksheets for ICSE and other boards that students can take up as many times as they want, because they are so easy and interesting and packed with fun Searching for missing numbers, finding out multiples and picking out the Even and Odd numbers by finding patterns in the numbers given is a great way to foster and promote brilliant analytical skills in children. Also, developing the ability to compute mentally is also encouraged in class 3 CBSE maths syllabus. So hurry up and bring home Smart Tutor study material for smarter children of tomorrow!  



What We Do?

Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (animated videos) for students studying CBSE, ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.  

What you will get?

  • Digital Content:-

    • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It includes a complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
  • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose?It is available in an online and offline format.
  • Takshila Learning Studio:-

    • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to an encyclopedia. Students can search for anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.


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