Types Of Operating System (Computer) for IBPS/SBI Exams 2021-22

Types Of Operating System (Computer) for IBPS/SBI Exams 2018-19

Types Of Operating System (Computer) for IBPS/SBI Exams 2021-22

An operating system is a set of instructions that help in controlling and managing the hardware and the software of a computer system. Primary functions of the operating system are:

  • Process administration
  • Memory administration
  • File administration
  • Security
  • Command and translation
  • Resource portion

Types Of Operating System :

1) Batch operating system: In Batch operating system, information and program that should be handled are packaged and gathered as a group and executed together.

2) Multiprogramming operating system: It permits the guideline and information from at least two separate procedures to dwell in essential all the while. Multiprogramming frameworks are multitasking multi-user and multiprocessing working framework.

3) Single user: It is intended for a single client and a solitary individual utilize it at once i.e. DOS window’s 95 and so on.

4) Distributed operating system: It is the one which deals with a gathering of autonomous PCs and influences them to appear to the client of the framework as a solitary PC.

5) Real-Time Operating System (RTOS): It is a registering domain that responds to enter inside a particular day and age. It is utilized at those Places in which we require higher and Timely Response.

6) Time-Sharing System: A time-sharing framework enables the numerous clients to at the same time share the PC assets. Since each activity or summon in a period shared framework takes a little division of the time, just a little CPU time is required for every client.

7) Mobile OS: Windows 10 Mobile is the most recent name for Microsoft’s phone and tablet working framework. Google’s most recent’s version of its Android OS is Nougat and iOS i.e. iPhone Operating System’s most recent version is iOS 10.

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