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    Anamika Gaur

    CS Qualified

    CBSE Class 11th Economics

    NCERT/CBSE Class 11 Economics : Takshila Learning offers video lectures for CBSE Class 11th Economics. This content is mapped as per the latest CBSE syllabus of class 11.The entire content is made in high quality. These videos are enough for complete Practice of Questions and will let you score excellent marks in your exams. This course is a powerful home tutor for Economics of class 11.This can assist you anytime, any number of times suiting your convenience and understanding abilities. We provide this course in online and offline (Pendrive, SD Card, DVDs, Tablet and Easy book)

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    PARUL GARG, she has done her graduation in BA Eco ( H ) in 2016 from Delhi University. Teaching is just like a passion for her. She teaches Economics for Class 11.She is famous among students for explaining every concept in detail and 100% clarity. If talks about her subject economics, it is related to the economy which is nothing but deals with a society in direct and indirect ways.





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    online CBSE Class 11 Economics

    Get your doubts cleared by experts (Extra Cost). You can interact with faculty /Expert to solve your doubt/problem via Chat, Voice Call or Video calling at a prefixed time.




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    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to Economics 00:50:00
    Meaning Scope And Importance Of Statistics 00:45:00
    Collection Of Data 01:40:00
    Organization Of Data 02:00:00
    Tabular Presentation 01:40:00
    Diagrammatic Presentation 01:30:00
    Graphic Presentation 02:10:00
    Measures of Central Tendency AM 02:20:00
    Measures of Central Tendency Median And Mode 02:10:00
    Measures of Dispersion 00:50:00
    Measures of Correlation 00:45:00
    Index Numbers 02:10:00
    Indian Economy On The Eve Of Independence 00:40:00
    Indian Economy 00:45:00
    LPG Policy 01:00:00
    Poverty 00:40:00
    Human Capital Formation 00:45:00
    Rural Development 00:40:00
    Employment 00:40:00
    Inflation 00:40:00
    Infrastructure 00:45:00
    Environment and Sustainable Development 00:45:00
    Comparative Development Experiences Of India and Its Neighbours 00:50:00

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