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Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Searching for the  best English online classes in Delhi?

Class 12 English Online Classes : Takshila Learning offers English online classes to improve your skills as well as CBSE courses for Class 12 in online mode. The entire syllabus is designed by experts so the students can easily understand the concept and practice them with practice sheets, question bank provided to you. In this article, we share a few points for improving your reading skills.


Before we know what skills are required to improve comprehension, let’s understand what is reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension is the ability to, first of all, read the text, then process it and finally understand what does it mean. So the person’s knack to comprehend the text is influenced by the traits and skills they have developed. Maybe your background from your childhood is such that you are not taught necessary skills to comprehend the text. But again, there is nothing to worry. It is never too late. You can still make it and once you learn the required skills, the sky is the limit. So one of these skills is to enhance your ability to make inferences.

What are inferences?

Inferences are steps in reasoning, trying to understand what the author is trying to say through the text. For example,Jassy hears a smoke alarm and Smells a burnt toast. She can INFER that her next-door neighbor burnt her breakfast. Now let’s understand it in the context of reading.  In reading also if a word identification is difficult for a person, if he or she is not strong in the language skills, so much of the time is spent in processing the meanings of the words. Hence, they are not able to understand the meaning which is conveyed in the sentence. So you have to make your word power strong so that you can understand the text or in other words, you can infer what the author exactly wants to say. Let me take it as a separate question how to understand the passage.

How to understand the passage?

If you want to comprehend the passage in a better way, the key is to read a lot of different passages. Along with this, improve the vocabulary as I mentioned above, try to attain a vast knowledge of words, their meanings so that you can understand the message conveyed by the author in a better way. You can also adopt some ready strategies like read some good books of English,  which has new words and their meanings so that you can strengthen your base over the language.

How to improve your vocabulary?

Before touching how to improve your word power, just think- is it possible to shed weight 10 kgs in one day? Of course not. Similarly, in vocabulary enhancing, it is not one day’s story. The more you read, the more you are likely to get into action to search for their meanings and finally use them in your day to day language, writing, your formal or informal conversations with people.

Now the next important question which I want to touch here is how to develop the habit of reading on a regular basis? There are various interesting tools to build up such habits which I will be taking in my next article.


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Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills Class 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension SkillsClass 12 English Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

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September 29, 2017

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