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Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Our Environment

Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Our Environment - Takshila Learning

Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Our Environment

In this article for Class 7 Social Science, we will understand what is environment and the importance of environment in our life.

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Our environment is a place where we all live. It includes our surrounding. In other words, we can say that it includes Earth, everything which is on or around the earth.

Earth is a unique planet in the universe as this is the only planet where life exists.

The environment is the relation of humans and all other living beings with the physical condition of the earth.

Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Our Environment - Takshila Learning

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The natural environment comprises of all the land forms and the life forms. The natural environment can be biotic or abiotic. Biotic components are the living beings on the earth like plants, animals, insects etc. Abiotic components include all the physical things such as land, minerals, soil, water, and climate.

The human environment refers to anything which is created by humans and all the activities which are performed by humans like farming, manufacturing, etc.Eg:-Buildings, mines, bridges etc.

Natural Environment

The natural environment consists of 4 layers-lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.

  • The lithosphere-the lithosphere is the outermost layer of the earth. It is also called crust. The earth crust is made up of different types of rocks. The crustal blocks are of two types-Continental and oceanic blocks. The continental crust lies below the landmass varying 40 km to 100 km in thickness. The oceanic crust lies below the ocean and it is only about 6 km thick.
  • Atmosphere-The atmosphere is the layer of air that surrounds the earth. Air is the mixture of gases like nitrogen 78%, oxygen 21% and rest 1% comprises of carbon dioxide and other gases. The layer is thicker at the land surface and thinner at higher levels. The atmosphere helps life to survive on the earth.

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  • Hydrosphere-The hydrosphere consists of all forms of water on the earth. It includes oceans, seas, lakes, rivers waterfalls, water vapor, ice, snow glaciers, all sought of water-related We require water in our day to day life.Water is the source of life. We need water for domestic use, farmers need water for their crops and industries need water for manufacturing.
  • Biosphere-The biosphere includes forms of life on the earth. The biosphere supports millions of plants, animals, and other small organisms.

In the next article, we will talk about the interdependence of natural environment, ecosystem, and human environment.

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March 26, 2018

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