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CBSE Class 2 – Enviornmental Science-Houses we live in


CBSE class 2-Enviornmental Science-Houses we live in

Our house protects us from heat, cold, rain, thieves, wild animals, dirt and dust.

Types of Houses

Kucchha Houses

  • They are found in villages, towns, and big cities.
  • They are made up of mud, straw, and leaves
  • They known as temporary houses.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses we live in no.1

Pucca Houses

  • They are found in villages, cities and towns.
  • They are made up of bricks, and cement.
  • They are known as permanent houses.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses we live in no.2


  • It is used by people who keep moving from one place to another like soilders and campers.
  • It is made up of canvas cloth.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses we live in no.3


  • It is house on wheels.
  • It can be moved from one place to another.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses we live in no.4


  • The houseboat is a boat on a boat.
  • You can see them in the lakes of Srinagar and in the backwaters of Kerala.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses-we-live-in no.5


  • It is made up of snow and ice.
  • It is semi-circular in shape and inuits live in it.

CBSE-class-2-Enviornmental-Science-Houses-we-live-in no.6

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