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Class 10 English Grammar Subject - Verb Concord

Class 10 English Grammar Subject-Verb Concord

VERB AGREEMENT – Online Class 10 English

The verb should agree with its number and person of the subject of that sentence.

What is the error of proximity?

It is an error as often the verb is made agree with the number and person of the subject. This is a common error known as an error of proximity.

Example “The price of the tomatoes was very low.” Is the right verb instead of using “The price of the tomatoes were very low”

Here the verb “were” is wrongly used with the noun “tomatoes”. This is an error of proximity.

Verb agreement rules

1. Number

The main principle of subject-verb agreement is that singular subjects are used with singular verb and plural subject agrees with a plural verb.


Singular verb- The boy is reading

Plural verb- The boys are reading.

1. Person

2. The first person singular or plural uses the singular verb. Example- I like this ice-cream or we like this ice-cream

3. The second person singular or plural uses the singular verb. Example-You like this ice-cream.

4. The third-person singular uses the singular verb. Example-He likes this ice-cream.

5. The third person plural uses the plural verb. Example-They likes this ice-cream.

Uncountable Noun

With an uncountable noun, the singular form of the verb is agreed.

Example-Honesty is the best policy.

1. Singular and Plural Nouns

2. When we use a singular noun, the singular form of the verb is used. Example-the sun is about to rise.

3. When we use a plural noun, the plural form of verb issued, Example- They were watching the movie.


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One of is used with a plural noun

When the subject contains one of and a plural noun, the singular form of the verb is used. Example one of the boys was talking.

1. Long subject

When a long group of words is a subject, we need to be careful to use the right form of the verb. Example-The boy whom I met in the school was the topper.

2. The introductory word “there”

If the subject is singular then there is followed by a singular verb. If the subject is plural then there is followed by a plural verb.


a. There is a book in the room.

b. There are no books in the room.

Two or more nouns

In such a case plural form of the verb issued. Example- I and Radhika have gone to the market.

  • Distance or weights

For distance, weight, height or amount of money, the singular form of the verb is agreed.

Example-I traveled 3oo kilometers which are a long distance.

  • Plural Names

Plural names agreed with the singular verb. Example:- The hotel brewers is a five-star hotel.

  • Plural nouns with singular meaning-

Plural nouns with singular meaning agree with the singular verb.

Mathematics is a tough subject.

  • Singular nouns with Plural meaning-

Singular nouns with Purcell meaning use a plural form of the verb. Example- The hockey team won the match.

  • Uses of collective nouns

The collective nouns like group, crowd, etc. are agreed with singular ver, Example-a group of girls was reading books.




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