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Advanced Excel Online Training Course – Advanced Excel Course Online

A must course for students and professional who are using computers and specifically Excel in their day to day professional Life. For those who are entering job market this training will enhance their job prospects. Become an expert and learn to use Excel like a professional with this Advanced Excel Online Training Course.

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Course Curriculum

Basic Excel Calculations
Methods and Shortcuts to Open ExcelFREE 00:02:00
Basic Excel CalculationsFREE 00:04:00
Define Ranges to Perform Calculations 00:02:00
Absolute and Relative Reference in ExcelFREE 00:03:00
Mixed ReferencesFREE 00:03:00
Write a 3D function and How to Consolidate 00:04:00
Useful Quick Action Shortcuts
Shortcut to Autosum, Copy, Paste 00:03:00
How to Customize Ribbon 00:04:00
How to Customise the Shortcuts ? 00:05:00
Use of Ribbon without Mouse 00:03:00
How to Insert and Delete Rows and Columns ? 00:02:00
How to repeat Previous Task ? 00:02:00
Shortcut to Fill Down, Fill Right 00:01:00
Show and Hide Ribbon with shortcut keys 00:02:00
Paste Special
Paste Value, Format, Formulas, Comments only with Paste Special 00:04:00
Update Value without Formulas 00:02:00
How to Transpose Data from Column to Row 00:02:00
Link Data with Paste Special 00:02:00
If Conditional Function
Use of IF Condition for Single Criteria 00:03:00
Use of IF Condition for Multiple Criteria 00:04:00
Use of IF & AND function for Multiple Criteria 00:04:00
Use of IF & AND Function with OR Function 00:04:00
Nest IF Function for Multiple Grades 00:05:00
Conditional Formatting
Use Conditional Formatting to Colour Cell Based on Content 00:00:00
Identify Bottom and Rop Numbers using Conditional Formatting 00:03:00
Display Data with Data Bar 00:02:00
Use a Formula to Format the Cell 00:05:00
Rounding Functions
Int, Trunc, Odd, Even Functions 00:06:00
Round, Roundup, Rounddown Functions 00:03:00
Mround, Ceiling, Floor Functions 00:03:00
Mathematical Functions
Max, Min, Median, Average, Sum Function 00:03:00
Count, Counta, Countblank 00:02:00
Rank the List with Rank Function 00:03:00
Large and Small Functions 00:03:00
Introduction to IF related Functions 00:03:00
Use of SUMIF Function-part-1 00:05:00
Use of SUMIF Function-Part-2 00:04:00
Use of Average IF Function 00:05:00
Use of SumIFs and AverageIFs Functions 00:04:00
Use of Count IF Function 00:05:00
Use of Count IFs Function 00:03:00
Database Functions
Introduction of Data Base Functions 00:03:00
Using DSUM Function for AND Criteria 00:06:00
Using DSUM Function for OR Criteria 00:04:00
Using DGET Function to Find Single Record 00:03:00
Text Functions
Use of Right,Left,Mid Functions to Extract Text 00:06:00
Use of Find, Search, Len Function 00:05:00
Use of Trim, Proper, Upper, Lower Function 00:04:00
Use of & and CONCATENATE Function 00:05:00
Use of Rept and Len Function to Display Initial Zero 00:04:00
Use of Replace & Substitute Functions 00:06:00
Advanced Use of Text Functions with Example 00:07:00
Advance Use of Right, Mid, Left Functions 00:10:00
How to Extract Worksheet Name with Text Functions 00:06:00
How to Extract Workbook Name with Text Functions 00:04:00
Validation and Protection
How to Prevent From Entering incorrect values 00:04:00
How to Validate Huge range of values 00:03:00
How to Protect the whole worksheet with password 00:04:00
How to Keep few cells unprotected while entire worksheet is protected 00:05:00
Document Encryption & Mark as Final 00:03:00
IS and Lookup Functions
Introduction to ISNumber, ISError, ISBlank Functions 00:07:00
Use of IF, Match and ISError & ISNumber Functions 00:06:00
Simple Use of Choose Function 00:04:00
Use of Choose Function to make Scenario Analysis 00:05:00
Use of Vlookup to extract Record from Table like Data 00:05:00
Advance use of Vlookup, IF and ISError Functions 00:06:00
Use Hlookup Function with Match Function 00:04:00
Combined Use of Vlookup and Hlookup with IFerror 00:07:00
How Index Function is much better than Vlookup & Hlookup 00:06:00
Indirect Function-Prepare an Output Sheet 00:05:00
Financial Functions
Use of FV & PV Functions to analyse Investment Returns 00:05:00
Use of FV Schedule Function in Case of Variable Interest Rates 00:02:00
Effective & Nominal Rates with Effect & Nominal Functions 00:04:00
Use of IPMT, PPMT, PMT Functions to Prepare Debt Repayment Schedule 00:06:00
Use of CumIPMT and CumPrice Functions 00:04:00
Date and Time Functions
Introduction of Date & Time Functions and Format Convention 00:06:00
How to Change Default Date and Time Format 00:03:00
Custom Formatting of Dates 00:04:00
Today & Now Functions to Enter Current Date and Time 00:04:00
Weekday Function to Identify the Day of Week 00:04:00
Weekday and Networkday Functions 00:03:00
How to Find Age with DatedIF Function 00:04:00
Edate & Emonth Functions 00:04:00
How to Extract Year, Month, Day from Given Dates 00:02:00
How to use Autofill to write Date Series 00:04:00
What IF Analysis and Subtotal
Use of Goal Seek to get a particular Result 00:03:00
How to Summarize Data using sub total tool 00:05:00
How to Use Data Table for Sensitivity Analysis 00:05:00
Scenario Manager for Different Outcome 00:05:00
