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NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees

NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees

NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees

In this article Types of plants and uses of plants for CBSE Class 2 Science is discussed. Plant Kingdom for CBSE Class 2 sciencePlantsTrees, Shrubs, Herbs, Climbers, Creepers, Wild plant, Weeds, Grass, Water plant. Uses of Types of plant for CBSE Class 2,



Plants are living things. We see plants around us.. Some are big and some are small. They all grow and die. They need air, water, soil and sunlight to grow. Plants make our world colorful.


Plants grow in different sizes and shapes. Some plants are big and some are small. Generally Most plants have leaves. Many plants bear flowers and most of them changes in to fruits. And most fruits have flowers in them and they  grow from seeds.

Types of plants

  • Trees – A tree is a tall and big plant. It has many branches. But palm tree and coconut tree has no branches.A tree has a strong and hard stem called trunk. Mango tree, neem, Jack fruit tree, banyan etc are trees.
  • Climbers – Climber plants have soft and weak stem. Climbers need support to stand and grow straight. Example : Money plant, Pea plant,  Bean plant
  • Creepers – Creeper plants have a  soft green stem. Creepers  grow along the ground. Example : Pumpkin Watermelon, Muskmelon
  • Herbs – Herb plants are very small plants with green color soft stem. Herbs leaves, flowers, seeds are used for flavoring, food, cooking, medicines or perfumes. Coriander Spinach Mint
  • Shrubs – Shrubs have many branches and they grow near to the ground. Their stem is thin and woody and doesn’t have main trunk. Shurbs  are smaller than a tree. Example : Cotton plant, Rose plant, Mums plant
  • Wild plants – Wild plants grow naturally for many years. They do not need any person to take care of these plants. Wild plants can be grass,small plants and trees.Example : Banyan tree, Grass, Periwinkle plant
  • Weeds – Weeds are undesired plants and can grow anywhere. They can be found in gardens , pots or farms. They grow very fast and takes the place of other plants. Example :Dandelion Poison Ivy Milk Thistle
  • Water plants – Water plants grow in water and most of their stem stays underwater. Few water plants have big floating leaves. Some Plants like Hydrilla grow completely underwater. Lotus Duckweed Hydrilla


Uses of Plants

  • As food : Potato, Radish, Apple, Sugarcane, Onion, Rice, Spinach Tea plant Leaves Roots Stem Fruits & Seeds Food We eat different parts of plants.
  • As utensils and furniture : Spoons, Chopsticks, Wooden Pencils, Wooden Bed, Wooden Door, Wooden Chair, Paper Bat
  • Wood Plants give us paper and wood.
  • As Medicines: Amla, Turmeric, Aloe Vera etc.Turmeric is used in cooking and also as anti inflammatory Juice of Aloe vera plant is good for skin. Amla juice is good for stomach Tulsi Juice of Tulsi leaves is used for cough and cold
  • As fibres: Clothes are made from cotton fiber and linen fiber . Coconut and jute fibers are used to make ropes, mats etc.
  • As Perfumes Sweet smelling flowers like rose and jasmine are used to make perfumes.
  • As Clean Air : Plants make the air clean and fresh. They give shadows stay away from sun heat. Plants also help to make the soil more nutrient. And many more uses.

Like humans beings,  plants also need water, otherwise they may die. So water the plants regularly. Plants breath through their leaves so wash or clean the leaves regularly . Plants make their own food and grow using the sunlight. So make sure plants get sufficient sunlight.

Care of plants: We need to care of plants at our home as well as at public places like parks, gardens Don’t walk on grass harshly. Don’t pluck Flowers, leaves, and branches of trees. Do not scratch or write on tree trunks.

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NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees - TYPES OF PLANTS NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees - TYPES OF PLANTS NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees - TYPES OF PLANTS NCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees - TYPES OF PLANTSNCERT & Cbse class 2 Science Plants and Trees - TYPES OF PLANTS

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