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(B.Com (H), M.A(Mass Communication)), is an excellent faculty having teaching experience of 5 years for Economics. Her style of teaching is very structured and practical. She always uses examples and graphs for explaining the concepts. So, student memorizes fast.
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Anamika Gaur

CS Qualified

NCERT & CBSE Economics Class 12 

The subject of Economics Class 12 focuses on economic activities and interactions leading to functioning of economies.

Microeconomics class 12 analyzes basic economic components, including individual agents and markets, their interactions, and outcomes. Individual agents may include households, companies, buyers, and sellers.

Macroeconomics class 12 analyzes the economy as a whole (meaning aggregated output, consumption, savings, and investment) and issues that affect it, including resource insecurity (labor, property and land), inflation, economic growth, and public policies addressing these issues (monetary, financial, and other policies).

Some broad CBSE & “NCERT Economics Class 12” distinctions include those between constructive economics, explaining “what is” and normative economics, advocating “what should be,” economic theory and practical economics, rational and behavioral economics, and traditional economics and heterodox economics.


COURSE HIGHLIGHTS For Economics Class 12

  • Class: CBSE Class 12
  • Subject: CBSE Economics Class 12
  • Syllabus: As per CBSE Pattern
  • Language: Hindi and English mix.
  • Validity: 12 Months
  • Mode of Delivery: Online Mode, Offline Mode via Pen drive, Memory Card, Smartphones and Tablets (as per student requirement).
  • Course Content Type: Video Lectures, Online Quiz and Question Bank.
  • Course Content/Duration: 35 Hours of Detailed Chapter wise Video Lectures.
  • Coverage: 100% Detailed Course Coverage
  • Queries/Problems Solution: via Online Discussion Forums, Live Chat with Faculty and over Phone Calls.
  • Supplements provided: Worksheets, a question bank, summary, etc.


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Takshila Learning For Economics Class 12

  • TAKSHILA LEARNING helps students with coordinated and structured economic classes for better understanding, learning and remembering the subject, resulting in good marks.
  • Students are provided with extensive teaching in all the concepts.
  • Special attention is given to explaining how to prepare diagrams, tabular representations, and various formulas covered in each and every topic.
  • TAKSHILA LEARNING’s course of Economics provides the most reliable structural material with practical examples to explain the subject making studying Economics class 12 subject easier for students.


Why Takshila Learning For NCERT Economics Class 12 Is The Best For You?

Best Economics teachers from across India

TAKSHILA LEARNING’s economic coaching class has collaborated with the best economic teachers to impart the best teachings and explanation of each concept.


High-Class Study Material

  • Perfectly organized study material is our forte. It contains
    • Expansive topic-wise course Coverage,
    • Easy language to learn and retain concepts,
    • Flow charts,
    • Diagrams,
    • Tabular presentation,
    • Solved and Unsolved question Bank,
    • Fast Track Revision section,
    • Important points to remember,
    • Do’s and Don’ts for the exam.


Systematic Tests & Feedback

  • Our belief is that the degree of expertise should be measured immediately after the theory knowledge has been imparted. Such small tests ensure that while learning students are always attentive as they are aware that they will be evaluated once the theory is taught.
  • Our testing mechanism tests the student and provides immediate feedback on his performance and suggests steps to improve the performance of the student.
  • In addition to these small assessments, student performance will also be measured with complete chapter / unit / syllabus tests and feedback will be given accordingly.


Query sessions

  • If any doubt arises, students can resolve them via WhatsApp or concall with faculty.
  • Through our teaching patterns and methodologies we will ensure that there is no scope of doubts.



Rupali Popli (B.Com(H), M.A(Mass Communication)), is an excellent faculty having teaching experience of 5 years for Economics. Her approach to teaching is structured and practical which allows use of live examples in the class. She is famous among students for her unique teaching style.

Call at 8800999280 / 8800999283 / 8800999284 fill the form for any other details:

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Course Curriculum

Part A: Introductory Microeconomics
Introduction 03:00:00
Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 08:20:00
Producer Behaviour and Supply 05:30:00
Forms of Market and Price Determination 08:20:00
Part B: Introductory Macroeconomics
National Income and Related Aggregates 02:00:00
Money and Banking 02:00:00
Determination of Income and Employment 02:00:00
Government Budget and the Economy 03:00:00
Balance of Payments 02:00:00
Project Work 01:00:00
Economics Worksheets
Economics Worksheets 00:00:00

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