CBSE Class 7 Video Lectures & Online Classes

Class 7 serves as a pivotal point in the lives of a student. Their future career can be paved by the steps that they take during this phase. To prepare students for their future, we are offering our animated course (English, Hindi, Social Science, Science, Mathematics ). We come up with a variety of teaching strategies that will help you solve complex and challenging problems. Notes and worksheets are provided for all the subjects for regular practice and revision. Our new periodic assessment feature will check your progress and help identify your weak areas. Gradually, we help the student overcome the weakness and improve upon these areas to become confident in his preparation. We also offer books, solutions, and tests to make the foundation as strong as possible.

Animated Subjects we are offering: (Maths, Science, English, Hindi, History, Civics, Geography, Computers, International Olympiad- Maths & Science)

Offering video lectures / live classes & online classes for class 7 with NCERT Solutions, Study Material, worksheets, Study guide & NCERT Solutions For class 7.

CBSE Class 7 Maths , Science , Hindi , English , SST , Computer & other courses. Book online & live tuition demo now.

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Takshila Learning CBSE Class 7 Video Lectures & Online Classes