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Learn CBSE Class 12 English Online Classes-Flamingo-The Last Lesson


CBSE Class 12 English Online Classes-FLAMINGO-THE LAST LESSON

Learn CBSE Class 12 English Online Classes-Flamingo-The Last Lesson

As we are serving the English online classes through our portal Along with the CBSE Class 12 English online classes, proper English notes are also available for Board Exams Preparation. Below is a simple and easy explanation of ‘The Last Lesson’ from Flamingo. English notes related to ‘The Last Lesson’ have been discussed briefly which will help you to understand the chapter in a gist. For detailed explanation on same click here English online classes.


Author- Alphonse Daudet

Summary – He was a French short- story writer and novelist who was born on May 13, 1840, at Nimes in France.  At the age of 14, he wrote his first poem and novel as well. He passed away in Paris, France on December 16, 1897.


  • Where is The Last Lesson to Setup?
  • France- Prussian War are the days this story is set up in which France was defeated by Prussia, which consisted of Germany, Poland and some parts of Austria in those days.
  • Who are all the characters involved?
  • Franz: A school student
  • Hamel: A teacher of French language
  • Old Hauser: An elderly villager
  • Sister of Hamel
  • A Class which consists of some students and some elderly people in the village.


  • Franz is scared of going to his school as he has not learnt participles.
  • He wants to be with the nature and its wonders, the sunshine, the chirping of the birds.
  • He finds some shift in the routine when he reaches his school like silence which is usually not seen, last benches being occupied by villagers, teachers well dressed and sadness on the faces of everyone.
  • The announcement by M. Hamel about the last lesson of French is made.
  • Franz regrets for taking his lessons lightly and realizes of not being dedicated to his studies.
  • He gets the reason of his teachers unusually being well dressed and villagers sitting at the back.
  • Realizing by M.Hamel how he himself, the students and parents are responsible for losing regards for their mother tongue.
  • He admires the French language by saying it’s the most wonderful, understandable and logical language in the whole world. He recommends remaining close to their mother tongue as it is a key to the prison of slavery.
  • At the end, he writes “ Vive La France” on the blackboard by getting emotional.
  • Now Franz remembers the last lesson very well.


  • What home task did Franz get that day?
  • Why was Franz lured to stay out of school that day?
  • What difference did he see in the school that day?
  • What was Franz’s approach towards the bulletin board? What had been put up on the bulletin board?
  • How there was a sudden and immediate change in the school after the order from Berlin?
  • How did Franz’s perception about M.Hamel and his school transform?
  • What were the reasons M Hamel puts up for their less concern in the learning of French?
  • Why didn’t M Hamel want the people to forget French?
  • How did M Hamel conduct The Last Lesson?


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