Most Common Mistakes to avoid while Competitive Exams Preparation

Common Mistakes to avoid while Competitive Exams Preparation

“Life is a race…. If you don’t run fast…. You will be like a broken egg….”

Most of you have seen the film 3 Idiots, and you can easily remember this dialogue where the head of an institution tried to teach life lessons to the students. Of course, what he said is absolutely true, and one should learn from it. Nowadays, the competition is getting harder day by day and clearing a Competitive Exam to get a desired job in Govt Sector is not straightforward. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly continuous effort.
Competitive Examinations are central exams conducted by different Govt sectors where millions of candidates appear for the various post via various Competitive exams every year to get a stable and secured job in Govt Sector. Competitive examinations are considered as a uniform and egalitarian way of selecting qualified candidates without risking influence peddling, bias, or other concerns.

Clearing a competitive exam you aspire for will improve your life to a great extent. This will open the door to a new and rewarding career. When preparing for various competitive exams like Banking, SSC, Railways, UPSC, various state exams, or insurance examinations, the candidates will be under pressure to clear the exam he/she aspire for. The pressure for preparing for the desired Competitive Exam is quite overwhelming. But you cannot determine what the end result of the Exam is going to be by worrying about it. It is better to try to work out what is in your control and let all the other things fall in place as they are intended. The only thing you need to worry about is your Competitive Exams preparation.

If you are reading this article then you must be preparing for any of the Competitive Exams, such as UPSC Civil Services Examination, SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, Railways, or Insurance Exams or may be some other State Level examinations. Various mistakes are made by aspirants while preparing for Competitive Exams such as practicing enough, neglecting negative marking, not revising your material and so on. This article sprinkles on some of the common mistakes aspirants make while preparing for such Competitive Exams.

So, here is the List of 8 Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for Competitive Exams that you need to avoid at any cost;

  • REFERRING TO TOO MANY BOOKS OR SOURCES – Collecting and piling up a heap of useless study material may stress you with what to study and what not which can confuse you as well. Instead try collecting only limited and relevant books that up-to-date as per the new Exam Pattern and stick only with that study material.


  • TARGETING TOO MANY EXAMS AT A TIME – Many aspirants keen to give every Competitive Exam in order to get a placed in any of the Govt sector which is quite misleading. In a quandary, if to go for Banking Exams or SSC. Fix a target if you have to prepare for banking exams or SSC because they both have a different pattern as well as syllabus for their examinations. When SSC exams are near, you run to prepare for SSC and when it’s over, you switch back to your preparations for banking exams, and that way, you only lose the track of your to-the-point preparations. Just aim for one particular exam and stick to it.


  • LACK OF STRATEGY – Students very often ask different successful candidates about their strategies and try to follow the same that only makes it more chaotic for them to figure out what strategy to follow exactly. So, try to make your own strategy as per your convenience and following that one strategy throughout your preparation will definitely help you come off with flying colors.


  • LACK OF CONSISTENCY IN STUDYING – Many aspirants are quite a bit enthusiastic when they begin their preparation for aspired Exam but that enthusiasm fades away with time. There are times when you are highly active and travail all day and night, and then, there are times when you do not study at all for days. This will make you forget whatever you studied during the times when you were the most active and you will have to start all over again when you decide to do it again. So, try to keep your preparations consistent throughout so as to maintain that positive flow of studies.


  • DISTRACTIONS WHILE STUDY HOURS – Students often tend to surf through social media all day long wasting a lot of their precious time that they could have contributed to their studies. So, be wary of spending too much time on social media platforms and put the time that you spend while using them to some positive use. Fix your timings not only for studies but for Social media surfing but ensure during Study hours you will be avoiding all type of distractions, it will help you to concentrate more and in an organised way.


  • LAST-MINUTE PREPARATION – Waiting for the official notification to start off your preparations ends up in your failure. Last minute reading has never helped anyone, but only creates a hurricane of confusion. Prepare well and avoid last minute mugging up of things before the exam. However while studying, do make a list of important formulae to revise at the end. If you do not start off your preparations right away, you will be running short of time to work on your weaknesses after the release of the notification, because that will be the point when most of the time is to be given to practice and the rest is to be dedicated to revision.


  • THINKING OF PREPARING FOR THE MAINS EXAM ONLY AFTER THE RESULT OF PRELIMS EXAMS – If you do not prepare for mains examination from the very beginning, you will not be able to finish all of your preparations within the limited period of time that you get after qualifying for the mains examination.


  • NOT DOING SELF-EVALUATION – Mere giving the online tests is not enough, but you need to analyze your performance after every test and work on the points where you lag. If you’re not equipped with the necessary exam-taking skills, you won’t certainly clear the Competitive exam you are aspiring for.

Don’t worry about everything. Even the candidates panic on the fact of not to panic. Do not Panic, Just try to Stay stress free, Sleep well, Eat healthy, Meditate regularly, Stay Positive, Prepare well and hope for the best, it is as simple as this. Being Panic can take away all your energy and positivity.
So, Stay Well and Prepare Well!

By: Taruna Solanki

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