NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work and Energy

NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy

NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work and Energy


Force is required to pull or push something or object. We cannot move an object without using force. Example: No one cannot push a ball without using force. To move a heavy object like a bed, table,almirah you have to apply more force and to move a light object like plate, glass, you will have to use less force and. Force can slow, change the direction or stopa moving object.



Energy is the power that can be converted into motion, overcoming resistance or causing a physical change or the ability to do work. When you apply force on an object, your body uses energy. Example.: to move a almirah, you apply force and to do so your body uses energy. Your body produces energy from the food you eat. A moving bus uses energy from the fuel it burns. Energy is used, whenever force is applied.



Work is the transfer of energy from one object to another, especially in order to make the second object move in a particulardirection. Or work is done only when an object moves over a distance on applying force. Example: if you move a pen, work is done, but even after applying lots of force, if you are not able to move a pen, no work is done.


Forms of energy

You use energy from different sources in our day to day life.

  1. Food: Your body gets energy from the food
  2. Electrical energy: Electric energy is used to operate fans, computers, machines, refrigerators and many other things in factories and homes.
  3. Burning coal, wood and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG): used to cook food.
  4. Solar energy: It is used for heating and lighting.

Plants use sunlight to make food.

  1. Gasolineor Petrol and Diesel: It is used to run cars, trucks and airplanes.
  2. Wind energy: Used to work pumps in agricultural fields.



Machines are used to make tasks easy. Machines like Motors, bicycle, sewing machine, washing machinesetc. are made up of many parts. They are called complex machines. Some machines are very simple. Like any other machine, a simple machine helps us to perform particular tasks with ease. Example: Needle, knife etc.

For animated videos on force, work and energy from CBSE class 4 science is available at It helps students to understand concepts better. Takshila Learning also Aided by use of 2D animations, laboratory demos and illustrations from real life, CBSE class 4 science Videos simplify concepts and make learning fun with Animated videos. Animated videos and simulation is a very strong proven way of learning, it brings a life in a topic, and gains the attention of the student, It can be fun to watch, along with videos, concepts are further explained through educational games and quizzes allow the student to interact and learn and it helps to explain and illustrate more complex concepts.

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NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy Solutions NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy Solutions NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy Solutions NCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy SolutionsNCERT & CBSE Class 4 Science Force , Work, and Energy Solutions

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