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CBSE Class 6 English – Online Lesson- Punctuation and Capital Letters

CBSE Class 6 English - Punctuation and Capital Letters, NCERT Solutions class 6, 6th class english

CBSE Class 6 English – Punctuation and Capital Letters

6th Class English – Definition:- Punctuation makes our expression clearer and easier to follow. We use stops or marks of punctuation to separate one sentence from another part.

Let’s read the sentence

how are you

This is an unpunctuated sentence, no question mark nor has we used a capital letter. It looks incomplete sentence, even no expression seen.

i like cooking dogs and kids

Without punctuation, statement presents different meaning. Now, we add punctuation and see the difference in meaning.

I like cooking, dogs, and kids.

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Main Marks of Punctuation

The main marks of punctuation are:-

  1. Full Stop (.)
  2. Comma (,)
  3. Semicolon (;)
  4. Colon (:)
  5. Marks of Interrogation (?)
  6. Marks of exclamation (!)
  7. Quotation marks or inverted commas (“  ”)

The Full stop (.)

The full stop indicates the longest pause.

  • It is used at the end of all assertive and imperative sentences:

I go to school by bus. (Assertive sentence)

Learn the poem by heart. (Imperative sentence)

  • It is used for initials or abbreviations:

L.N. Gautam: Laxmi Narayan Gautam

The Comma (,)

The comma indicates the shortest pause. It is used

  • To separate a series of words of the same part of speech.

We brought apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes.

  • To set off a noun of address.

Ashok, listen to me.

  • To set off the phrase in apposition.

Mr. Bose, the principal of the school, addressed the students.

  • Wherever a brief pause is needed.

If you need my help, write to me.

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The Semicolon (;)

The semicolon is used to separate a series of short clauses:

  • Either a colon or a comma is used to mark off a direct quotation:
  • The colon is used to introduce a list:
  • The colon is also used to introduce an explanation or a statement:

The Mark of Interrogation (?)

The mark of interrogation is placed at the end of an interrogative sentence:

When did you come?

The Mark of Exclamation (!)

The mark of exclamation is used to set off the actual words used by a speaker:

The teacher said.”Hard work is the key to success.”

Capital Letters

  1. A Capital letter is used to begin
  • Every new sentence

Our holiday will begin next week.

  • Proper nouns and adjectives formed from them

We live in Delhi.

  • Every new line of a poem

On a stone chair in the market-place.

  • The first word of a direct quotation:

Ramesh said, “Tea is grown in Assam”.

  1. The pronoun I and the word O are always written in the capital.


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