Introduction to Chart Elements and Chart Types 00:07:00
How to Create First Chart and Display Specific Data 00:03:00
Learn to Create Instant Chart, Use Switch & Move Buttons 00:05:00
Learn to Change the Default Chart, Give Title, Save as Template 00:08:00
Understanding the Use of Legends, Chart Title, Axis, Data Labels, Gridlines etc 00:07:00
How to add an Average to the Chart 00:03:00
How to Create Double Axis Chart to display values with huge difference 00:02:00
How to Create a pie Chart 00:04:00
Formatting of Pie Chart & Key Features 00:05:00
Pie to Bar and Seperate Peices of Pie Chart 00:07:00
Pivot Table
Introduction to Pivot Table 00:08:00
How to Find Out Values as % of Grand Total and Column/Row Total in Pivot Table 00:07:00
How to Display Revenue by Quarter in Pivot Table 00:05:00
Use of Calculated Field for calculating commision on revenue 00:03:00
Use of External Data Connections to import data from different file 00:03:00
Consolidate Sheets through pivot wizard 00:04:00
Filter the pivot table by Row and Column label 00:03:00
Adding and Removing Subtotal and Grand Totals 00:04:00
Conditional Formatting in the Pivot Table 00:04:00
Create your First Pivot Chart 00:03:00
Change Chart Type, Formatting, Filter Column 00:05:00
Array Function
Introduction to Array Functions 00:07:00
Multiple Condition Test with Array Function 00:03:00
How to Count Uniques Enteries in List 00:05:00
How to Transpose Data with Link 00:04:00
How to Combine Multiple Functions with Array 00:05:00
Recording and Basics of Macro VBA
How to Record Basic Excel Work and Assign Shortcut 00:07:00
How to Enter Data in same worksheet-First Macro 00:08:00
How to Enter Data in Different Worksheet-Second Macro 00:04:00
How to Insert Title or Comment to Macro 00:03:00
How to Save a Macro File 00:02:00
Dealing with Macro Security 00:02:00
Use of Input Box and Formula Command 00:09:00
Use of Inputbox, Msgbox, Formula in different way 00:08:00
Inserting Command Button and Assigning Short Cut Key 00:06:00
How to Create Personal Macro 00:04:00
How to delete a personal macro and personal macro workbook 00:04:00
Usefull VBA Commands
How to write value to a cell using VBA 00:04:00
How to affect all cells in a worksheet using VBA 00:02:00
How to cut and paste data from one sheet to another sheet using macro VBA 00:06:00
Break Points and Call Command in VBA 00:06:00
Select, Add, Rename and Delete Worksheet using VBA 00:08:00
How to add data in another sheet using macro VBA 00:08:00
How to Handle the error in macro-part-1 00:11:00
How to Handle the error in macro-part-2 00:06:00
Use of Excel Formulas and Functions in VBA
How to use Offset Function to put variables in excel dynamically 00:08:00
Assign Result based on marks using IF, Offset and for Next Command 00:07:00
Assign Grades based on marks using IF, Offset and for Next Command 00:06:00
Use of Do While and Do Until 00:08:00
Use of Vbyesno on Msgbxo to provide flexibility in running macro 00:06:00
Use of Formula Command with for Next Command 00:06:00
Use of Do While and for Next Command 00:14:00
Recording macros with Relative References 00:03:00
Transpose the Data with Do While Loop-part-1 00:10:00
Transpose the Data with Do While Loop-part-2 00:05:00
How to Create User Defined Function 00:10:00
Worksheet and Workbook Events
Introduction to Events-Activate & Deactivate Events 00:04:00
Autofit Column Width with Change Event 00:05:00
Workbook Opening and Closing Events 00:03:00
User Form in Excel
Understanding First Basic Userform 00:02:00
Basic Example on How to create Userform-part-1 00:06:00
Basic Example on How to create Userform-part-2 00:04:00
Use of Userform without defining Variables 00:02:00
Use of Combobox to provide defined list 00:04:00
Case Studies on VBA
How to Transfer data to another work book automatically with VBA 00:12:00
How to Transfer data to another workbook based on criterias with VBA 00:13:00
Introduction to Basic Charts in Excel
Introduction to Chart Elements & Chart Types 00:07:00
Create your First Basic chart and display specific details 00:03:00
How to Create Instant Chart, use of switch & Move Buttons 00:05:00
How to Change the default Chart, give title, save as template 00:08:00
Understand the use of Legends, Chart Title, Axis, Data Labels, Gridlines etc 00:07:00
How to add average to the Charts 00:03:00
How to Create Double Axis Chart to display values with huge difference 00:02:00
Create Simple Pie Chart 00:04:00
Formatting of Pie Chart & Key Features 00:05:00
Advanced Knowledge of Pie Chart 00:07:00
Basic Excel Dashboard
How to Create Scrolling Table with Scroll bar and Vlooup 00:09:00
How to Prepare a Scrolling Chart 00:14:00
Chart Based Comparing Dashboards
Sample Comparative Dashboard 00:07:00
Comparative Dynamic Chart with two Combo Box 00:09:00
Dynamic Dashboard with Multiple Check Boxes 00:13:00
Use of Conditional Formatting in Dashboard
Roll Over Dashboard 00:13:00
How to Highlight Row and Cloumn 00:08:00
How to Display values with colour 00:10:00
Static Dashboard to Analyse Huge Raw Data 00:13:00
How to Prepare Performance Indicator with Chart 00:10:00
Download Videos
Download Basic Excel Videos 00:00:00
Download Excel VBA Videos 00:00:00
Download Excel Dashboards Videos 00:00:00

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