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CBSE Class 2 English- Use of Pronouns – Practice Worksheet

CBSE Class 2 English- Use of Pronouns - Practice Worksheet,class 2 english worksheet,

CBSE Class 2 English- Use of Pronouns – Practice Worksheet

CBSE Class 2 English – Pronouns – Use of I, We, You, He, She, It, They

Pronouns – Words that are used in the place of nouns are called pronouns. ‘Pro’ means ‘for’. We use pronouns to avoid repeating nouns.

Fill in the blanks with correct words in the brackets.

  1. …….is very happy. …. won the prize. (I, You, He)
  2. ……am waiting for the train. ( I, You, He)
  3. Ankit went to a shop. …….bought candies and chocolates for her brother. (I, We, She, He)
  4. Show me the book……is very interesting. (She, He, It, They)
  5. Mona and Sona are friends. ….. Play together. (She, He, They, We)
  6. Meena is kind to the poor. …….Love her a lot. (They, He, She)
  7. ………reads to his grandmother every day. (She, He, You, We)
  8. Children! …… should not make a noise when …….am teaching. (I, You, He, We)
  9. Pinky is a doctor. ……… very famous.
  10. There is a park near our house. …….has many swings and rides. (She, He, It, They)


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