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CBSE & NCERT Accountancy Class 12 

CBSE & NCERT Accountancy Class 12 course furnishes a wide range of concepts and advanced information on accounts to students who are studying in class 12th. The rapidly changing economic scenario and the business environment have made elementary education as well as accountancy as the language of business and as a source of financial information analysis as an essential tool at the Senior Secondary stage.
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The CBSE Class 12 Accountancy syllabus provides a level that gives students a firm foundation in basic accounting principles and methods and also acquaints them with the developments in accounting data presentation and evaluation, keeping in mind the advancement of accounting standards and the use of computers.  

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  Over the centuries, accounting has been one of the key expertise required by any individual or by any organization. It is one of the most important knowledge base required for the monetary and financial record-keeping. Thus any business pursuit needs experts for accounts which are called accountants. However, the current day’s rapidly developing business environment has impelled the accountants to revise their concepts, representation, and functions both within the enterprise and in the outside world.  

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  NCERT  class 12 Accountancy syllabus emphasizes on enhancing the fundamental comprehension about the nature and purpose of the accounting information and its utility in the conduct of business operations. This progresses logical reasoning, analytical skills and considered judgemental potential among the students. Accountancy class 12 provides a wide range of illustrative examples; which helps the students to comprehend and learn quickly. Accounting aims to provide financial information as an information system. In class XII, as a mandatory portion Accounting for Not for Profit Organisations, Partnership Firms and companies are taught. Students will also be given an opportunity to understand about Computerized Accounting System, as an optional course for the Analysis of Financial Statements.  

Objectives Of teaching Accountancy class 12

• To familiarize students with new and emerging areas in the preparation and presentation of financial statements. • To acquaint students with basic accounting concepts and accounting standards. • To develop the skills of designing need-based accounting database. • To appreciate the role of ICT in business operations. • To develop an understanding of the recording of business transactions and preparation of financial statements. • To enable students with accounting for Not-for-Profit organizations, accounting for Partnership Firms and company accounts In order to achieve the above objectives following are the books and the course highlights for your reference:   This subject includes 3 books (TS Grewal class 12) Volume1: Accounting for partnership firm (TS Grewal class 12) Volume2: Accounting for non-for-profit organization and companies (TS Grewal class 12) volume3: Analysis of financial statements (TS Grewal class 12)   TS Grewal class 12 Volume 1 • Basics – Fundamentals and Goodwill • Admission of partner • Retirement of partner • Dissolution of partnership firm   TS Grewal class 12 Volume 2 • Accounting for NPO • Companies   TS Grewal class 12 Volume 3 • Financial statements of the company • Financial statement analysis • Tools of Financial statement analysis • Accounting ratios • Cash flow statements  

Marking Scheme of the course

• Partnership: 35 Marks • Company accounts: 15 Marks • NPO: 10 Marks • Financial statement analysis: 12 Marks • Cash Flow Statement: 08 Marks • Practical/project work: 20 Marks Total: 100 Marks  

Suggested question paper design guidelines class 12th Accountancy (M=MARKS AND Q=QUESTIONS)

Sr.No Type of question Very short(1M) Short1 (3m) Short2 (4M) Long (6M) Long (8M) Marks
1 knowledge-based 3Q 1Q 1Q 1Q - 16
2 comprehensive 2Q - 2Q 1Q 1Q 24
3 Application - 2Q 2Q 1Q - 20
4 HOTS 2Q - - 1Q 1Q 16
5 Evaluation 1Q 1Q - - - 4

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Scope of accounts

• An accountant plays a very important role in any business. It is a very crucial part of an organization, for managing payroll, auditing, and financial management. • To cater to the individual demand of different companies, the demand for accountants is increasing. Eligible candidates can find jobs in the Public sector, Private sector or Non-Profit industries and companies. • You can opt for various career profiles such as clerk, payroll clerks, and accounts clerk. • You can also opt for various accountancy courses for your further studies like Chartered Accountant, Accountant, Accounting technician course, B.Com in Accounting and Finance, B.Com in Accounting and Taxes, etc. for your better career. You can also try to pick up the stream of Cost and Management Accountants (CMA). Also, these areas pay nicely and a student can plan to build his career in this direction. Additionally, you can also do international courses like IFRS or CPA as you grow up in your career.   Eligibility To be able to do Class 12th Accountancy course a student has to clear Class 11th Accounts subject offered by his/her school.  

About Faculty

Jyoti is teaching commerce students from last10 years in Delhi and her classes are the most sort after. She believes in explaining each and every concept in detail with examples for better understanding. She has vast knowledge with a clear base in the field of Accounts. She follows the mantra” A day without learning is a day wasted” so she tries to teach and make students learn something new every day. The knowledge she tries to impart is not just for the course but she also updates students on skills which are required at the later date. B. Com (Hons.) graduate of the year 2012 from Kirorimal College, University of Delhi, she is also pursuing her CA (Finals) nowadays. Teaching profession since 2009 in the field of commerce she has already taught over 100(s) of satisfied students. An avid sportsperson in the field of Chess has won many competitions during her school and college days.  

Why studying this course from Takshila Learning will give you advantage for Class 12th accountancy

• PowerPoint slides are carrying a lot of depth for clarity of concepts. • All the concepts are linked together for a thorough understanding • All earlier years Board Questions are covered in the videos. • Summary hand notes for better understanding for last day revision will also be provided. • Students with high background concepts/knowledge and the students with not so good background concepts/ knowledge will both enjoy learning from these videos since the concepts are covered so nicely in the videos.  

Why Takshila Learning

• Learning gives you the best platform to study alone at home without distraction, peacefully for a better understanding. • Most importantly doing this online study gives you the freedom to study your subject anytime you want to, you need not go anywhere and waste your time in traveling. • You can re-repeat your lecture again if you don’t understand the topic at once as you are no more dependent on the teacher to come and explain you again. Just re-run the video again. • You will not miss your lectures in case of any urgency as you can pause the lecture in you need to and play it again later. • More than anything else you can get the faculty support any time whenever you have any doubt.  

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Faculty Jyoti Gaur


Hello, I am Jyoti, I have been teaching since 2008 and have vast knowledge in the field of commerce especially in accounts. I am pursuing CA-Final. I Explain each and every concept in detail with clear understanding and very friendly with students.

About Instructor

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Course Currilcum

    • Unit: Not for profit organisation (NPO) 05:36:00
    • Unit: Cash flow statement 01:23:00
    • Unit: Partnership 09:35:00
    • Unit: Change In Profit Sharing Ratio 03:13:00
    • Unit: Goodwill 02:05:00
    • Unit : Admission of Partner 01:23:00
    • Unit:- Retirement/death of a partner 02:32:00
    • Unit: Dissolution of Firm 01:27:00
    • Unit:- Issue of Debentures 01:23:00
    • Unit:- Company Accounts 04:11:00

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