Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples – Use of Since & For…

Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples - Use of Since & For

Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples – Use of Since & For…

Use of Prepositions : Nowadays, the English Language becomes a major part of almost every competitive exam especially in a descriptive test it can make or break your career. So I have prepared this article on Preposition for Competitive Exams Aspirants because Prepositions are the key to forming a proper sentence making it an important part of English Grammar. In this article you will get to know about:

  • Meaning & Definition of Preposition
  • Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples
  • Usage of Preposition
  • Some Confusing Prepositions and their use such as use of Since & For, On & UPON, Between & Among, Among & Amongst and Preposition for different time formats.
  • Preposition test for Competitive Exams – Error Detection & Fill in the Blanks.


Let’s dive in the topic to grasp complete knowledge:

Prepositions are those words, which are used before a noun or a pronoun. Basically, they indicate relationships between other words in a sentence. Prepositions are used to depict direction, time, location, relationships as they tell us where or when something is in relation to something else.

E,g., Look to the Right and you will see the Shopping mall. (Depicts Direction)

I reached Maldives on Monday. (Depicts Time)

The cute little cat is sitting under the blanket. (Depicts Location)

He cleared his exam in spite of his poor preparation. (Depicts Relation)


Placement of Preposition :

  • Prepositions are placed usually before nouns, pronouns or gerunds, but not always.

E.g., The books are lying on the table. (Before Noun)

We need a roof over us. (Before Pronoun)

She was extremely happy on hearing the news. (Before Gerund)


  • It has been utterly debunked that ending a sentence with a preposition is not correct. But it is not a grammatical error.

E.g., This is something we must meditate on.

Siri had no-one to play with.


  • If the preposition is followed by a pronoun then the pronoun must be in the objective form, i.e., me, her and them etc., and should not be in the subjective form, i.e., I, she and they etc.

E.g., The gift was chosen by my husband and me.


  • Preposition should never followed by a verb. If it does so, then the verb should be in ‘-ing’ form, which is a gerund itself or verb in noun form.

Now, the next thing you should know is the Usage of Preposition. So, here I sprinkle on the correct use of Prepositions with Examples which will also help you in your Bank Exam Preparation for SBI Clerk 2020, SBI PO 2020, IBPS PO/Clerk and various other private Banks and insurance exams. Let’s discuss:


Usage of Preposition :

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable formula for determining which preposition to use with a particular combination of words. There are no real rules as to when to use which preposition. So the only way is, to memorize them. The best way to learn which prepositions go with which combination of words is to read as much high-quality writing as you can and pay utmost attention to learn the combinations.


Browse this video to learn better and more about Prepositions:

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Some Confusing Prepositions:

Use of SINCE & FOR –

  • For is used to denote a specific period or specific amount of time, i.e., Seconds, long time, hour, etc.

E.g., Last year, we traveled for ten days.

I have been walking for five hours.

She has been missing for 2 days now.


  • Since is used to denote a specific point of time or reason.

E.g., It has been raining since 8 a.m.

I have been walking since 10 p.m.

She is missing since Monday.


Use of ON & UPON –

  • On is used to depict the position of an object when it is placed in contact with some other thing.

E.g., The Cat is on the table.

The pillow is on the bed.


  • Upon is used to depict the position of an object when it is above some object but is in motion.

E.g., The Cat jumped upon the rat.

She threw the pillow upon the bed.


  • ‘Upon’ can be used instead of on after several common verbs, such as happen, depend, insist and congratulate.

E.g., He insisted upon seeing you even though I told him you were busy.



  • Between is used to depict association of two, or more than two when we talk about a definite no. of people/Mutual relationship.

E.g., There is an alliance between the three South Asian nations.

There is no enmity between him and me.


  • Among is used to depict association with or in company of more than two.

E.g., There is a need of lot of co-operation among different States to combat terrorism.


  • Plural noun/pronoun comes with Between.

E.g., There is no enmity between the Students/Countries/Us.


  • Between can never be followed by Each/Every.

E.g., There is no enmity between each/every girl.



  • ‘Among’ is used with consonants while ‘Amongst’ is used with vowels, and also with ‘the’.

E.g., Gifts are distributed amongst the boys.

There is no unity amongst us.

There is no unity among them.


Different prepositions are used to denote different time zones.

  • At is used to denote Hour/Noon/Night/Sunset
  • In is used with Morning/Evening/Year.
  • On is used to denote particular Day/Date.


NOTE: No Preposition should be used with – Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday, the following day, the next day, tonight, last night, this afternoon, etc.


E.g.,      He will reach come home at night.

He will come home in the evening.

He will come home on 22nd of August.

He will come home tomorrow. (No Preposition Used)


English Preposition Worksheets
Preposition Worksheet


English Grammar Preposition Worksheets
English Grammar Preposition Worksheet


Visit our Blog Section to browse other topics also or to get practice questions of English, Quant, Reasoning and General Science with solutions that are helpful for all Competitive Exams.

Take the provided challenging Prepositions Quiz to test your understanding of the topic.


Each of the following sentences will contain a mistake in the usage of Prepositions. Let’s spot that error.

  1. The road repair (a)/ work disturbed the traffic (b)/ from three days (c)/ No error (d).


  1. The media has been waiting (a)/ for the culprits (b)/ since two hours (c)/ No error (d).


  1. I left home at Monday (a)/ morning to catch (b)/ a flight for Bangalore (c)/ No error (d).


  1. The chief guest (a)/ distributed prizes between (b)/ the top performers (c)/ No error (d).


  1. I thought that the train (a)/ would be late but (b)/ it arrived exactly on 8’o clock (c)/ No error (d).





  1. (c) “For” must be used in place of “From”.
  2. (c) “For” must be used instead of “Since” as two hours is a specific period.
  3. (a) Replace “At” with “On”.
  4. (b) “Among” is used instead of “Between”.
  5. (c) “At” should come in place of “On” as the time is in hour.



Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Preposition:

  1. Our house is situated ________ two hills.
  2. Among
  3. Between
  4. Amongst
  5. On


  1. The Examination will begin ____ Thursday.
  2. From
  3. At
  4. For
  5. On


  1. ______ all the performers, she was the best.
  2. From
  3. In
  4. Amongst
  5. Among


  1. Sneha took leave _____ five days.
  2. Of
  3. For
  4. Since
  5. On


  1. He thinks the bank should be open_______ 9’o Clock.
  2. At
  3. On
  4. In
  5. From




  1. (b) Between
  2. (d) On
  3.  (c) Amongst
  4. (b) For
  5. (a) At




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Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples - Use of Since & For... Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples - Use of Since & For Learn Correct Use of Prepositions with Examples - Use of Since & For Among & Amongst Correct Use of Prepositions with ExamplesCorrect Use of Prepositions with Examples

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