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CBSE Class 2 EVS / Science Worksheet – Clothes – Takshilalearning

CBSE Class 2 EVS Science Worksheet - Clothes - Takshilalearning,CBSE Class 2 Evs worksheet

CBSE Class 2 EVS / Science Worksheet – Clothes – Takshilalearning

Class 2 EVS Worksheet: Clothes

Answer in one word.

  1. Where do we get wool from?
  2. Which fibre do we get from the cotton plant?
  3. Clothes that look same are called
  4. We wear these clothes to keep our body cool.

Match the following:-

Help Riya to decide what to wear and when

  1. On a hot sunny day                     Jacket
  2. In a wedding                                Frock
  3. Going out in rain                         School uniform of girl
  4. While going to school                 Woolen jacket
  5. On a hill station                           Gown of girl

Match the following using the given clues.

  1. We use it in rain.                                 Umbrella
  2. We wear it on our head.                      Cap
  3. Helper wears a uniform.                      Doctor
  4. We get this from sheep.                      Wool
  5. This is used to make summer              Cotton

Download worksheet for Class 2 Evs Clothes

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