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    CBSE Class 10 English

    Welcome to the world of online school classes for class 10 English developed by Takshila Learning on the latest exam pattern with NCERT guide/solutions, Notes, study material, Videos, sample question papers on ICSE/CBSE and various State Board exams.

    “Interactive English Content for class 10 students.”

    With a CBSE and ICSE based syllabus and based on NCERT guidelines, school online classes and study material for class 10 English has been developed taking into account all the factors which promote the development of reading, speaking,writing, listening and comprehension skills. Secondary school is fundamental in determining and bringing to the fore the real aptitude of a student. Thus with an extensive syllabus coverage and interactive study material Takshila’s online tutor is the perfect choice for a class 10 student.

    “Relish varied poem collection and selection of short stories.”

    The English class 10 syllabus installs and fosters knowledge of parts of speech, articles,tenses,modals, clauses, conditionals, non finite verbs, connectors, direct and reported speech with keen emphasis on correct grammatical sentence sequence and structure. Grammar knowledge is not sufficient. Its application holds the real value. The students are thus tested via Sentence completion exercises, fill in the blanks, worksheets on idiomatic phrases, word formation exercises along with interactive activities all serve to hone a secondary school student’s English language skills.

    “Empower your language with an intensive grammar and vocabulary”

    The Class 10 English online study material garners the twin aspects of language teaching and learning process, i.e. the perfect grammatical structure coupled with elegant expression. The reading list is extensive and includes comprehension exercises, composition writing questions based on visual and verbal stimulus like making a pamphlet, brochure, article, itinerary or poster, writing a debate, letter or speech etc; short writing exercises include drafting messages, notices, telegrams and writing postcards. Simultaneous development of vocabulary with numerous exercises on word meanings, homophones, sentence completion, fill ups, punctuation and spellings along with interactive classroom activity enhances communication skills of the student.

    Takshila Learning also serves you with sample papers for class 10 and english guide for class 10 for detailed practice leading to scoring higher marks.

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    Grammar Animations
    Transformation of Sentences
    Phrases and Clauses
    Verb Forms - Simple and Progressive Tense
    Verb Forms - The Perfect Tense
    Phrasal Verbs
    Verbs: Forms and Types
    Subject Verb Concord
    Reported Speech
    Active and Passive Voice
    Linkers or Connectors
    Articles and Determiners
    Pronouns and Nominalisation
    Comparatives - Adjectives and Adverbs
    Sentences: Introduction
    Types of sentences: declarative, interrogative
    Types of sentences: simple, compound, complex
    Conditional sentences
    Simple to Compound Sentence
    Simple to Complex Sentence
    Compound to Simple Sentence
    Compound to Complex Sentence
    Complex to Compound Sentence
    Clauses - I
    Clauses - II
    Types of Clauses - I
    Types of Clauses - II
    Types of Clauses - III
    Phrases - I
    Phrases - II
    Simple Present Tense
    Simple Present Tense: Usage
    Present Continuous Tense
    Simple Present Continuous Tense: Usage
    Simple Past Tense
    Simple Past Tense: Usage
    Simple Past Continuous Tense
    Simple Past Continous Tense: Usage
    Simple Future Tense
    Simple Future Tense: Usage
    Simple Future continuous Tense
    Simple Future Continous Tense: Usage
    Present Perfect Simple Tense
    Present Perfect Tense Simple: Usage
    Present Perfect Continuous Tense
    Present Perfect Continous Tense: Usage
    Past Perfect Simple Tense
    Past Perfect Simple Tense: Usage
    Past Perfect Continuous Tense
    Past Perfect Continuous Tense: Usage
    Future Perfect Simple Tense
    Future Perfect Simple Tense: Usage
    Future Perfect Continuous Tense
    Future Perfect Continuous Tense: Usage
    Phrasal Verbs
    Modals - Part I
    Modals - Part II
    Modals - Part III
    Modals - Part IV
    Types of verbs part-I
    Types of verbs part-II
    Types of helping verbs part-I
    Types of helping verbs part-II
    Types of helping verbs part-III
    Types of helping verbs part-IV
    Verb forms part-I
    Verb forms part-II
    Regular and irregular verbs
    Subject and verb agreement part-I
    Subject and verb agreement part-II
    Reported speech I
    Reported speech II
    Reported speech III
    Reported speech IV
    Reported speech V
    Change of Voices - Part I
    Change of Voices - Part II
    Preposition introduction
    Type of preposition part I
    Type of preposition part II
    Type of preposition part III
    Type of preposition part IV
    Type of preposition part V
    Type of preposition part VI
    Type of preposition part VII
    Type of preposition part VIII
    Type of preposition part IX
    Coordinating conjunctions part-I
    Coordinating conjunctions part-II
    Subordinating conjunctions part-I
    Subordinating conjunctions part-II
    Subordinating conjunctions part-III
    Correlative conjunctions part-I
    Correlative conjunctions part-II
    Transitional words or phrases part-I
    Transitional words or phrases part-II
    Articles - Part I
    Articles - Part II
    Articles - Part III
    Pronoun - introduction
    Pronoun - types
    Comparison of Adjective - Part I
    Comparison of Adjective - Part II
    Adverb - comparison of adverbs
    Grammar Exercise
    Passive Voice
    Reported speech
    Reporting narration
    Transformation of Sentences
    Subject Verb Agreement
    Clauses: Exercise 1
    Clauses: Exercise 2
    Clauses: Exercise 3
    Determiners: Exercise 1
    Determiners: Exercise 2
    Determiners: Exercise 3
    Modals: Exercise 1
    Modals: Exercise 2
    Modals: Exercise 3
    Modals: Exercise 4
    Modals: Exercise 5
    Modals: Exercise 6
    Modals: Exercise 7
    Modals: Exercise 8
    Modals: Exercise 9
    Passive Voice: Exercise 1
    Passive Voice: Exercise 2
    Passive Voice: Exercise 3
    Passive Voice: Exercise 4
    Passive Voice: Exercise 5
    Passive Voice: Exercise 6
    Passive Voice: Exercise 7
    Passive Voice: Exercise 8
    Passive Voice: Exercise 9
    Passive Voice: Exercise 10
    Passive Voice: Exercise 11
    Preposition: Exercise 1
    Preposition: Exercise 2
    Preposition: Exercise 3
    Preposition: Exercise 4
    Preposition: Exercise 5
    Reported Speech: Exercise 1
    Reported Speech: Exercise 2
    Reported Speech: Exercise 3
    Reporting Narration: Exercise
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 1
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 2
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 3
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 4
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 5
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 6
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 7
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 8
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 9
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 10
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 11
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 12
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 13
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 14
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 15
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 16
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 17
    Transformation of Sentences: Exercise 18
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 1
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 2
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 3
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 4
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 5
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 6
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 7
    Subject Verb Concord: Exercise 8
    Tenses: Exercise 1
    Tenses: Exercise 2
    Tenses: Exercise 3
    Tenses: Exercise 4
    Tenses: Exercise 5
    Applied Grammar Animations
    Error correction
    Gap filling
    Sentence completion
    Applied Grammar Exercise
    Error correction
    Gap filling
    Sentence reordering
    Error correction 1
    Error correction 2
    Error correction 3
    Error correction 4
    Error correction 5
    Error correction 6
    Error correction 7
    Error correction 8
    Gap filling - I
    Gap filling - II
    Omission 1
    Omission 2
    Omission 3
    Omission 4
    Omission 5
    Omission 6
    Omission 7
    Omission 8
    Sentence reordering I
    Sentence reordering II
    Sentence reordering III
    Sentence reordering IV
    Sentence reordering V
    Sentence reordering VI
    Sentence reordering VII
    Sentence reordering VIII
    Sentence reordering IX
    Sentence reordering X

