CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Elements of Directing

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Elements of Directing

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Elements of Directing – Supervision

In one of our previous article, we have discussed the concept of Directing, its features, principles and its importance, now in today’s article we sprinkle on one of the Elements of Directing that is Supervision in accordance with CBSE Class 12 Business Studies. Table of Content:
– What is Supervision?
– Function of Supervisor
– Importance of Supervision
– Role of Supervision

What is Supervision?

Supervision means guiding, instructing, observing and monitoring the performance of the employees to ensure that they perform their jobs in accordance with the plans and instructions in the organization. Supervision means to the direct and immediate guidance to the subordinates and control when and where required. It involves overseeing and checking or while it is being done.
Supervision refers with the achieving of desired results by means of optimum and intelligent utilization of employee talent and physical resources.
Supervision consist of 2 words – Super and vision – Super means above or over and vision means seeing objects or perceiving mental images or looking over. So supervision means observing, looking above the performance of the subordinates at work.

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Function of Supervisor

A supervisor is a person who is primarily responsible of a section and employee. He is responsible for both the quality and quantity of production, efficient performance of the employee. A supervisor derive authority from the departmental heads and issue instruction to subordinates for getting work done by using the resources of the enterprise. He issue instructions and give orders to the workers, guide them to direct their activities and observe and reports to the departmental heads.


Importance of Supervision/Role of Supervision:

Supervision is an important element of directing. Here is the Importance of Supervision, Roles of Supervision, functions, or activities performed by supervisors:

  • Role as a mediator or linking pin – The supervisor is an primarily link between the management and the workers. He explains management policies to the workers and passes instructions to the workers issued by the management. He has a direct contact with the workers and tries to understand their hindrances and problems.


  • Role as a Guide/friend and philosopher – the Supervisor maintains day to day contacts with the workers which lead to effective communication. He provides leadership to the workers of his department and acts as a guide, friend and philosopher to the workers.


  • Control of performance – the supervisor controls the performance of workers by comparing their performance with the standards. He takes all necessary actions to ensure that goods or performance are produced as per the predetermined standards. He also provides feedback to the workers about their performance and gives counseling for improvement.


  • Building morale and motivate for better performance – A supervisor can build a high morale of his subordinates through effective communication and providing effective leadership. He motivates his subordinates by providing financial and non-financial incentives. He motivates them for higher quality and productivity.


  • Training to employees – the supervisor gives on-the job training to the employees to improve their knowledge and skills for doing their job better.


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