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Chemical Reactions and Equations From Chapter -1 | NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science

Chemical Reactions and Equations NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science, class 10th

Chapter 1 – Chemical Reactions and Equations | NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science

In this article, we will discuss the Class 10 Science Chemical Reactions and Equations.

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Chemical reactions are the process in which new substances with new properties are formed. This process involves chemical changes.  Rearrangement of atoms which takes place between the reacting substances to form new substances which have entirely different properties. In chemical reactions, the old chemical bonds break which exists between the atoms of reacting substances, and then making of new chemical bonds between the rearranged atoms of new substances.

During chemical reactions, atoms of one element do not change into those of another element. Only a rearrangement of atoms takes place in a chemical reaction. We will now discuss reactants and products of a chemical reaction.

Reactants – The substance which takes part in chemical reactions.

Products – The new substance produced as a result of chemical reaction.

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The products formed in the chemical reaction have altogether different properties from its reactants. We will discuss the same through an example.

When magnesium ribbon is heated, it burns in air with a dazzling white flame to form a white powder called magnesium oxide. Magnesium combines with oxygen present in air to form magnesium oxide

Magnesium + oxygenàMagnesium oxide

Ribbon + AiràWhite powder

The burning of magnesium in the air to form magnesium oxide is an example of a chemical reaction.

In the above example two reactants, magnesium, and oxygen  combine together to form one product magnesium oxide

The properties of magnesium oxide will be entirely different from those of reactants magnesium and oxide

So above is the example which will be performed in the science laboratory. A large number of chemical reactions took place in our day to day life.

Eg:-Formation of curd, the souring of milk, digestion of food in our body, the process of respiration, Burning of candle and ripening of fruit.

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Characteristics of chemical reactions

In chemical reactions, the reactants combine to form the products. The conversion of reactants into products in a chemical reaction is often accompanied by some features which can be observed easily. The important characteristics of chemical reactions are:-

  • Evolution of a gas
  • Formation of a precipitate
  • Change in color
  • Change in temperature
  • Change in the state.

In the upcoming article for CBSE Class 10th Science, we will discuss the characteristics of chemical reactions in details.

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