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Anamika Gaur

CS Qualified

CBSE Class 9th Science

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CBSE Class 9th Science

These animated video lectures for CBSE Class 9th Science content is mapped as per the CBSE syllabus of class 9th; chapters and topics are laid out as in NCERT textbooks of Science for class 9th. The entire content is made of high quality 3 D animation. These videos are enough for a complete understanding of concepts and will let you score excellent marks in your exams. This course is an excellent powerful home tutor for Science of class 9th and provides you learning like a crash course. This can assist you anytime, any number of times suiting your convenience and understanding abilities. The content comes on a 16 GB Pendrive/ SD Card/ Tablet.

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This Course also Cover: –
Quiz – Performance evaluation with timer clock.
Key Terms – Important terms and their definitions are available.
Web links – Relevant Web links are as per various topics to do further studies.

It has a host of other features including 3D animations, simulations, activities, and tests.

Course Highlights

  • Standard: CBSE Class 9th
  • Subject: Science
  • Syllabus: As per Latest CBSE Syllabus
  • Language:English
  • Validity: :1 year
  • Mode of Delivery: Offline Mode via Pen drive, Memory Card on Smartphones and Tablets (as per student requirement). We also offer this course on a ready to use new tablet shipped to you with complete course loaded on it.
  • Course Content Type: 3 D Animated Video Lectures, eNotes, Quiz, Web links and Key terms are provided in the course.
  • Course Content/Duration: The course consists of 1095 Minutes of detailed chapter wise animated Video Lectures with lot of exercises and tips to better your performance.
  • Coverage: Videos and exercises provides a detailed course coverage
  • Queries/Problems Solution: Student’s queries can be taken via Online Discussion Forums.

Course Curriculum

Matter in Our Surroundings 01:34:00
Is Matter Around us Pure? 00:57:00
The Fundamental Unit of Life 01:12:00
Tissues 01:00:00
Motion 01:09:00
Force and Laws of Motion 00:37:00
Gravitation 01:19:00
Improvement in Food Resources 00:24:00
Virtual Labs 00:00:00
Atoms and Molecules 00:39:00
Structure of The Atom 00:37:00
Diversity in Living Organisms 02:18:00
Gravitation 00:49:00
Work and Energy 01:02:00
Sound 01:14:00
Why Do We Fall Ill 00:00:00
Natural Resources 01:30:00
Virtual Labs 00:00:00

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