    English Writing
    Letter writing
    Postcard writing
    Telegram writing
    Diary writing
    Report writing
    Email writing
    Notice writing
    Data interpretation
    Biographical sketches
    Article writing
    Message writing
    Speech writing
    Letter writing
    Letter writing: introduction
    Formal letter: format
    First sample formal letter
    Second sample formal letter
    Informal letter: format
    First sample informal letter
    Second sample informal letter
    Postcard writing
    Postcard writing: introduction
    First sample question
    Second sample question
    Telegram writing
    Telegram writing: introduction
    Telegram writing: sample question
    Diary writing
    Diary writing part I
    Report writing
    Report writing - I
    Report writing - II
    Sample report writing
    Email writing
    Email writing introduction part I
    Email writing introduction part II
    Sample email writing part I
    Sample email writing part II
    Notice writing
    Notice writing part I
    Notice writing part II
    Data interpretation
    Data interpretation: introduction part I
    Data interpretation: introduction part II
    Data interpretation: sample part I
    Data interpretation: sample part II
    Biographical sketches
    Biographical sketches
    Article writing
    Article writing
    Message writing
    Message writing
    Speech writing
    Speech writing
    English Writing Examples (Solved)
    Letter Writing
    Report Wriing
    Notice Writing
    Article Writing
    Speech Writing

    English Reading
    Reading comprehension: passage
    Reading comprehension: poem
    Reading comprehension: passage
    Reading comprehension: introduction
    Reading comprehension part I
    Reading comprehension part II
    Reading comprehension part III
    Reading comprehension: poem
    Reading comprehension poems part I
    Reading comprehension poems part II
    Reading comprehension poems part III
    Reading comprehension: Passage Practice
    RC Practice: 1
    RC Practice: 2
    RC Practice: 3
    RC Practice: 4
    RC Practice: 5
    RC Practice: 6
    RC Practice: 7
    RC Practice: 8
    RC Practice: 9
    RC Practice: 10
    RC Practice: 11
    RC Practice: 12
    RC Practice: 13
    Reading comprehension: Poem Practice
    RC Practice: Poem 1
    RC Practice: Poem 2


    Two gentlemen of verona
    Mrs packletides tiger
    The letter
    Patol babu

    Fully Solved NCERT
    First flight
    Foot prints without feet
    Main course book
    Literature reader

    What We Do?

    Takshila Learning is an online education portal providing K-12 Digital Content (3D/2D animated videos) for students studying CBSE,ICSE and various Indian State boards. We also provide practice/Test series in online and offline mode. Takshila Learning ensures that students after passing school are given various options to prepare for competitive exams through our coaching courses.

    What you will get?

    • Digital Content:-

      • Takshila Learning Digital Content includes 3D/2D animated videos as per CBSE and NCERT curricular. It include complete video database of your class with 100% course coverage.
    • Takshila Learning Exam Guru:-

      • Takshila Learning Exam Guru is practice/Test series software. Which are specially designed for students practice purpose.It is available in online and offline format.
    • Takshila Learning Studio:-

      • Takshila Learning Studio is online software. It is similar to encyclopedia.Students can search anything related to their syllabus and they will get the related information only.



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